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10 Things You Didn't Know About Nutella

by Crystal Rae 7 months ago in history
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These facts are pretty nuts!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Nutella
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nutella

There are two kinds of people in this world… Those that live and breathe the dark gooey goodness of Nutella and those that still have no idea what they are missing out on. Don’t stress which category you fell into. This popular hazelnut-chocolate smooth-licious spread is full of little secrets, not even the biggest Nutella fans may yet know. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Nutella.

10. Whom Should We Thank In Advance

Michele Ferrero, Italy’s richest person and owner of the Ferrero Group is who we can thank for the creation of Nutella. Well, kind of sorta, but we will get into more of those details later in the list of things you didn’t know about Nutella. Michele Ferrero built the business founded by his parents in the 1940s into one of the largest confectionery companies. One might say he was “one sweet man”. Referring to him as a “sugar-daddy” might be taking things a little too far! Ferrero introduced Kinder snacks and Nutella in the 1060s. You may best know him for his Ferrero Rocher chocolates but these delicious chocolate creations didn’t come until a few decades after Nutella. As of February 2015, the creator of this delicious hazelnut-chocolate spread sadly passed away at the age of 89. However, his net worth ranked 31st or $22.3 billion, which is the highest of any Italian on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Ferrero is the world’s fifth-largest confectionery company by revenue. Impressive!

9. That’s Plain Nuts… Hazelnuts, That Is

When reading a jar of Nutella for the ingredients, no one is shocked to find out the main ingredient is in fact hazelnuts, or is it sugar? Each tablespoon of Nutella holds about 100 calories of sugar. On the plus side, there are also about 20 grams of protein in each jar of Nutella. What you might find shocking is the ratio of the Nutella recipe. A jar of Nutella is made of an estimated 70% hazelnuts, 30% cocoa aka chocolate, or 100% yummy! If you missed the math on that little equation, this means a quarter of the world’s hazelnuts or 50 ish hazelnuts end up in every jar of Nutella. That is ‘plain nuts’! However, considering that Italy and most of the Mediterranean region have an abundance of Hazelnuts, it makes sense the primary production would be based on that. So maybe not as nuts as it seems!

8. Don’t Call It By Any Other Name… Or Else

Under Italian law, Nutella is not allowed to be called “chocolate cream” or any other name pertaining to being a smooth consistency of cocoa. This is stated it is because it does not meet the requirements for minimum cocoa solids. Hmmm, still not sure what that entirely means but I can confirm… Yes, this is totally true! Chalk that up for another win for the Hazelnut, while the mighty cocoa bean can take a seat. After World War II, cocoa was very scarce and expensive. So having anything in the form of a sugary, chocolate snack was a rare form. It was Ferrero, that turned this problem into a smart, affordable solution by creating a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar, and just a little of the rare cocoa. This is how the ancestry of Nutella was born. Please do not fact-check me on that one ancestry site. These facts are solid as a hazelnut! Continuing on… The sweet paste was originally shaped into a loaf that could be cut, sliced, and spread on bread. It was named after a local carnival character called “The Giandujot”. This form of the future state of Nutella then transitioned into the “SuperCrema” in 1951 and eventually into the amazing goodness in its form known for today. Nutella became almost its full infamous state in 1964. The Iconic Nutella jar wasn’t created until a year later. One might say good things do truly come to those that wait! Unless you wait too long and you are left with an empty jar. Food for thought!

7. The Popularity Of Nutella Is Evendent By The Empty Shelves

A jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds! That is 240 jars of Nutella in ten minutes or enough to circle the globe 1.8 times. How Nutty is that? Each jar of Nutella contains seven carefully selected high-quality ingredients: sugar, milk, palm oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, lecithin, and vanillin. Nutella is famous for its authentic hazelnut and cocoa taste, made even more irresistible by its smoothness and unique creaminess. This crazy dark gooney goodness has been a fan favorite at breakfast time for over fifty years. To add simplicity to the already popular hazelnut-chocolate spread, it now is made with a no-mess for those of you on the go. With the new Nutella & Go products, you can have your amazing smooth spread without a knife or spoon. Just choose between a sweet or a salty snack. The Nutella & Go products are made with crispy pretzel sticks, crunchy breadsticks, as well as, multigrain sticks. Let these Nuttela & Go snacks do the dipping dirty work. Just no dipping and driving, please!

6. The ‘FACTS’ About Nutella’s Environmental Impact

The ‘Ferrero Farming Values’ or FFV were launched to support local people in tacking agricultural, social, environmental, and economic issues relating to the cultivation of the main raw materials found in Nutella. Those programs combine the development of specific projects and the adoption of standards and certifications as well as institutional and collective engagements. Since 2009, Ferrero has been measuring the carbon footprint annually. Committing to gradually increasing the boundaries. Ferrero has done this through ‘FACTS’ or Ferrero Agriculatuiral Commitment To Sustainability. Having a clear and complete picture of the impacts across the Nutella value chain is key to identifying the areas with the greatest opportunities to reduce emissions. All of these factual details are the complete opposite of what was publicly blasted by SegoleneRoyal. Royal left Nutella lovers aghast when she called for a boycott of the hazelnut-chocolate spread, stating the production of Nutella and the use of palm oil was leading to deforestation. This devastation leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere which is a key contributor to global warming. The environmental organization Greenpeace came to the defense of Nutella. Greenpeace stated it was still very okay to eat Nutella that boycotting the product was not going to resolve the problem. Greenpeace also complimented Ferrero on the work done to ensure that the palm oil suppliers are taking precautions to avoid harming the environment, such as avoiding the use of fire to clear land or stock forests. So we can all sleep better tonight knowing this delicious dark, gooey goodness is doing its part, and then some to spread environmental goodness as well. Yay for Nutella!

