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10 Ways to Make Eggs into a Meal

Let’s face it, omelettes can only go so far. Sometimes you need new options to make eggs into a meal.

By Cato ConroyPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

When you’re a broke college kid, very few things will be as important (or as much of a diet lifesaver) as having eggs in your fridge. Eggs provide a slew of important nutrients, are low calorie, and are also pretty tasty!

Eggs are cheap enough for the most frugal budgeter to buy and can carry a wide variety of different flavors in their yolky goodness. All things considered, they are kitchen staples for a reason.

Eggs are wonderful, sure, but if you're not well-versed in cooking, they stop being so much fun after a while. If you’re like me, you probably don’t get full on a simple fried egg or a trio of hard-boiled eggs.

To get the most bang for your buck, you need to learn how to make eggs into a meal. As I quickly learned in college, there are plenty of ways to turn eggs into a fully nutritious, satisfying, and affordable meal. Here are some of my favorite ways to create delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners using eggs.

Add vegetables and meats into your morning omelette.

There’s nothing more classic than a three-egg omelet in the morning, and to a point, part of the reason for that is because it’s a quick way to make a delicious meal. I find that the easiest way to make eggs into a meal is to add a cup of meat (I prefer crab meat) and some diced vegetables into a standard omelet.

You’d be surprised at how fast a meaty omelet cooks, and how tasty it can be. Best of all, cleanup is a cinch, so you can also get out the door in time for work, too. Switching the vegetables up makes for delicious variety between different omelets for every day of the week!

Turn your fried eggs into fried rice.

Who doesn’t like hot fried rice? I sure as hell do, and I soon learned that there is a reason why people love to make fried rice as a full meal. Just about every fried rice recipe you’ll find will require an egg or two.

Having made fried rice using flavor packets, I can tell you that it’s a great method to turn a bunch of low-cost ingredients into a decadent treat that will keep you full all day long.

How does it all work? Rice, when you add protein to it, is a surprisingly filling meal.

Or, have avocado toast with eggs.

As a millennial, I feel like I need to put in one mandatory post about avocados into this article. So, here it goes. One of the easiest (and most cliché) ways to make eggs into a meal worthy of your brunch friends is to add eggs to your avocado toast recipe.

I’ve seen this done two ways. My preferred method is to hard boil two eggs and chop them up and mix them with chopped avocado on top of toast. Hard boiled eggs with a few spices on an avocado toast is pretty darn delicious. I’ve also seen people prepare an egg sunny side up, and then place it on top of avocado toast with a pinch of sriracha sauce. Either way is tasty, so you really can’t lose with this combination.

Frittata it up.

A classic breakfast meal that also doubles as dinner is a classic, old fashioned frittata. Frittatas, for those who don’t know, are Italian dishes that are similar to crustless quiches. They are pan-fried and involve a lot more veggies, meats, and starches than a typical omelet might.

If you want a cheap way to make eggs into a meal, try this recipe for potato frittatas. It’s satisfying, tastes amazing, and makes enough for multiple meals. If you’re broke and on a budget, nothing is better.

Egg sandwiches are pretty cool, too.

I used to be the type of person who would get really grossed out by egg sandwiches until fairly recently—and now, I believe that everyone has one that works with their palate.

Egg sandwiches are awesome for people who want a cost-effective breakfast or lunch without having to wait too long to make something. One of my favorite recipes for a great lunch sandwich is a pork roll and egg sandwich, toasted, with salt, pepper, and ketchup.

For seriously broke people, there’s always ramen.

Ramen might have a bad rap for its nutritional value, but let’s be really honest for a moment. Bad as it is for your sodium levels, they offer a great way to make eggs into a meal that warms your bones on cold nights. There are some cool ways to make ramen taste better, even if you're using the cheapest noodle cups at the supermarket.

To make your eggy ramen, prepare a bowl of ramen per your packet instructions. Add chopped green onion and the meat of your choice. Then, crack open an egg and drop it into your soup. You’ll have a balanced meal that’s flavorful and cheap!

Egg flower soup, also known as egg drop soup, is another remarkably easy way to turn eggs into a satisfying meal. This involves cracking open an egg, stirring it in a bowl, and dropping it into a pot of soup as you stir the soup.

Most of the time, I’d suggest using a flavor packet to get your soup on. However, you can also find DIY egg drop soup recipes online that are easy to follow and require minimal soy sauce.

Give yourself a little quiche.

Pardon the pun, but quiche is amazing. This eggy, milky, cheesy pie is a savory way to enjoy a meal in a way that the French would approve of. Though quiche has a reputation for being difficult to make, even kitchen newbies can find a good recipe to try out.

Personally, I’d say spinach quiche is a good place to start if you want a savory pastry. Since it can be served hot or cold, quiche can be a great choice for people who want a more elegant brown bag lunch.

Bake an egg casserole.

Who doesn’t love a delicious casserole that’s got the light and fluffy texture of an omelet? Egg casseroles are a great medium for people who want to have something satisfying but aren’t all about the pan-fried thing.

The cool thing about egg casseroles is that they tend to be low carb, making them excellent picks for people who are trying to go on the Atkins diet. However, if you don't mind a few carbs, you can try a delicious egg and hashbrown casserole recipe next time you're in the kitchen.

Of course, making an easy egg salad will always be a good way to make eggs into a meal.

Egg salad is easy as can be to make and it always sticks to your ribs in a great way. A little mayo, some mustard, and a handful of your favorite veggies are all you need in order to make this recipe at home.

A good recipe for egg salad is pretty smart to have; it's less greasy than a fried egg, even with the mayo. It makes for a great breakfast or lunch.After all, eggs are one of the best foods to eat in the morning for breakfast.


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