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How to raise the immune system: 16 recipes for good health

In the autumn, most people feel a decline in strength. There is not enough sun and vitamins,  want to sleep all the time.

By Elena Sunshine MagazinePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, start strengthening your immune system. Soon you will notice that the world has started playing with new colors!

It is advisable to use products for immunity before health problems arise. If the state of health is not important, they will help to transfer the disease easier and get back on your feet faster. Honey, lemon, garlic, onion are the most famous "fighters" against viruses and microbes and real storehouses of vitamins.

But there are other products that will help strengthen the immune system. Many of them are available in almost every home, for example, pumpkin and frozen cranberries. Others can be purchased at a store or pharmacy.

We offer you simple and effective healthy remedies for raising immunity, which you can prepare today!

When choosing a suitable folk recipe, do not forget that each product has its own contraindications. Therefore, if you have any chronic diseases, allergies, or you are pregnant, consult your doctor beforehand.

Vitamin drinks to boost immunity

Such drinks will support the immune system and make up for the lack of vitamins. You will strengthen your body and be less susceptible to stress and diseases.


1.Vitamin compote. Mix in equal proportions dry mint, lemon balm, kiprei and chestnut flowers. Then pour 5 tablespoons of the mixture with 33.81floz of boiling water and hold it on low heat for a few minutes. Leave for 2 hours to infuse, then strain and add to the broth 67.63floz of any berry or fruit compote without sugar. During the day, drink 17.64 oz of ready-made vitamin compote.

2.Rosehip tea. Rosehip berries 3.53oz pour 33.81floz of boiling water. Let it stand for 2 hours, and then take 1 tablespoon after eating. Also add such an infusion to black or green tea.

3.A drink made from spruce conifer needles. Rinse 2 tablespoons of pine needles with cold water, pour 2 cups of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes on low heat. Then let it stand for about 30 minutes and strain. Drink about 2 glasses of the drink a day. If desired, you can add honey or sugar to it.

4.Cranberry juice. Wash and sort out 2 cups of cranberries, mash it and squeeze out the juice. Transfer the squeezed berries to a saucepan, pour 67.63floz of water and cook for 3-5 minutes after boiling. Then strain the broth, add 2 tablespoons of honey and the cranberry juice squeezed earlier. Drink 2-3 times a day.

5.Infusion of sea buckthorn with lemon and honey. Rub 3 tablespoons of sea buckthorn berries, pour 33.81floz of boiling water and let it stand for about half an hour. Then strain the infusion, add 2 teaspoons of honey and a slice of lemon. Drink a cup of a drink a day and you will feel much more cheerful.


6.A drink made of ginger and lemon. Chop 1 teaspoon of ginger root and a quarter of a lemon together with the peel. Pour 1 cup of hot water, let it cool down a little and add 3 teaspoons of honey. Drink this drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Healthy mixes to strengthen the immune system

With the help of a blender, you can prepare delicious and healthy mixes. Do not eat them in large quantities, because even a couple of spoons will have a positive effect on your immunity. Try it!

7.Vitamin mixture of dried fruits. Chop 3.53oz of dried apricots, prunes and raisins, 7.0oz walnuts and 2 lemons. Add 5.29oz of natural honey to the mixture. Stir, transfer to a glass jar and put in the refrigerator. A day, eat 1 tablespoon of the mixture before meals.

8.Horseradish with honey. Clean and dry horseradish roots are crushed in a blender or using a meat grinder. Pour boiled water to cover the mixture, and leave for a couple of hours. Then drain the liquid and add honey to it in a ratio of 1:1. Mix thoroughly and take 1 tablespoon in the morning and evening.

Medicinal jams for raising the immune system

We offer recipes for jams in which "live" vitamins are preserved. The result is an appetizing and healthy dish that can be added to tea or eaten along with pastries.


9.Pumpkin jam without cooking. Peel a small pumpkin from the peel. Peel 1 tablespoon of ginger, peel 2 lemons from the seeds, you cannot remove the peel. Rub all the ingredients using a blender or meat grinder. Add 7.0oz of liquid honey, mix everything and put it in clean glass jars.

10.Ginger jam without cooking

 Ingredients: Lemon 1 pc, ginger 1/2 tablespoon, honey 3.53oz

Instructions:   Chop the lemon and ginger. Add honey to the mixture and mix gently. Transfer the jam to a clean glass bowl. Always store jam without cooking in the refrigerator.

11.Orange-lemon jam

Ingredients: Lemon 1 piece, oranges 5 pieces, juice of 1 orange, boiled water 33.81floz, sugar 34.92 oz.

Instructions: Squeeze the juice from the lemon and orange. Cut the oranges into slices, removing the seeds. Put the chopped oranges in a saucepan, add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to them.

Pour the citrus juice and boiled water. Leave it in the refrigerator until the morning. The next day, fill the contents of the pan with sugar and cook for 1.5 hours on low heat. Then cool and pour the jam into glass jars.

12.Jam made of viburnum and apples


Ingredients: Viburnum 17.64oz, apples 52.91oz, water 1 cup, sugar 52.91oz

Instructions: Rinse and rub the viburnum through a sieve. Peel the apples and cut them into small slices. Then put the apples in a saucepan, pour 1 cup of water, heat, add sugar and boil a little. Then pour in the viburnum puree and cook until thick. Cool the jam and arrange it in jars.

Recipes from onions and garlic to strengthen the immune system.

We should also say about onions and garlic. These vegetables have long been used to increase immunity both in their pure form and in a mixture with other products to kill the taste and smell. However, to taste a healing remedy, you need a lot of willpower. But the immune system will tell you: "Thank you!".

13.Onion with honey. Finely chop or grate 1 large onion, pour 3 tablespoons of honey and leave at room temperature. Take 20-30 minutes before meals, eat 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Store leftovers in the refrigerator.

14.Onion tincture. Chop the onion 8.82oz, add 7.0oz sugar and 2 cups of water to it and cook for 1.5 hours on low heat. Then cool and add 2 tablespoons of honey. Stir, strain and pour into a glass bottle. Take the tincture 3-5 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

15.Tincture of garlic. Chop the garlic( 2 pieces), transfer to a dark glass jar and pour 23.67floz of red semi-sweet wine. Put it in a dark place for 14 days, shake the jar daily. Then strain the tincture and use 1 teaspoon before meals, washed down with clean water.


16.Garlic with lemon. Chop 1 lemon and 2-3 cloves of garlic, mix thoroughly. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Take 1 teaspoon with a meal.

Now you know how to strengthen the immune system with the help of a variety of folk remedies. But remember that it is not enough to use vitamin teas and mixtures. It is also important to adjust the diet, eliminating fatty, flour, smoked products and fast food.

Spend more time in the fresh air, do not neglect morning exercises, try to smile more often – and your immunity will be fine!

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