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Learn how a three-year-old can prohibit proper baking and cause a mom to serve screwed-up banana pudding due to toddler induced insanity

A funny tale of baking with children

By Food Writer - Deanna Martinez-BeyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
screwed up banana pudding

Please allow me to explain how a three-year-old can prohibit proper baking.

As a treat for my husband and his dad on Father's Day, I graciously baked a chocolate pecan pie AND banana pudding!

Upon waking this morning, I began the baking spree. First, I made my famous chocolate pecan pie, with a homemade pie crust, of course. My 3-year-old sat in awe as I taught her how to make a crust and prepare the pie. Before I knew it, poof, bam, pow, the pie was in the oven. That was easy and kind of fun!

Then, I started on the banana pudding. Not just any banana pudding, the Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding! This truly is the best I have tasted to date. Little miss was hungry so, before I got too far, I made her something to eat. As she ate, I began assembling this amazing pudding dessert. I didn't get very far before she asked for a snack. Sooooo, like any good mommy, I got her a snack. Then, things got crazy.

I placed the Chessman cookies into the bottom of the 9x13 baking dish. She decided she wanted to EAT the cookies. She was reprimanded, and then I explained that those cookies need to stay in the dish in order for me to make the banana pudding. Well, that did not fly. A meltdown ensued. I recognized her desire for a cookie, so I gave her a couple of crumbs from the Chessman cookies after she calmed down. That wasn't good enough. I gave her one of her cookies that come in a tin. After she ate it, she began banging the tin on the counter, which created a loud, horrible clanking noise. I asked her to stop, and it continued. At the end of my rope, I grabbed the tin and yelled, "STOP!" And you guessed it, another meltdown.

At this point, Daddy's morning to sleep in was over, and he came downstairs to help out mommy.

Keep in mind, through all of this, I am TRYING to assemble the pudding! After I cut the bananas and placed them on top of the already arranged cookies, I realized that I screwed up the pudding mixture. Great. Just great.

I forgot the MILK! I mixed the box of pudding in with the sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk. Well, too bad. I continued making the dessert. I placed it in the fridge. Read on to see how it turned out.

banana pudding

Mom serves screwed-up banana pudding dessert due to toddler-induced insanity...

I was distraught. I was frustrated. And I was ready for a glass of wine. By the time we went over to my in-laws for Father's Day, I was heavily feeling all three. The meltdowns were at an all-time high for my 3-year-old and for ME!

I got through the dreaded banana pudding recipe. Yes, I did. I covered it and placed it in the fridge until it was time to travel to my in-law's house for our Chinese food dinner. The pecan pie looked fabulous, if I might add. The banana pudding sure looked pretty, but how it was going to taste was up for grabs.

After dinner, my sweet husband cleared our plates and placed both desserts onto the table, along with plates, forks, so forth, and so on. He scooped out banana pudding onto everyone's plate and gave us each a wedge of pie, which looked amazing, but I may have already mentioned that.

Keep in mind no one was aware of what transpired during the making of the banana pudding. As far as they all knew, I followed the recipe, and it was going to be spectacular! (Just as it was the last time I made it.) As the family baker, people come to expect perfection. Sad, but true.

We all dug into our dessert plates, and everyone OOOHHHED and AHHHED over how wonderful the desserts were. I was shocked! The banana pudding was edible! It was over the top sweet but edible! I thought the texture was off, almost a little gritty, but no one else said anything about it tasting like sandpaper, so I kept my mouth shut.

Can you guess who liked it the most? My 3-year-old! The one who created the recipe havoc, to begin with. Such is life!

chocolate pecan pie


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