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Burger Season 2019

by Charles Utter 2 years ago in satire

Beyond the Burger Century

Burgers 98, 99 and 100 of the 2019 season

Burger Season has come and gone once again, the Sun has found its peak revelation in the longest day, the burns of our endeavors are healing in the salve of our victories and the League drifts leaderless upon an endless empty sea of adventure! I have nothing left to say except to officially relinquish the commissionerhood with a final reading from the book of Burgelations chapter 1 verses 1 through 25.


Chapter One

1- "Cancel the Burgerlacolypse!

Catch up, I'm on top of it.

Must dates be provocative?

All burger actions no talkative?

Reactions to the stashing

Of prophetic self lashing

My B E A is quite dashing

Mayo! thanks for asking!

2- P O Bs are individual

S B L is interminable

Our quest is expandable

No end to our mandables

Reach for a stealable

Recruit when their reelable

Assists for the dealable,"

3- the celebration of the great barbeque in the sky resounded as if there was no end to the reverberations of the burger beats. There I sat upon a cushion piercing forth, gilded, from a pile of farmers gold. 4- Thirty three sacred bovine wandered the endless field as fifteen MCs spat fifteen lines of fire. 5- There was no beef inside of me since twenty four hours prior, though each flame from the mouths of the artists revealed seven burgers within my being. Upon the throne of burger there sat the Burgermeister. She had the head of a cow, the body of a voluptuous woman and in her open hands there were two burgers. 6- Out of her womb flooded the river of life which seemed to sweep me away in its current though I didn't move an inch, nor could I. As she spoke, burgers drifted endlessly from her as they cascaded down to the earth so far beneath the clouds with the first sound from her open mouth all other sound ceased.

7- "Why does the son of the earth sit in the sky?" Her question came in grandiose language of a thousand tongues though I knew instantly she had dug the question from deep within my chest. 8- "This is the land of endless fields and forest where charcoal, grain and grass forever grow in symbiosis with the eternal flame of feasting," she continued in a voice so deep I could only feel it, and without a moment for me to answer continued, "my servants sow and reap these fields. My artists seek their muse and reveal it to me. My children wander wherever they please until their tongues can lolly gag no more. 9- For all the beings and colors of your world, you know not of the pure radiance of abundance that is the unknowable core of all being."

10- With this said, a long and peaceful silence followed until I was compelled to speak for fear of becoming nothing and returning to the dirt that fed the fields at her feet. 11- "You are the source and I am only a visitor. Would that you give me guidance, then I too could share my voice in service to this transcendent abundance."

"Ha ha haaaaaa! 12- No mortal hath words for what you fumble, stumble and fail to express. Yet because of your great audacity, I am moved to send you back to your earth to forever sing obliquely of what you cannot understand or relate. 13- All who hear you will know of what your hands and mind fail to grasp. Only your heart will feel the truth as your spirit bleeds until the end of your days. 14- When you return to me everything and nothing will be in union once more."

15- As the grand cacophony of natural rhythms grew once again in the wake of these vibrations of meaning, 16- I heard thousands of voices singing sweetly of fires and blood, bodies and buns, and 17- the joys that only feast and famine can evoke in all beings.

Without a word, 18- for I knew not what to say, I leapt gleefully upon a burger and drifted through the spray and over the falls toward my home. 19- As I fell freely unto the soil and life, I instinctively reached behind to pull my chute and 21- thus my paraburger opened gliding me back into the arms of our celestial orb 22-spiraling through an empty and meaningless future.

23- This is no mere hallucination that becomes writ here with you, though it is clear to me now

24- Anything is possible

25- Stay Hungry

Charles Utter
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