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More fragrant than rice dumplings, more glutinous than rice cakes.

Breakfast eat it the most appetizing! Steam a steam on the table, replenish blood and also stomach!

By gaston raphaelPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
More fragrant than rice dumplings, more glutinous than rice cakes.
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Then dumplings are more fragrant, and glutinous than rice cakes, and breakfast eat is most appetizing! Steam on the table, blood also nourishes the stomach!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children, although now because of the epidemic, children do not have to go to school, the year is long over, and mothers still have to help children return to normal work and rest system, reduce snacks, three meals a day normal diet.

Breakfast provides a morning's energy supply and should not be taken care of in any way. I insist on making breakfast for my children every day so that they are full of energy every day and do not want to touch snacks all morning.

Mei Mei is a highly myopic mother, so I have been paying special attention to his eyesight since he was a child, taking him to the vision check every year regularly and usually trying to give him food that is good for protecting his eyes.

Eye diseases are very closely related to vitamins, and people who use their eyes too much need more of the vitamins and minerals that their eyes need. Both vitamin A and carotene are consumed heavily in daily eye use and can be supplemented by consuming animal liver, egg yolk, milk, corn, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, citrus, and mangoes. Vitamin B can help the eyes to relieve fatigue and can be supplemented with egg yolk, milk, yogurt, liver, lean meat, soybeans, etc.

The Chinese New Year is a time of excessive intake of large fish and meat, plus there is no place to exercise during this time, so I added some coarse grains to my children's diet, which can protect the eyes and promote intestinal peristalsis to help digestion, killing two birds with one stone.

Of all the coarse grains, my favorite is corn.

Corn flour is the most affordable of all coarse grains, not expensive, but very nutritious. It is especially good for children.

The corn flour is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, for the eyes have a very good protective effect, can effectively protect the eyes and eyesight, this period children every day online classes, parents pay attention to more children to eat more lutein content food Oh, otherwise the epidemic is over, there will be a large number of myopic eyes.

Corn has a high content of cellulose, which has the property of stimulating gastrointestinal motility and accelerating fecal excretion, which can prevent constipation, enteritis, and intestinal cancer.

Corn contains high levels of glutamic acid, which promotes brain cell metabolism and has certain brain-healthy functions. There are also more vitamins in corn fat, which are beneficial to prevent cell oxidation and aging, and also beneficial to intelligence. In addition, the fatty acids in corn fat are mainly unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, which are also beneficial nutrients for intellectual development.

For teenagers, eating corn food regularly is good for intellectual development, while for young children is less convenient to eat corn, so it is more suitable to make various delicious snacks from corn.

Today, we bring you the yellow rice cake, the taste is very good, light corn flavor, and sweet red date puree, without adding sugar are super sweet, healthy and delicious, be sure to try it!

Yellow rice cake

Ingredients Main ingredients are corn flour 200g glutinous rice flour 100g boiling water 170g cold water 20g

Supplementary ingredients 20 red dates


Pour the corn flour into a basin and add half the portion of glutinous rice flour. The taste of corn flour is rough, adding glutinous rice flour can improve the taste and make this snack delicate and smooth.

Pour 170 ml of boiling water into the cornmeal and stir with chopsticks to form a flocculent consistency.

Wash and pit the dates, pour in the water to cover the dates, and boil until the water is dry. After cooking, the dates become very oily and smooth.

Put water in a pot and line a steamer plate with a layer of saran wrap. When the water is boiling, spread a layer of flour mixture first.

Steam for about 10 minutes or so, until all the flour is browned, using a lid like this one that can be vented.

Open the lid and spread on the red dates.

Then spread the rest of the flour.

Pull up the edges of the gauze laid on the steaming board and cover the cornmeal. Drizzle 20 ml of cold water over the gauze, drizzling the water as evenly as possible. Steam on high heat for 20 minutes.

After steaming, lift the gauze and lift out the cornmeal. Dip your hand in the water and pat the cage cloth to make the cornmeal detach better from the gauze.

Pour the cornflour into a greased plastic box and shape the cornflour into a rectangular shape of your choice, I like rectangles.

Put the box in the refrigerator to chill, the rice cakes will be a little harder and can be eaten directly or fried for breakfast or as a snack.

It is very easy to make this dish, but it is important to note that when you take the steamed yellow rice cakes out of the steamer, the steam is very hot, so make sure to soak your hands in cold water before handling them.

You don't need to add sugar to this corn cake, because the steamed dates are very sweet, and the sweetness is just right when combined with the corn cake.

When shaping the corn cake, press it as tightly as possible so that the texture of the cake is more solid.



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  • yunick jovitta6 months ago

    All look delicious

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