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The Promise We Made

A Mother's Sacrifice for Her Daughter's Future

By Abdullah SajidPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The Promise We Made
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t was a chilly winter night, and the snowflakes were dancing in the air, as Olivia sat by the fireplace, holding a cup of hot cocoa in her hand. She was lost in thought, thinking about her past, and the promise she had made to herself and her daughter, Emily.

Olivia was a single mother, who had to raise her daughter all by herself, after her husband passed away in a car accident, when Emily was just two years old. She had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, but she never gave up on her dreams and her promise to give her daughter a better life.

It wasn't easy for Olivia, as she had to juggle between work and taking care of Emily, but she never let her daughter feel the burden of their financial struggles. She would always find a way to put a smile on her daughter's face, and make her feel loved and cherished.

As Emily grew up, she started to realize the sacrifices her mother had made for her, and she wanted to do something to repay her. She was a bright student, and she knew that getting a good education was the key to a better future.

One day, Emily came to her mother, with tears in her eyes, and told her that she had been accepted into a prestigious university, but the tuition fee was too high for them to afford.

Olivia knew that this was her chance to fulfill her promise to her daughter, and give her the life she deserved. She made a decision that would change their lives forever.

She decided to sell their small apartment, and use the money to pay for Emily's education. It was a difficult decision, as their home held so many memories, but Olivia knew that this was the only way to give her daughter the life she had always dreamed of.

They moved to a small apartment in a different part of the city, but Olivia didn't mind. She was happy that her daughter was getting the education she deserved, and she knew that this was just a temporary setback.

Emily worked hard in college, and she graduated with flying colors. She got a job at a top company, and started earning a good salary. Olivia was proud of her daughter, and she knew that her sacrifices had paid off.

But then, tragedy struck once again. Olivia was diagnosed with cancer, and she was told that she only had a few months to live. Emily was devastated, and she didn't know what to do.

But Olivia knew exactly what she wanted. She asked Emily to promise her that she would continue to live her life to the fullest, and never give up on her dreams. She reminded her daughter of the promise she had made to her, and told her that this was her chance to fulfill it.

Emily was heartbroken, but she knew that her mother was right. She decided to start a foundation in her mother's name, to help single mothers and their children who were struggling financially. She knew that this was what her mother would have wanted, and she was determined to make her proud.

And so, Olivia passed away, with a smile on her face, knowing that her daughter was going to be alright. Emily continued to work hard, and she became a successful businesswoman, but she never forgot the promise she had made to her mother.

Years went by, and Emily's foundation grew in size and popularity. It helped thousands of families, and made a positive impact on their lives. Emily knew that her mother was looking down on her, and she was grateful for the sacrifices she had made. She knew that without her mother's love and support, she would not have been where she was today.

Every year, on her mother's birthday, Emily would visit her grave, and she would talk to her as if she was still there. She would tell her about her achievements, and about the people she had helped through her foundation. And she would always end by saying, "Mom, I kept my promise. I made it, thanks to you."

Emily knew that her mother's love and sacrifice would always be with her, and she would continue to honor her memory, and the promise they had made together.

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