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Ten of the Strangest Criminal Acts of 2022

Ten of the Strangest Criminal Acts of 2022

By Paul SmithPublished about a year ago 10 min read

Ten of the Strangest Criminal Acts of 2022

There is no escaping crime; all that can be done is try to keep it under control. In today's world, there are so many regulations that it's simple to break them without even realising it. From jaywalking to murder and everything in between, there are many different types of crime. And occasionally, criminal behaviour is peculiar. Crimes can be committed in the most strange manner, such as by dashing across the field during a football game or by dressing up as a clown and conducting armed robbery. Some of the most bizarre crimes imaginable have only occurred in the past year. Naturally, there is a "Florida guy" story as well as a "Florida lady" story. Let's go on to the ten strangest crimes of 2022.

10 Woman Sets Bees Loose on Police

Rorie Wood, a 55-year-old Massachusetts lady, participated in a demonstration at a Longmeadow residence on October 12, 2022. A neighbourhood organisation that supported the homeowners protested as Hampden County Sheriff officials attempted to serve a legitimate eviction notice. Wood arrived at the house in a van loaded with bee hives while dressed as a beekeeper and not a resident there. She started to shake the containers holding the beehives. Robert Hoffman, Chief Deputy of the Civil Process Office, declared, "I have never seen anything like this in all my years of managing the Hampden County Sheriff's Civil Process Division.

Wood was arrested right away and put on trial for numerous counts of violence and assault. The allegations are still pending, but she was released without posting bond. She learned that some of the cops had bee allergies while they were being handcuffed and led to the police vehicle. She responded with, "Oh yeah? Good!

9 Bride Laces Wedding Food with Marijuana

A Florida woman named Danya Svoboda and her caterer Joycelyn Bryant felt it would be a fun practical joke to smuggle marijuana into the food served to wedding guests. It wasn't just unappealing; it was also illegal. As a result of bad food responses, the April wedding swiftly went south. One visitor started throwing up, while another went to her car because she felt she was having cardiac problems. Hallucinations and negative thoughts about their loved ones plagued some of the attendees.

None of these are common marijuana side effects, but the unaware crowd was obviously upset. Although Svoboda and Bryant attempted to dismiss the episode as a foolish joke, Florida does not allow the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes. the two-faced misdemeanour charges for culpable carelessness and felonies for tampering with food.

8 Tyson Foods CFO Wandered into Someone Else’s Home and Fell Asleep

Everyone is familiar with Tyson Meals, known for its excellent chicken, hot dogs, and other foods. No member of the Tyson family would ever wish to discredit the family name since it is respected. However, that is precisely what occurred on November 6, 2022. The meat industry giant's chief financial officer and great-grandson of the company's founder, John R. Tyson. Early one morning in Arkansas, the younger John entered a stranger's home while intoxicated and started to undress. He entered a bedroom and went to sleep. The homeowners alerted the police after realising a stranger was sleeping in their home like Goldilocks.

The residents notified the police that the door was unlocked when they arrived. Tyson was charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication rather than breaking and entering. Investors had major reservations despite Tyson's apologies because he had just held this job since September of this year, in addition to the predicted repercussions from such an incident. John's lack of expertise has already drawn scrutiny from the shareholders, and now it would appear that he is unsuited for the job.

7 Car Thief Caught Hiding in Stuffed Teddy Bear

Joshua Dobson was detained in Manchester, England in July 2022 on suspicion of grand theft auto, using a vehicle with a suspended licence, and evading payment at a gas station. In order to arrest him, the police followed him to his house. Dobson, however, was not there when they got there. Police discovered a large, seemingly alive stuffed bear while searching Dobson's home. The jig was finally up, and Dobson was apprehended.

His hiding place was obviously inventive, even though his misdeeds were more minor than odd. For his crimes, Joshua received a nine-month prison term. "He's now packed behind bars after being sentenced last week for theft of a motor vehicle, driving while ineligible, and making off from a petrol station without payment," the local police said in a statement following the sentencing. I really hope he has a decent time inside."

6 Man Vandalizing Property in Attempt to Get Security Job

In May 2022, a Florida man named David Proudfoot dismantled many pricey ornaments, including an R2-D2 model, from The Swan Reserve, a hotel on the Disney grounds in Orlando, Florida, while posing as a Disney World employee. In total, he moved multiple items on Disney property over a number of events, including the statue and an arcade game. He had applied for a job as a security guard, and he wanted to show Disney that he was worth hiring by exposing security flaws. Proudfoot was pushing a cart containing the fake statue across the street when a real security guard spotted his suspicious activity.

When confronted, Proudfoot went on to introduce himself as Disney worker David E. Rogers. Security eventually discovered Proudfoot's ID, at which point he admitted stealing the $10,000 statue but insisted he wouldn't take it off Swan property.

Former Maryland elementary school administrator Proudfoot had previously been accused of stealing nearly $15,000 from the Baltimore County education system. Proudfoot was charged with third-degree grand theft, petty theft, obstruction by providing false information, and scheme to defraud following the event in 2014.

