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Santa has landed: What do you feed him?

Not just ordinary milk and cookies

By Adrianna Anastasiades Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read
Santa has landed: What do you feed him?
Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash

It's Christmas Eve and there is a question that I would like to ask: Santa has landed, what do you feed him? Yes, the legend who likes to climb down chimneys and give us presents deserves a good snack or possibly a meal to chow down on, especially before moving on to his next location.

Imagine travelling around the world on your sleigh and you don't even get a 10 minute break, because you have to beat sunrise and make sure that you have completed your annual task by Christmas morning. It sounds like a hefty job, and it's a tale that we were told as children, only with a sprinkle of magic.

Some people prefer to tell their children that Santa doesn't exist at all, for whatever reason that may be. But we have movies, decorations, products and a whole holiday based around Santa, so why not entertain ourselves and think of something different that we would like to serve him, instead of a plate of store bought cookies and a nice cool glass of milk.

By Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

A traditional and cultural treat

One thing that is great about Christmas is that every country has their own tradition that is part of their culture. Whether that's a certain decoration, event or meal, there is something that brings everyone together around the country, and they all have that one same thing in their very own homes.

For example, in Japan they eat KFC for Christmas, and even order in advance in order to not miss out on their special order. In the United Kingdom they have a traditional Christmas roast dinner that includes Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, stuffing, turkey and gravy. In Poland they have a 12 dish feast on Christmas Eve called 'Barszcz', and all the dishes are traditionally meat free.

Would you whip up a Christmas dinner that is culturally significant to you for Santa? Or at least give him a spoonful to try? Why not leave a small plate of a traditional meal along with your favorite drink, in order to keep his belly jolly and full.

By Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Something sweet to satisfy his sweet tooth

Maybe something savory is too much effort and time to make for Santa, or maybe the winning dish on the table is dessert, and you're dying for him to try it.

There are countries that have a sweet dish or food that they give as gifts, so what is something that you would give?

For example, it is known that in China apples are given as a gift on Christmas Eve, and in Denmark they make a special rice pudding called 'Ris á la mande', with an almond hidden inside and whoever gets it, gets a present. Whereas in Germany they give a fruit cake as a gift, and this tradition has been around since the 15th century. Looks like Santa might enjoy the gift of giving too - especially if it's edible.

By Animesh Bhargava on Unsplash

A comforting and modern snack that you like to make on Christmas Eve

There are now many modern recipes of Christmas snacks for people to enjoy and use. Whether that's making it with family, friends or your significant other, the internet is a special place that can show you so many cool things to make.

For example, you could make the famous puff pastry Nutella filled Christmas tree, or cute Santa cake pops and leave it as a special treat with peppermint chocolate milk or gingerbread latte for Santa to try. Or why not show off your baking skills and make fancy cinnamon rolls with different toppings and flavors, such as chocolate or blueberry? Who knows, you might just become Santa's favorite house to visit.

A festive feast for everyone

Christmas is special, because it brings everyone together to enjoy a delicious feast. It is a fun thought to include Santa too, or at least give him something new to try - especially since he is travelling around the world and visiting so many countries!

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  • Mario Anastasiades4 months ago

    Beautiful and very enlightening peace of writing. Love it x

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