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Movie Review: He's Not Worth Dying (2022)

A year ago, I wrote an article about the murderous girl fight and now I finally watched the ripped from the headlines Lifetime film inspired by their deadly girl fight.

By Gladys W. MuturiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

A year ago, I wrote an article story about Rachel and Sarah's deadly girl fight. If you had read the article story, you would see the trailer for the inspired loosely Lifetime film "He's Not Worth Dying For". Before you watch the Lifetime film, read this article's story:

If you would rather read the review on this Lifetime film I've watched, I have to warn you SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

The film is set in Oregon, it looks like a country-like town. The opening shows a fighting scene between two girls outside of a frat party. The fight is unclear what happened until it shows the head title of the film. The scene opens with Isla, played by Rachel Boyd, an aspiring influencer watching a makeup tutorial. She shows on her live social media page prancing in her sexy clothes desperate for followers. Besides her being a des Isla works as a waitress at a diner during the day and a party girl at night. She is inspired by Rachel Wade.

Grace, the other girl, played by Hilda Martin, an ambitious, goal-oriented good girl with her friends helping at the church. One of her friends follows Isla on social. Her character is inspired by Sarah Ludemann.

Her parents (played by Robin Givens and Reese Alexander) were talking about her future, college, and her dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

Isla meets Jake, played by Lachlan Quarmby, at a party. The way they danced at the party was plain eww. They started to communicate and ended up sleeping together and being together until he met Grace with her friend at an Italian bistro restaurant where he works. He started to take their orders and make flirty contact with Grace. Then they started hanging out and they kissed. Honestly, they just met like for hours It’s too soon. Grace finds out that Isla is hanging out with Jake on her Instagram page. Then, Jake lies about it. Booooo!!!!!

Now Jake, his character is similar to Josh Cumacho except he has emotional issues. But then Isla says she’s just using Jake for her social media status which was so lame. During Grace and Jake's phone conversation, he promised Grace that he would delete his social media but instead, he blocked Grace on social media like every typical fuck boy would do. He goes back and forth with both girls. Grace for a relationship and Isla for influencer fame and sex. Grace transfers to another school so she can be close with Jake but when he sees Grace, he ignores her. At the house Grace and her friends found his Instagram page it turns out he never really deleted it he blocked her which angered Grace. Jake asked Grace to meet him outside they talked and I guess they screwed each other in the car until she received a video from Isla of Jake laying in her bed. Then he’s at Isla's place sleeping with her and she reads his text messages from Grace after they had sex. The sad part is Isla is drinking all the alcohol to make the pain go away. Isla starts to blast Jake and Grace which gets her more followers and becomes an ambassador for some makeup products making her an influencer. Another sad part Grace starting to lose interest in school. I love the part when Grace's mom goes to her phone and starts asking questions to one of Grace's teachers after all she had the right and she was concerned. One of Grace's friends was very concerned about this whole war thing and I respect her for that. The other is pretty much helping her out. The two girls would go at each other until in the end, they fight outside of a party leading to Grace’s death after Isla stabs her with Jake’s knife.

The film was a typical suck-up film. The film adds some similarities with the characters from the actual true crime story. However, it did bring back my high school days except I didn’t fight for a boy (thank God!). The fighting and stabbing scene was pathetic. The characters were similar and acted fine but at least half of the cast of the characters stuck to their true emotions.

Director: Kevin Fair

Producer(s): Grant O'Kane, Tim Spence

Writer: Jacqueline Zambrano

Cast: Robin Givens, Hilda Martin, Rachel Boyd, Lachlan Quarmby, Resse Alexander

Music: Brittney Rand

Editor: Devin Taylor

Cinematography: Mike Kam

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