5 Man Chased into Manhattan Traffic by Attacker Demanding Food

The 23-year-old victim was standing on W. 141st St. close to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. around 6:20 in the evening on September 18, 2022. The 210-pound (15-stone), 6'2" (188 centimetre) suspect abruptly exited a black Nissan Rogue. The suspect approached the person on the phone immediately and engaged him in conversation by enquiring about his whereabouts. The victim fled after becoming perplexed, but things did not finish there.

The suspect attacked him and punched him in the head as he was leaving. The 23-year-old stood up and made an effort to leave the area. He was then pursued by the robber down the sidewalk. The victim eventually lost his balance, went down, and slid in front of an approaching SUV. Fortunately, the vehicle came to a halt in time, and the victim only sustained minor wounds. The thief picked up the victim's backpack and cellphone after he dropped them. Before the thief re-entered the Nissan Rogue and took off, the victim was able to get the bag. The culprit is still being sought by police.

4 Tourist Destroys Ancient Roman Sculptures After Denied Meeting with the Pope

An American traveller went to the Vatican in early October 2022 in the hopes of meeting the pope. The traveller pressed for a meeting with the Pope. It everything went wrong after he learned that his wish would not be fulfilled. The man grabbed one of the historic Roman busts that hang on the Chiaramonte Museum's wall and dropped it to the ground before he sped off. He destroyed two artefacts: one during a rage because he didn't get his way, and the other when he tried to run away from the staff.

Visitors were stunned by the outburst and could only watch in astonishment as the disruptive visitor was eventually detained by museum security. Although these items are older than 2,000 years, the museum only referred to them as insignificant pieces. The pieces were severely damaged, therefore restoration efforts had to be started right away even though they would never be the same. The traveller was able to "break" them loose with a little force despite the fact that they had been nailed to the wall. This incident will probably result in heightened security at the museum and a greater separation between visitors and items.

3 COO of Vegetarian Food Company Bites Man’s Nose

Producer of plant-based meat noted as being vegetarian and vegan-friendly is Beyond Meat. Doug Ramsey, the COO, could not be vegan-friendly or tolerant. Ramsey went to a football game at the University of Arkansas stadium on September 17, 2022. At the stadium, fan fights frequently break out, but this one was a little out of the ordinary.

When Ramsey's automobile was struck by another vehicle, he was trying to leave the parking lot. Ramsey shattered totally. According to reports, he punched through the other car's rear window. Ramsey gave the driver a punch to the face and bit off his nose as he got out of the car, yelling that he would kill him. Both males were bloodied by the time the police came. Ramsay was taken into custody and later freed on a $11,000 bond after being charged with "terroristic threatening and third-degree violence." Before transferring to Beyond Meat, Ramsey worked for Tyson Foods for 30 years. After working for the company for less than a year, he formally left in October.

2 Man Kills Friend over Bigfoot

Last summer, Jimmy Knighten and Larry Doil Sanders, a 53-year-old Oklahoman, went barehanded fishing in the South Canadian River. After a long argument between the two, Sanders killed Knighten by strangling him. When Larry got home, he revealed what he had done to his daughter. Knighten's body was discovered the following day close to the river after she called the police. It was just self-defense since Sanders told investigators that Knighten intended to feed him to "Bigfoot."

According to police reports, Knighten was brutally murdered. Before finally squeezing Knighten to death, Sanders beat his pal with fists and sticks during a protracted fight. Sanders claimed that before Knighten made an attempt to flee, the monster that Bigfoot had summoned to kill him materialised. Sanders killed Knighten so that Bigfoot would concentrate on the simple prey since he didn't want to be eaten by the Sasquatch. Sanders is accused of murder.

1 Woman Tries to Buy a Baby at Walmart

Everybody is aware that occasionally at Walmart, people can go out of control. We anticipate the unusual at the well-known chain store, whether customers are shopping in their pyjamas or acting arrogantly. One mother, however, was not prepared for what occurred in January 2022. Rebecca Lanette Taylor observed a kid with blonde hair and blue eyes with a mother at another check stand as she waited in line for the self-checkout. Taylor inquired about the price and whether she could buy the mother's child. The Texas mother initially mistook Taylor's remark for humour, but he was entirely serious. The mother informed Taylor that the kid wasn't for sale when she made a $250,000 offer for it and assured her that she had the money. The interaction did not end there. Taylor harassed the woman about purchasing her baby as he followed her across the parking lot. She went crazy and terrified the mother to the point where she locked the infant in the car for protection. Taylor increased her offer and gave the woman her word that the pregnancy would happen. The mother eventually made it out, but not before reporting the incident to the police. Taylor was detained on January 18, 2022, despite her denial of all charges, and she was later charged with felony attempted sale or purchase of a child. She claimed that she was at Walmart just going about her business.

By Paul Smith

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