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A Slice of Chocolate Cake

by Albert Gavalis 2 days ago in humanity

Death by Chocolate ©

A Slice of Chocolate Cake

In the middle of a sleepless-night, edging towards an “early” early-morning at 3:46 am, an anonymous refrigerator-door opened and inside was a plate (covered with a stretch of plastic-saran-wrap) centered with a slice of chocolate cake. Not any chocolate cake, but chocolate cake with chocolate icing (with chocolate sprinkles) where the cake itself was made with milk-chocolate in a semi-swirl pattern with dark-chocolate having semi-sweet chocolate-bits mixed-in with bitter-sweet chocolate, sweet German-Chocolate, and white-chocolate, while the icing was made up with Couverture Chocolate (Footnote #1), and with the sprinkles made up with Compound Chocolate and Ruby (Pink) Chocolate.

Alternatively, on the second shelf there were separate slices of Chocolate Truffle Cake, Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake, Chocolate Rum Cake, Sour Cream Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Chocolate Oreo Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Belgian Chocolate Cake, and Nutty Chocolate Cake (Footnote #2), but none were as inviting as the one having all of them mixed-in as one.

Death by Chocolate

If one were a fish-with-gills, one would “breathe” it in as oxygen rather than merely eat it. The urge to resist was too much to bear where recent “health-benefits” of chocolate (Footnote #3) provided a reason to reach-in, however, over-consumption causing impairment of brain-function (Footnote #4) was the end-result. The more one ate, the “more-hungry” one became. And so, for the rest of the cake in the back of the refrigerator (Footnote #5) a quick-vacuum-swallow into the esophagus caused the entire cake to directly enter into the bloodstream – by-passing the stomach and going directly to the brain - the 98-degree body-temperature was also ideal to “melt” the compound chocolate (Footnote #6) sufficient to clog the arteries on the way to the brain.


Death by cake-ingestion might have been the formal reason on the coroner’s certificate, but rest from enticement-and-temptation was the true end result.

Chocolate Cake Heaven

Concurrent with the checkered-flag coming down for the great cake-race, a penalty demerit was given for the compound-chocolate-sprinkles even as Prometheus (Footnote #7) frowned-down on this otherwise-deemed “foul-play” indication. (Footnote #8)


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#2) 10 Types of Chocolate Cakes - https://bulbandkey.com/blog/cakes/10-types-of-chocolate-cakes/

#3) Where health benefits of dark chocolate include it being rich in anti-oxidants, protecting the body from “free-radicals” (compounds which come from the environment and processed foods), beneficial to the skin, improves heart-health, rich in nutrients, helps in maintaining cholesterol levels (where in consuming dark chocolate which contains a lot of polyphenols can increase the levels of HDL which is also known as the "good cholesterol." Also, it can help reduce the levels of LDL or the "bad cholesterol"), works like a stress-buster/mood-buster, improved cognitive functions, prevention of asthma attacks (for those having this condition), and regulation of blood-sugar and blood-pressure levels (where dark chocolate is very effective in lowering blood pressure especially in people with diabetes with hypertension). - https://facty.com/food/nutrition/truly-amazing-health-benefits-of-dark-chocolate/1/ through https://facty.com/food/nutrition/truly-amazing-health-benefits-of-dark-chocolate/10/

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#8) “Due to the lack of cocoa butter, compound chocolate is not legally known as “chocolate” in some countries.” - https://www.homestratosphere.com/types-of-chocolate/#9_Compound_Chocolate

Albert Gavalis
Albert Gavalis
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