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Rajasthani Famous FOod: You Must Try

5 Rajasthani Food Everyone Should Try

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Rajasthani Famous FOod: You Must Try
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The rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan reflect by their hospitality, which is one of its own kind. Both flora and fauna, Rajasthan is very famous for them, However, the degree of geography has resulted in a rich cuisine involving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You can find a large variety of Rajasthani famous food.

Food in Rajasthan can easily be categorized by the use of Jowar, Bajri, Legumes, and Lentils, it's distinct aroma and flavor achieved by the blending of spices including various other vegetables as well, curry leaves, tamarind, coriander, ginger, garlic as well.

A majority of Rajasthani Hindu and Jain does not eat after sundown, moreover, their food does not include onion and garlic.

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Here are the Top 5 Famous food in Rajasthan


Fantastic, healthy food made from the flour of millet popularly known as “Bajra” and buttermilk, which is heated and fermented. Both, the millet flour as well as buttermilk are condensed into an earthen pot, then mixed to get a thick texture, similar to the sauce.

After the paste is ready, time to simmer over a low flame for several hours, until fully cooked. And then it’s ready to serve, a mouth-watering dish will never get fade away from your tongue. Usually eaten as soup, comes with different kind of variants, though, “Makki ki raab” is the most famous food in Rajasthan, made by using boiled corn.


The deliciousness of the food is reflecting from the name itself, Panchkuta is a curry made up of five different ingredients including Sangri, Ket, Kumat, Gunda, and dry red chilies, widely founded across the Thar Desert. During the long drive or Camel safari, people relied upon the Panchkuta.

Traditionally eaten with Bread(Roti/Puri), It has a long shelf life after being cooked. The Panchkuta is amongst the highly recommended food if you’re visiting Rajasthan. It is the best Rajasthani famous food you can ever try.

Bajre ki Roti with Curries and Chutney

It is highly recommended in Rajasthan that if you’ve come here, make sure you try at least two varieties of food, first is Dal Baati Churma and another is Bajre ki Roti with Lasun Chutney. These are the signature food in Rajasthan, you’ll have.

Bajre ki Roti is millet flour, black in color, enjoyed across the state. The Bajra Roti’s are cooked over cow dung, to give a flavor of smoke into it. However, it can easily be consumed with any curry, but the most famous is Lasun(Garlic) Chutney.

Papad Curry

The shortage of water in the state has enriched the surviving skill of the people native to Rajasthan. The same goes here also, this dish was the lifesaver, whenever any kind of shortage emerged.

The famous Rajasthani food is prepared by roasted papads (thin flatbreads made from lentils) are broken roughly then added into yogurt gravy, made with gram flour, chili powder along with turmeric, and later chopped with coriander leaves.

I promise you that you would have never tasted such a kind of curry. I mean the taste is just awesome, you would always remember the flavor in your mouth. Papad curry is the most famous Rajasthani dish, served with steamed rice.

Ker Sangri

Amongst the most popular Rajasthani dishes, Ker Sangri is loved by every people living or coming to Rajasthan, it is the most famous food in Rajasthan.

Ker is a wild berry, a kind of tangy and peppery in taste while sangria is a type of long bean grown abundantly in the desert areas of Jaisalmer and Barmer. The dish was originated in the desert area of Jaisalmer, later become famous across the state.

Sangri is a mainstay during the drought when little else is available as it is 53% protein. People native to Rajasthan say that this state has faced drought several times. When there was no food and water was available they searched around and founded two vegetables and nothing else. Due to the scarcity of water and additional stuff, they cooked it with oil and spices only. They ate this wonderful concoction with their bajra rotis. Today they cook it with buttermilk or water.

Here was the Top 5 Famous Food in Rajasthan, you must try. Rajasthan has a variety of flavour and you can not eat all of them at a while. But try to maximize as many as possible and you will love it. Follow us for more, till then,

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