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Writing Prisoners

by Regina Brooks 3 months ago in innocence
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Why do I write prisoners?

I go to the Post Office every day to check my mail.

I have been writing inmates in prison. I get the tingling in my stomach when I check my PO Box especially if I get a letter. I get so excited. I want to get a letter every day. Then when I sit at home to write back...I blank. It's the weirdest thing. I have so much to say when I get the letter after I open it but after I get home and sit down to write...I blank. I feel bad. I think about prison life is and compare it to my life. Not that my life is great but I compare if to just an average person's life.

Now, I'm going to try to use the email version instead of the snail mail. I guess was "old school" and used to the "old fashioned" way of mail. I just get stuck in a pattern and stay there. Anyway, it's better for the environment to use email. I'm excited. I still have some stamps left.

Why do I write prisoners? Why does anyone write prisoners? Why do people care about prisoners? Do people care about prisoners? I don't know. Of course, I'm sure people care, but do they really care. If people care, shouldn't we have more articles written or more movies done about changes that can be made?

Is it to help keep recidivism down? Do I write to help me? Who does it help? It helps someone. It helps them.

Now I'm going to learn to email my friends in prison. I'm so excited. I can't wait. I'm going to learn it today. I hope they are excited about it like I am about it.

When I start a letter, I don't know what to say, because I feel so much for my friends. I know I don't know what they are going through but I feel their pain. I feel the pain. Because I have empathy, does that make me a better person? No.

Because I am writing prisoners does that make me a better person? No.

I wish I can help those that need the help. It makes my empathy worse and my pain worse.

I still feel like people should write. I definitely feel people should write.

If it was you in prison, you would want a card or a letter.

I'm not talking about anything romantic or freaky.....just as penpals.

How many people write? How many people say, "Hi. How are you?" I feel if we all just reach out. The prison industry would be better.

So to start writing an inmate by email using Jpay, I would first need to start by opening a Jpay service account. Then I would look for the inmate I want to write in their system. I would need their identification number to do this. I put this number in a box and I will be able to send my email to them. I would be able to put the identification number of the inmate in the Jpay service. They would find them and take my email to them. It usually takes about 24-48 hrs which is faster than ground mail. Many people find the Jpay service a more convenient and faster way of communication.

Jpay does a great deal of faster services such as communication, transfers money to the inmate's account, payments to parole or probation services, court services. and communications. The great thing about Jpay is it offers the ability to transfer money. So if a loved one wants to transfer money to someone in prison, they have the ability to transfer the money into their commissary account. Of course, that is something different than what I am talking about. I am simply just speaking about writing an inmate in prison. I am just talking about reaching out.


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Regina Brooks

Freelance writer, dog lover, and working on my bachelor's degree in Psych at Uni of Phoenix. I love recycling. I try to make the environment a better place. I believe in positivity and showing others a smile instead of negativity.

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