5. Nutella Loves All You People Right Back

At Ferrero, they aim to motivate their employees and improve decision making, consumer focus, and overall product engagement. Ferrero has over 37,000 employees based in more than 50 countries. They are not only producing a popular hazelnut-chocolate spread, but they are also creating a working environment where their employees feel valued and are provided growth opportunities within the company. Ferrero believes in listening and responding to their employee's views and maintaining a business environment that is inclusive of such. Ferrero promotes employees to be engaged and embrace digitalization. Maintaining open, consistent, and fast communication across all countries is one of their highest priorities. Ferrero also takes part in the “EU Pledge” initiative, which fosters a responsible approach to food products being advertised to children younger than 12 on TV, print, media, and the internet. In relation to website monitoring, this year a total of 250 sites were checked and the overall compliance was 95%. Who would have known such a little jar of Nutella could be bringing on so much change, job security, and healthy marketing practices for so many across the world?

4. Knowledge Is Power

Ferrero produces and markets some of the world’s best-loved confectionery products. One of Ferrero’s corporate goals is to help Nutella fanatics and other consumers, to make proper food choices and adopt balanced diet choices that provide essential nutrients and the right amount of energy from every food type. Along with a lot of big words, charts, and fancy numbers to support scientific research, Ferrero has built their company strategy and sales goals along with the following key principles. One, of course, is based on suitable serving sizes that allow you, sugar-crazy consumers, to manage your daily energy needs that fit within your personal overall diet. Number Two is focused on aligning with the careful selection of the high-quality raw materials that provide essential energy and micronutrients. The quality and importance of these ingredients' natural components are preserved within their creation of Nutella processes. Number Three is the promotion of ingredients, foods, and structured eating occasions that can be integrated into food educational programs for consumers and their families. Four, last but not least, Ferrero promotes education on the importance and benefits of an active lifestyle. Which is best suited for Nutella & Go!

3. National Nutella Day

Yep, you heard that one right… Nutella has its own World day. If one ever needed an excuse or reason to try out this dark, gooey, spread-licious hazelnut-chocolate treat it would be best done on February 5th. The idea for a day dedicated to everything about Nutella came from Sara Rosso. Sara is an American blogger who was living in Italy at the time of her creative, Nutella fan-approved World holiday. Sara’s love for Nutella caused her to shout to the world all about her idea for a day dedicated to the hazelnut-chocolate spread. The worldwide popularity of Nutella made it an easy “yes” for the day of dedication to Nutella. How do you celebrate such an event? Well, by sharing recipes, pictures, fun facts, fan photos, and on and on! Anything and everything pertaining to Nutella are exactly what the world day is all about. No worries if you are just getting on board with marking this World Nutella day on your calendar and missed it by a month or so… it comes around like clockwork every February 5th. Now that you do know… be sure to join in on the fan fun next year! World Nutella Day… who would have ever thought?

2. Best Stored Anywhere BUT Inside The Refrigerator

Now I know this fun fact may have you shaking your head in disbelief, but it is also very true. The high amount of sugar in Nutella allows for the jar and go products to be stored right in your overcrowded cupboard. Yep, right next to the jar of peanut butter, coffee beans, jelly beans from last year’s Easter… or whatever it is you keep in your snack cupboard. A jar of Nutella will remain consumable at room temperature until its expiration date (as if anyone has ever experienced Nutella having a date past the printed expiration date). If you do forget this handy, dandy little fact and put your Nutella jar in your refrigerator, the oils from the hazelnuts will harden and it will be nearly impossible to spread on your bread, fruit, pancakes, or whatever else your hungry stomach desires. If you do make this mistake, never fear, just submerge the jar of Nutella under hot water for 30 seconds to one minute. Then use a spoon to stir it until it loosens back into a spreadable state. You will also want to be cautious of not letting your jar of Nutella overheat. Excessive temps will cause the oils to separate. If this happens submerge your jar of Nutella in cold water for 1-2 minutes and again stir until your dark gooey goodness looks once again like its original state. Please be cautious when dealing with hot and cold temps of water. No need for possible burns or frozen fingers. Maybe a note reminding the family members to never heat or chill is the best route to go. A little overkill? Not when it comes to a jar of dark, gooey goodness widely known as Nutella!

1. The Product And The Name Are One In The Same

I know you may be all energized and ready to obsess and maybe even safely binge on all of the newfound knowledge you have over your jar of Nutella or any of the Nutella & Go snack choices but don’t go thinking this epic, the name should also belong to your next of kin. I can’t believe I am about to actually reveal this little odd fact, but you must know… in 2015 a French couple wanted to name their daughter “Nutella”. A judge did not allow for the awesome namesake (whew!) which probably saved the little girl a lifetime of puns, jokes, and horrible nicknames. “Nutella went uphill with a Fella to fetch a pail of” … oh, I don’t know. It was worth a shot and we all know children are far more creative and horrible when it comes to the nickname that follows you for life. So, be smarter than this overzealous couple and steer clear from any attempts on naming anyone you love Nutella, or any other delicious snack name. With a name like Nutella and a popular fan base it contains. That little white jar has already taken on the greatest name in the history of nutty-cocoa, oil, snack goodness it can take. With a name like Nutella and the history of everything that transpired to make it what it is today… Are you really surprised a judge would grant anyone or anything but the famous white jar and now with the new Go products to be named the same as the one and only Nutella? No Way!

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