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Strangers Followed Me

by Ada Zuba about a year ago in fiction

A short story part 1

Strangers Followed Me

It had been a very regular day at school, the bus as usual came late, and as usual threw me into a frenzy of anxiety, hoping I could get to class on time. I made a quick stop by my locker, changed into my scrubs, and I was rushing off to class when I noticed the door was still locked and the room was dark. I checked my watch, this was not the first time the prof was late and a few of my classmates were outside the class urgently studying. One of them perked up and said "Class is canceled."

I went back to my locker and changed out of my scrubs. There was no point in wearing them to my business class, I felt foolish for doing so, but most days I was too lazy to change from my scrubs to something else. I had four hours to kill, so I decided to head to the library. That's when I noticed them. I noticed two men standing by the elevators and they just stared at me. Eyeing me as if I had done something wrong or horrible, but thankfully the elevator came up and that annoying high pitched noise came, notifying the arrival of the elevator. I sprung into the elevator and the two men did not move a muscle, they just stared. As the elevator doors closed, the last thing I saw was their dark charcoal eyes. I was glad I was out of there, it was not like I was alone or anything because that would have been much more petrifying. I went for the library with a rather quick step and as expected it was empty, because most students were in class or preferred to not be in the library at eight in the morning. I chose a spot near the front desk, so the staff could see me, but they were gossiping in the corner. I logged on to the computer and started working on my group assignment. Group projects are always a waste of time, and in the workplace you at least have competent people in your corner, so you do not have to worry about them showing up on time or actually showing up. More and more people started coming into the library. I looked up and a girl across the way from me was showing off her engagement ring at least that's what I assumed, they were speaking a foreign language but "congratulations" were given in English, and all the girls around her were staring at her hand with a huge diamond on it. They girls were being too loud so I gathered most of my belongings and left. Yes, most. Not all because the idiot that I am forgot my bright red reversible jacket on the chair. I sat down and ate my lunch, which realistically I should be calling it my second breakfast, because no one eats lunch at 10:00 in the morning. I quickly realized that I left my coat on the chair. I grabbed it and headed to Tim Horton's, because I was still feeling empty in the stomach. I stood in line and did what everyone else does; I got my sandwich and ate it as I headed for my next class. The two men that I saw earlier where there on the same floor as my class. I ignored them and went into my classroom. I wrote my midterm and was the first to leave, as expected. There's a reason why I sit at the front. All eyes watched as I left the classroom. The two men then approached me.

"Hi" I said.

"Hello, we were not told you were this pretty," said one of the men in a heavy accent, possibly Russian.

"I'm sorry you must be mistaken," I said not quite knowing what they were getting at.

"Are you not Amelia Walkins?"

"Yes, who are you?" I responded. Now I was afraid because I was the only one in the hallway.

"We are old friends of George, tell him we say hello and give him this," said the other man who also had a thick Russian accent, and he pressed an amulet in my hand. It had an X carved into it, and it was made of what felt like real gold.

What had George done? they were not friendly people. I had to tell him. I dashed for the stairs and the Russians chased after me. I ran onto the second floor and went for the library and down the stairs, where it was the quiet study area. I quickly pulled out some books and ditched the red coat under the desk. I held my breath and pretended to read, hoping to hide in plain sight, my heart pounded in my chest. I checked my watch and waited, it seemed I had lost them. Why would they run after me? and who are they? I wondered. I thought about texting George about the people, but what if they had tapped my phone of his phone? I had to tell him. His office was not far from here, but then they would know where to find him. I was in the library, I could research these guys and see if they were anything to worry about.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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