The Story Of Charles Levi

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The Story Of Charles Levi

The Story Of Charles Levi

A Thrilling New Short Story

Are you looking for a gripping, well-researched and compelling new serial killer Story?

Fed up with the usual gruff-talking, hard-boiled, gumshoe noir Detective fiction?

Do you like the idea of a female protagonist in a new, highly-rated and recommended thriller?

Look no further, here she is, in a brand new thriller from master crime writer K Exum. A crime novel from the point of view of a female character is much more than just a difference of chromosomes. Women obviously have a different experience to men of moving through the world – and law enforcement – which is necessarily reflected in these incredible stories by K. EXUM. As Rachel battles the mysteries at the centre of her adventurous day you’ll be drawn into her dangerous world.

An ordinary day. A simple question to a friendly looking stranger on a bus leads to a cat and mouse chase across the entire city that will leave more than one person dead or seriously injured. When Rachel sees that another passenger has left a book about killer Charles Levi on the seat where he was sitting on the bus she thinks…

“What a nice guy. I’ll have to buy that book one day, sounds pretty interesting. Oh shoot, he left his book on the seat.”

Rachel does what any of us would do and runs after the nice man but he isn’t as homely as he first seems and Rachel soon finds herself the potential next victim of a crazed killer.

Will she escape?

Will she manage to evade her attacker long enough for the police to help her and arrest him?

Will she have to kill him herself?

Chapter 1:

“Hey, what are you reading there? The cover looks interesting,” Rachel said as she leaned towards the man sitting across from her on the metro bus.

“Oh, it’s called ‘Charles Levi’, about the notorious serial killer.He killed over 2,000 people in 1999 before he passed in 2000. An FBI agent wrote it, talking about her time chasing him down,” the man said.

“Oh wow, is it good?” she asked.

“Pretty much. It’s kind of interesting to me because the agent mentions that the hardest part about trying to track down a serial killer is figuring out who he or she is. But they killed him in 2000, which is crazy to me. How can you kill a serial killer if you don’t know which one did the killing? But what do I know?”

The man chuckled as he reached his hand up to pull the string attached to the window, signaling the bus driver to make a stop ahead.

“Yeah, I get what you’re saying. It was nice meeting you today. Uh, I didn’t catch your name,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Oh, I’m David, David Lewis,” he replied as he made his way off the bus.

What a nice guy. I’ll have to buy that book one day, sounds pretty interesting. Oh shoot, he left his book on the seat.

“Wait, David,” Rachel shouted as she rushed off the bus with the book.

Her business attire didn’t help as her heels stopped her from being able to move quickly. Plus, the tight skirt she had on didn’t allow her to fully extend her legs to run. David could be seen from a distance walking into a small house at the end of the block.

“David, you forgot this,” she said as she stopped in front of the small house. He could be seen from the window, walking towards a woman cooking over a stove.

“That must be his wife or something. I’ll leave this on the…”

Before she could utter another word, she saw David pull out a knife and start stabbing the woman in the chest. His hand covering her mouth muted her screams. Rachel looked on in complete disbelief as David placed the lifeless body on the ground. When he looked up, he saw Rachel standing in the yard. The two locked eyes and she screamed.


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