Reason First: Could Knowingly Spreading COVID-19 Be Considered a Crime?

by SKYLERIZED 5 months ago in investigation

There exist factions who wish to spread the coronavirus on purpose. What should be done?

Reason First: Could Knowingly Spreading COVID-19 Be Considered a Crime?

Where is the line drawn on the fact that COVID-19 could possibly be spread intentionally? White supremacist groups, according to law enforcement papers, plan to weaponize the COVID-19 virus. While it may be just a hollow shell and not a full clip of live rounds, police agencies are considering what a bioweapon would look like with this novel disease. These groups target non-whites primarily but wouldn’t there be collateral damage as the brown, black, red, and yellow people that potentially could spread the coronavirus to whites? Neo-Nazis and skinheads may not have thought that far in their devious planning. Or they see such people as sacrifices for “the greater cause.”

The Federal Protective Service which is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, is aware of the threats and is covering all fronts to prevent any actions by white supremacists, especially. After keeping their eyes on the messaging app Telegram, federal authorities have garnered significant data regarding suspected threats by these groups. It is still considered a non-regulated disease like the common cold or flu. COVID-19 has yet to gain the status of actual, regulated viruses like HIV. If someone with this disease knowingly spread it, they could face prison time.

White supremacists continue to be a puny, little collectivized, tribal organization like black supremacists or anyone else. But so far, the government has only seen the paler nation as a problem during these turbulent times. It is an error to call these scoundrels, or anyone despite their color, “extremists.” This term is too good and too pure to apply to such cowards. Extremists are individualists. Extremists are capitalists. Individuals and capitalists don’t go around concocting schemes to intensify the pandemic. That is particularly in the hands of vicious collectives who possess no earthly reason to oppose people based on melanin content, hair texture, and hair and eye color.

COVID-19 is something that should unite people to save lives. It should serve as an opportunity to bring ideas together (but for the most part not bodies) and to change minds for the better. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists should be denigrated and CEOs, small business executives, and hospital staff should be venerated. The evils that crop up should be smothered with vigilance and a steady eye on groups who wish to do harm to others. Only rational, selfish people are capable of rising up against brutes. To even consider COVID-19 a potential bioweapon is an atrocious way of viewing human existence. To target non-whites is, on a scale, staggeringly irrational. For the reason that there are so many interracial people in the world, who are mostly quarantined, and are cognizant of protecting themselves against other people if they must come in contact with them, how do these groups know who to target? Do they say, “Oh, well she has blue eyes despite her kinky hair and light brown skin, I’m going to refrain from splashing her with a container of saliva.”

Such unreason is the crux of how these collectives continue their evil, nonsensical existence. They know that they’re involved with irrationality. They choose to override their rational inclinations and sate their thirst for anarchy. Now is the time to use COVID-19 to demonstrate that all of humanity can protect one another by first distancing from each other. Also, we must look to the government to play a role in stopping groups who seek to do harm against people because of their skin color. It is important to know that white supremacists are still a tiny, tiny slice of the population in America and the world. So, it is up to the men and women of the mind to continue the fight against at least two diseases: COVID-19 of course and also that other devastating disease, irrationalism.

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