10 Unique Food Gifts

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10 Unique Food Gifts
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Finding a gift for a friend or a loved one can be a tricky business. You have to make sure that you know them too well if you're planning to give them something for special occasions. But what if you are to give a gift to someone you barely know? The best thing to do is to give food as a gift instead. Since food is a universal commodity, you can never go wrong to give that food basket as a gift for anyone.

10 Unique Food Gifts Anyone Will Love

1. Buttery Coconut Oil

The versatility of this butter flavored coconut oil is just amazing! You can use it for cooking and since it can melt easily, you don't have to worry about your food smoking or burning. It has the buttery taste yet it's also a healthy option compared with the regular butter. Use it in your popcorn or even for your toasted bread. This can be the best gift for people who like to cook but want to have their food healthier but still tasty.

2. Halfpops - Half-popped Popcorn

Since you already have the buttery coconut, why not complete your food gifts and add some popcorn as well? It's gluten-free, no trans fat, and nut-free. It doesn't contain corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors, and free from preservatives. It's a healthier way to enjoy popcorn. It's made of Brooklyn dill pickles so you can make sure that this food will not have an issue in case the person you're giving it has corn allergies.

3. Edible Anus Chocolates

If you're into giving food gifts but want to have a twist of being a little naughty, you can go for this chocolate treat instead. The gift box includes six pieces of edible anus chocolate you're naughty friends will appreciate. Just make sure to be careful of who will you give them to since it can offend someone who's not into these types of naughty gifts. But it can also be a great prank if you want to be funny but sweet. After all, these chocolates are vegan friendly so if your friend is in a vegan diet, it will be the perfect food gifts to receive.

4. Cocktail Box

The best food gifts for those who like mixing their cocktails anytime anywhere. It's great for people who are just naturally cocktail lovers and it can also be the best travel companion. You can enjoy the Old Fashioned variety if you like whiskey or bourbon. It's not just perfect food gifts but you can also have it for yourself especially if you like enjoying your cocktail. There are also other cocktails available for you to choose from which are the Champagne Cocktail, Gin and Tonic, and Moscow Mule - Vodka. It's a complete cocktail mix in a box.

5. Freeze Dried Strawberries

This is the best food gifts for those who like to go outdoors for adventures. It's also the best survival food that you can store to your kitchen in case something unfortunate happens. But it's also good to eat anytime since it's also great for snacks. It has an amazingly long shelf life that can extend up to 30 years! Your friends will appreciate food gifts like this and better stock some for yourself too.

6. Truffle Gift Set

Best food gifts for those who love truffle so much. You can give them this truffle gift set which includes black truffle linguine, a jar of truffle salt, black truffle risotto, truffle balsamic glaze, black truffle oil condiment, and Tartufata sauce. Everything is placed in a wooden tray with handles that make it the perfect food gift for everyone. This is also one of Oprah's favorite things based on her list from 2019. So it's a must give as a gift for your loved ones and friends who are truffle lovers.

7. Jerky Tie

Surprise someone with this jerky tie and give it as food gifts for those who like to have their protein handy. The best part is that this tie is not your ordinary tie. It includes ten jerky flavors such as classic beef jerky, garlic, habanero, ghost pepper, black pepper, root beer, whiskey maple, rootbeer habanero, sesame ginger, and honey bourbon. Your jerky lover friend will surely enjoy your food gifts and will remember it for a very long time.

8. Truffle Hot Sauce

Do you have a friend who cannot live without their hot sauce? Then this is one of the best food gifts to change the way your friend consumes their hot sauce since it's a white truffle hot sauce. It's made of high-quality ingredients that will surely make him upgrade the flavor of any dishes. It includes chili peppers, organic agave nectar, and white truffles sprinkled with organic coriander. It's a great gift for those who have sophisticated tastes.

9. Calamondin Tree

Calamondin trees can also be a great gift for someone who likes citrus. It's a hybrid fruit and will be a good additional display with your herbs and spices garden. It's best for cooking, baking, making jams, and even mixing some cocktails. The fruit is orange in color although it's a smaller type. Just tell your friend that nothing to worry about it since it should remain small so it will not take away too much space in their garden.

10. Gourmet Gift Basket

If you want to go all out and give some real fancy food gifts, then go ahead and pick up a gourmet gift basket instead. This will surely be appreciated so much since it will include a lot of food in one basket. It's the best gift for every occasion. This gourmet gift basket includes original summer sausage, roasted garlic red pepper summer sausage, Seabear smoked salmon, Wisconsin Mediterranean vegetable cheese, chocolate-covered cherries, Elki crackers, Anna's pantry peanuts, and Dan's sweet hot mustard.


These unique food gifts for everyone will be the best alternative from the usual food gifts people receive. Although it looks like a simple idea, it will surely get some awesome compliments from those people you're planning to give them with. Just remember, being generous can make you happier so better choose the food gifts now for your friends and loved ones.

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