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In Defense of Gordon Ramsay.

The World's Angriest Chef Has His Defenders.

By Halden MilePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay seems to have both a bad reputation and a bad reputation. Whether you follow celebrity chefs or not, everyone seems to know all about a certain British chef with a bad attitude. From his constant swearing to throwing things around, we're all to familiar with Gordon Ramsay. Come to think of it, we've all know somebody who would love to knock Chef Ramsay's teeth in!

Now, I'm an not apologist for Gordan Ramsay. Nor, do I know him. In fact, I will directly state even I get infuriated at his attitude at times. However, once you understand WHY he is like that, it will all make sense.

So make yourself an idiot sandwich and enjoy the ride!

1. His Temper Is For Television Drama and Excitement.

This one should be obvious. All of that yelling, screaming, and throwing things around...is all just for show. Sure, he comes off like a bug eyed drill instructor spitting out his lungs, but that hollering and hooting is for cameras. He isn't really like that in real life. In fact, he has a no swearing policy in his own house! Ironic for a man who could cuss a Navy's worth of sailors under the table!

2. On Hell's Kitchen, He Is Dealing With Professionals.

In 2016, Chef Ramsay was once asked as to why he was hard on Hell's Kitchen. He went on the record to say that for Hell's Kitchen he was dealing with professionals. Therefore, the contestants should know how to cook and how to season. Yet, when they screw up, Chef Ramsay is not afraid to call out their mistakes.

Also, considering restaurant kitchens are high stress environments, it is expected for yelling to be common place. Another thing to note is Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the show) has a high standard of quality.

"It's Fucking Raw! It's Fucking Rancid!" - Gordon Ramsay on the status of the food.

4. On MasterChef, Chef Ramsay Is More About Amateurs Improving.

While not as tough as he is on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay is still hard. Unlike Joe Bastianich who comes off as a bully, Chef Ramsay is one to encourage aspiring chefs to do better. The same applies to MasterChef Junior. All chefs have to start somewhere, and Chef Ramsay is quick to encourage them to do their best.

Another thing to note: On MasterChef Junior, Chef Ramsay does not cuss around the children. Nor does he blow a gasket. Chef Ramsay also had a bit of fun when the children beat a massive piñata made like his head!

"My head hurts!" - Gordon Ramsay in the aftermath.

5. Kitchen Nightmares Shows Chef Ramsay Really DOES Care About Both The Kitchen and The Staff.

Whenever you are at home, you just cook for yourself and your family. However, at a restaurant, it is an entirely different field. There, you're not just cooking for people, but paying customers. Anyone in business knows customers are vital to its existence. Bad service results in bad reviews, and bad reviews will result in bad turn out.

Also, the Wait Staff is just as important as the Chefs in the kitchen. Even as the latter is preparing the meals, the former is serving them. Therefore it is important to take care of both while running a restaurant.

This was none more evident than with Amy's Baking Company, a place notorious for bad service. Also evident was their mistreatment of customers and employees. This goes to show that Amy's Baking Company reveals how NOT to run a restaurant. If anything, Chef Ramsay's actions during this episode shows why he is incredibly passionate about the culinary industry.

"IT IS ROTTEN!!" - Gordon Ramsay, after looking through the fridge.

6. Chef Ramsay Is Also A Master Of Disguise.

From berating chefs to turning around restaurants, Chef Ramsay has also been noted for his disguises. The very fact he can assume another role and blend into the crowds is a talent in itself! Among the many disguises Chef Ramsay has pulled off include a bumbling waiter, a woman (no, that is not a typo), and a chef in training not once but twice. Seriously, I wonder if Gordon Ramsay missed his calling to be an actor!

7. He Is An All Around Family Man.

To the general populace, Gordon Ramsay is many things. From being an angry chef, a guy to save your restaurant, training new chefs, or being in disguise, he's done it all. However, when it comes to his family, Chef Ramsay is just like any other person. To his wife, he is a loving husband, and to his children, a loving father. Despite Chef Ramsay's antics and attitude, in private, he just like everyone else.

So there you have it, a defense of Gordon Ramsay.

In the meantime...

"WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!?" - G0rdon Ramsay ONCE AGAIN asking that signature question.

Halden Mile is the pen name of an American actor, author, ASMRtist, Cosplayer, Novelist, Poet, Screenwriter, and YouTube blogger and film maker. When he is not writing, he is enjoy mimes who play retro commercials.

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Halden Mile

I am am American actor, author, ASMRtist, Cosplayer, Novelist, Poet, and Screenwriter.

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