How to Make Almond Vegan Cheese (Very Easy)

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DIY Easy Peasy Recipe by Chef Jules

How to Make Almond Vegan Cheese (Very Easy)

When I say cheese, you probably think, 'Wait a minute, isn't a cheese made of milk? How can it be vegan?'

Well, I get your thinking, but you'd be surprised how many tasty and vegan cheeses you can find or even easily make at home. If you just started being vegan, I am sure you miss some products like meat, pate, fish or cheese. This last one is what I missed the most when I became a vegan. This and fish.

For me becoming vegan was something that came with time. I was such a meat lover, everything contrary to my sister, even though she doesn't consider herself being vegetarian or vegan. But, I guess she kinda started all this. First we reduced eating meat to only once a week, increasing eating more vegetables, then at some point I just decided to try eating vegan "only for one week." One week turned somehow into a few weeks then months, and here I am. As I said at the beginning, I missed mostly the cheese and fish (and it was weird that I didn't miss the meat), and it was harder especially that my sister loved cheese. But with time, some researching, and my lovely vegan friend's advice, I finally found solutions for my always hungry belly.

Surprisingly to make yummy, vegan friendly cheese is super easy and very fast.


This recipe is very easy, takes about 20 minutes to make it, and you do not need to cook or bake it.


  • 200g Almonds (you need to soak them in water for 24 hours)
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Fresh garlic or garlic powder
  • Himalaya salt
  • Fresh herbs
  • 1 1/2 tb. spoon of lemon juice

Now, let's proceed to the method.

It is very fast and easy, taking only 20 minutes of your precious time to prepare and enjoy it.

  1. Drain almonds, place them in blender with half of a cup of fresh water and blend for few minutes. Add minced before garlic, salt, lemon juice, fresh herbs, and blend it all again.
  2. Pour it on a cheesecloth and squeeze carefully to drain the excessive liquid. Roll the pulp into a bowl and put into a fridge for at least ten to 15 minutes.
  3. Your cheese is ready to serve. ENJOY IT!


  • These ingredients are for one medium-sized bowl portion. That means—and depending on how much you'll like it, it can last for couple or three days. If you want to make a little bit more of the cheese, you can take one part of it and bake in the preheated oven for around 30-40 minutes. The cheese is going to be crunchy from the outside and have a creamy inside...
  • I used the Himalayan salt only because I like its taste and it's healthy. But you can use any salt.
  • If at the end your creamy cheese is too salty, you can reduce the taste by adding some almond milk.
  • If you don't have cheesecloth, you can use kitchen strainer. It takes bit more time to drain it, but is effective too. Just make sure it has very thin holes, so you won't lose most of the cheese. Put cheese in strainer and press carefully with your hand to drain excessive water. Mix it and repeat until water is gone. You can also put the strainer into a bowl and leave in the fridge. Take it out after five to ten minutes to mix the cheese and put it back. Repeat until you think all the water is drained.
  • Fresh herbs are always the best option, but if you can't get them, any other herbs are good too.
  • Serving with homemade bread or crackers is a great option as well
  • You can add extra toppings like dried tomatoes paste or jalapeños if you like spice, or anything you like.
  • Wine is a must of course ;)

I hope you enjoyed it!

The Cheese After Baking

How does it work?
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