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Falling in love with an ex

It turns out he called her here just to blame her. Because that year she said goodbye to him too quickly, she found someone new too quickly, so he also decided to move on to someone new as quickly as her to get revenge, then his life kept slipping into emptiness.

By Ken DaklakPublished about a month ago 5 min read

For someone like Minh Chau, love is not a smooth thing. She has loved five people, but only one made her passionate. The remaining four people all only had a fleeting feeling. Before a breakup, she is always the proactive one. Very decisive, very unintentional. As for them, they were all the same, using all their strength to hold her back.

Minh Chau doesn't understand what level her heart is at. She always feels dissatisfied and unhappy with what she has. Yet at the age of 25, she still risked her life to marry a man 5 years older than her, working in IT, whose monthly income was enough to support her and indulge many of her expensive hobbies. About two years later, she gave birth to her first son and traveled everywhere. Minh Chau's life is considered by many to be a dream, but as mentioned, she does not feel satisfied with what she has.

At that time, Minh Chau and his wife "escaped" their children to travel for a few days. He booked them two business class seats because she was afraid there would be children on the plane.

That said, every time she gets on a plane, she gets nervous. Many times her husband told her to go for psychological treatment, but she always dismissed it.

When her husband fell asleep, Minh Chau got up and went to the bathroom. When she passed the row of seats in front, she saw Luong - her ex-lover. He had turned a lot darker, that was the most different feature about him that she recognized at the present time. This is a flight from Hanoi to Vinh, maybe you are also going on vacation?

She didn't know if Luong saw her, she didn't intend to greet him. Meeting an old person again is a bit awkward, maybe she should act like a stranger.

But when she got to the airport, while waiting outside for her husband to pick up his luggage, Luong walked up to her and said:

- Are you traveling too?

"Also"? Minh Chau nodded. After that, for some unknown reason, the two exchanged phone numbers, then he and his wife and children left.

At night, Luong sent her a brief but surprising and strong message: "I miss you!" During that trip, Minh Chau could not be natural with her husband, as if there was a rock hanging in her heart. She didn't know she was so insecure that her hands were always sweating, causing her husband to ask several times.

It's true that the appearance of an ex always makes us feel awkward. He said he missed her, so it was like attacking her again.

Before returning home, Luong sent another text message: "I want to see you, just this once."

Then she agreed to go see him. Of course they secretly met. Luong is the person she loves most passionately among the five people, but the one she has spent the shortest time with. Only two months. Two months of passionate, crazy love, finally breaking up because of a trivial matter. Minh Chau doesn't remember that story anymore, it's too far away.

- At that time, I was about to say come back, but you found someone new so quickly, so I had to give up.

The two words "it can't be helped" were softly spoken by him, full of sadness. She didn't know that at that moment he wanted to come back, because when he let go, he was as determined as she was. Minh Chau was just silent. She is someone who cannot stand being alone, she is always afraid that there is no one around her.

Well, in this life she really worried about too many things. I don't know why anymore.

- Did you call me out here just to talk about this? - Minh Chau asked. Luong took her hand and said:

- Why did you appear in front of me?

He said as if he was blaming her.

- We are both married.

- I don't care.

She wobbled. His eyes were intense and fiery with love. She knew he was the person she loved the most among the many people who had passed by. I also know that the year we broke up was so haphazard, our feelings were often not completely exhausted, but... it was too late.

- Are you planning on having an affair?

Luong said nothing, his fingers held her hand tighter. He sadly said:

- I don't love my wife, I only have feelings for her. She was always pale in his eyes.

She understood Luong's feelings, because she was also in his situation. She didn't love her husband, she just felt that if she married him, she wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore.

But Minh Chau did not expect that when this worry passed, another worry would come. Sometimes she doesn't understand what she wants to do anymore.

Luong added:

- Maybe you will despise me, but I have had affairs with many people. Colleagues, wife's friends, other strange girls... all just to fill the void in my heart. The whole world knows they will curse him, but he doesn't care. Because you didn't have love to betray her. Minh Chau, why do we have to torture our lives to such an extent?

It turns out he called her here just to blame her. Because that year she said goodbye to him too quickly, she found someone new too quickly, so he also decided to move on to someone new as quickly as her to get revenge, then his life kept slipping into emptiness.

- That's your choice - Minh Chau said - You chose to do such a stupid thing.

After that, Minh Chau returned home and saw her husband sleeping, he slept soundly and obediently on the bed without stirring a bit. She walked over and caressed his forehead. This was the first time she felt so peaceful.

How have you been thinking all these years? Why are you always afraid that this life will treat you badly when you have treated so many people badly? Placing a kiss on her husband's cheek, she lay down next to him. Turn your back on him and look out the window.

Suddenly there was a warm voice in her ear:

- Have you met him? I saw him looking at you the whole flight. Is this our last?

Minh Chau was surprised, it turned out he already knew. Her husband is an IT guy, quiet and quiet, she never pays attention to his thoughts. She admitted she was heartless. But after hearing him say those words, she suddenly felt pain. Probably during the time she went to meet Luong, he struggled a lot and even suppressed it.

She turned around, placed her hand on his eyebrow and said:

- I didn't do anything wrong to you.

Her husband was silent.

- Let's continue to live together, like this, forever.

Love often lies so deep that we don't realize it. Living for a long time with a new thing will gradually feel dull, not to mention that it is a very normal thing. She still doesn't understand whether she loves her husband or not, but she understands one thing that when someone loves her and sacrifices for her, she has no right to hurt them.


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  • Hoàn Trần30 days ago

    Very interesting article, I hope you will share more articles for everyone to see, you are wonderful, I love you.

  • HK Decor30 days ago

    Very interesting article, I hope you will share more articles for everyone to see, you are wonderful, I love you.

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