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Reason First: Bring back the Total Death Penalty in Delaware

When will rapists be put to death again in the First State?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

A gurney with a body rolls into the forensics laboratory. It has only expired a few minutes ago. It is the corpse of a monster. A male convicted of multiple counts of rape perished behind prison walls. Good riddance. The evil man had died at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware. He succumbed due to his cancer. For the rapes, the state sentenced him to life in prison with an additional twenty years. Fortunately, science silenced this brute. It’s only right that he should die behind bars rather than reach a parole date which would have been extremely difficult with his sentence.

The women who survived his cruel deeds which included knocking her over the head and robbing her along with the rape, possessed the courage to identify the man. Imagine the ugliness of the state of mind that someone would have to hold onto to go against law and morality like that. It’s not easy. The man must have started out okay in childhood. Maybe he had a few misdemeanors and small crimes against his name.

He had to have had more sense and virtue to keep from raping women. What is it that brings someone to commit such crimes? What in their minds churns with the desire to do harm to those who didn’t have the chance to defend themselves. What is it in the mind that changes from the choice to be rational to live without reason? Or rather subsist is the better word. There is no living where another person’s rights have been violated to the extent that this man carried out these crimes.

The state of Delaware as of 2016 does not have capital punishment anymore except for first-degree murder. Maybe with the likes of rapists they should reinstate it. The women survivors of the rapist’s actions ought to know the fact that their assailant didn’t exist long past the time that he decided to be immoral. He shouldn’t have died of cancer but with the solution that sends the convict on the slab to the hold of death like a trip on the river Styx.

The survivors should be the only ones that carry weight in the whole process. Their word should be the most influential to gain favor for policy makers to reestablish the death penalty.

There testimonies should’ve been sufficient enough to drive this coward into a grave before illness could’ve taken him out of this world.

All of the women have had to endure the vicious punishment of this savage. They did not get a chance to be provided food, housing, a possible education, or other facets of prison life that make it easy on these terrors. The women all should be able to band together to let every legislator know that rapists should, beyond all reasonable doubt, should be taken down to the underworld before they have long enough to breathe air that they should have forfeited when they committed their crimes. The dead rapist, before his heart stopped beating, probably thought that on a certain level he got away with his transgressions. He probably thought that jail was too light for his evils and most likely smirked at the fact that the state couldn’t take his life.

Some would argue that the cancer would’ve taken him out anyway. That’s not the point. If the death row placement didn’t take so long, sometimes decades, then a speedy death would signal justice throughout the land. With the advantage of modern technology, the man could’ve been administered the solution once he was convicted. This would surpass the prevailing idea that death penalty should banned nationwide. Delaware needs to bring back capital punishment for all capital offenses before the next gurney arrives at the laboratory with a monster who died from an illness.

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Skyler Saunders

I am a man who claims his father as his only inspiration.

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