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Is kylie kelce having another baby?

Truth or Rumour?

By Dr KelvinPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

As of 2024, Kylie Kelce, the wife of Jason Kelce, is not currently pregnant. The couple has three daughters, and their most recent addition to the family is Bennett Llewellyn, born on February 23, 2023. Despite attending the 2023 Super Bowl to support her husband, Kylie did not go into labor during the game, even though she had brought her obstetricians to the stadium as a precaution.

On a February 15 episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce humorously mentioned that he was hoping Kylie would give birth at the stadium during the Super Bowl. However, that did not happen, and the couple fondly reflects on the memorable game as a significant moment for their family.

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Who Exactly is Kylie Kelce?

Kylie Kelce, formerly Kylie McDevitt, is the wife of Jason Kelce. Jason, a prominent player for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been happily married to Kylie since 2018. Their union came just two months after Jason played a crucial role in the Philadelphia Eagles' victory in Super Bowl LII. Beyond their shared experiences on the field, the couple has built a vibrant life together, starting a family and actively participating in community outreach.

The love story between Jason and Kylie began on Tinder, where they first connected. Although the details of their initial date are not clear, Kylie playfully hinted in a caption on a November 2015 photo that Jason almost missed the opportunity to meet his future wife.

Their relationship flourished, leading to their wedding on April 14, 2018, held at the Logan Hotel. The ceremony, attended by around 170 guests, marked the culmination of what appeared to be a relatively short engagement, as suggested by a Philadelphia photographer who claimed that Jason purchased the engagement ring and wedding bands just six weeks before the celebration.

Kylie Kelce's Husband Details

Kylie Kelce's husband, Jason Kelce, is a prominent American football center currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL). Born on November 5, 1987, he was drafted by the Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, following a standout college football career with the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Throughout his impressive career, Jason Kelce has earned significant accolades, including being a Super Bowl champion, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, and a six-time first-team All-Pro selection. Widely regarded as one of the greatest centers in NFL history, Kelce has consistently showcased his skills on the field, garnering respect from fans and fellow athletes.

In addition to his achievements in football, Jason Kelce has expanded his presence to the world of podcasting. Co-hosting the podcast "New Heights" with his brother, Travis, Kelce engages in discussions about their playing careers and various other interesting topics. This podcast venture highlights Jason Kelce's versatility and his ability to connect with fans on a more personal level, offering insights into both the athletic and personal aspects of his life.

Charity work

Both Kylie and Jason are actively involved in philanthropy. Jason established the non-profit foundation, (Be)Philly, in October 2022, dedicated to enhancing the lives of Philadelphia's youth. Kylie supports charitable causes, particularly the Eagles Autism Foundation, organizing an annual fundraising event that raised $150,000 in 2022. Her commitment to community service dates back to her high school years, where she volunteered with the Special Olympics of New Jersey and supported troops by packing boxes.


Kylie McDevitt, now Kylie Kelce, is presently 31 years old, having celebrated her birthday on March 23, 1992. At this point in her life, she has likely encountered noteworthy personal and professional achievements. In 2024, Kylie finds herself at a juncture where she is managing the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother.

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