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Major setback for Utah team at LLWS

Major injury to one player kills the teams enthusiasm

By Lawrence Edward HincheePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Easton Oliverson pictured below played outfield and pitched for Snowy Mountain Little League team out of Utah. He was a major contributor to his team's success to getting to the Little League World Series.

Easton was never able to play one inning in the tournament that every little league player dreams of and works so hard to get too. Young Easton was sleeping in the dorms like everyone else when he fell out of the top bunkbed and fractured his skull and cheek bone. Had his teammate not heard him fall and alerted adults this story may have a different ending.

Young Easton only twelve was taken by ambulance to the hospital, then airlifted to a nearby Childrens hospital. After having surgery to remove a piece of bone that was causing bleeding, during the night he pulled out his feeding tube.

He asked his father what day it was, and his dad told him, Easton wanted to go play in the World Series Tournament that he had worked so hard to achieve. His father told him he had already been replaced on the team roster. Easton became upset at hearing this news. His dad said meet your replacement and in walked his little brother Brogan.

First picture posted above is Easton with his father's arm wrapped around him, the next picture is Brogan Oliverstan appearing as a special pinch runner in a game. He was the only ten-year-old playing amongst twelve-year-old boys.

When Brogan came up for his first at bat, he received a standing ovation from the spectators of both teams. Yes, baseball is about competition, but it is also about sportsmanship, compassion, and love of the game. Every one of these parents knew that what happened to Easton, very easily could have been their child.

Easton received an outpouring of support. Mookie Bettis his favorite baseball player sent him a video message. The entire BYU football team did the same. There are great athletes out there that will give their time to send an encouraging word, especially to a child.

Why am I telling this story? Are bunk beds dangerous? If you aren’t familiar with them or never slept in one, then the answer will probably be yes.

This team and Easton’s parents were thirty minutes away from losing their precious little boy. Had his teammate not heard him fall out of the bed, Easton would not have survived the fall. This year I wanted Utah to win the series, but they were eliminated. I am sure their hearts weren’t in the game after a devastating loss like this. Easton was happy his brother was able to take his place but deep down he wanted to play no matter how bad the injury was. He asked his father if he could play and his father had to tell his son no. I am sure Easton was broken hearted after all the hard work he put into making the team, practices, games etc.

This is how tight knit the baseball community is. Every team participating in this year's Little League World Series Tournament, sent Easton a present. It could have been a team jersey, a baseball signed by the team. Who knows what all he received. Some of the professional players from Boston and Baltimore went to see him while they were in town.

I appreciate you taking time to read my story about the kid who fell out bed. I am also happy to report he is expected to make a full recovery. His family set up a go fund me account on venmo. I am not going to direct you to that as the purpose of the site is to tell stories and not to fund raise.

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  • Colleen Millsteed 2 years ago

    Wow what a close call. Great article my friend

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