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Hometown Fatal Attraction

by Gabrielle 6 months ago in incarceration

In between the line

One day I was watching an episode of Fatal Attration In which a documentary played about a murder that occurred In my hometown of Columbus Ga, back in 2007 a murder occurred involving someone that lived a block away from the street I grew up on.

In this story I’m going to tell you rumors that wasn’t shared in the episode of fatal attraction!!!!

About a women who was engaged to a man who was an entrepreneur and dating another guy who was military. However, these weren’t the only two guys she was intimately acquainted with. She was a free spirited women who seen her sexuality as power and she use it as such. However, her fiancé was not pleased with her occasional rendezvous’s, according to the documentary her fiancé was so jealous and could not stand to see her with another man. So he killed her and threw her body and a wooded area. Although Amanda fiancé was not pleased with her cheating on him, they both was cheating on each other. James has many other women, and they both was being reckless when interacting with people.

Therefore, one night while Amanda was on an outing with the guy in the military, she ran across James her fiancée and an argument broke out and Amanda filed charges against James, being she had bruises on her. Later she ended up dropping the charges, however they went there separate way’s. Which she moved back with her parents and started dating the military guy primarily. As she was dating the military guy, she was also messing around with another guy on the side. The guy was semi known as being drug dealer in the area.

So as time went by Amanda and James deceive to cordially work things out as friends, eventually they end up getting to the point where things being to get more intimate. Now Amanda is jungling three plus men, which it get harder to maintain so she ended up cutting the drug dealer off. However, she is now pregnant and don’t know exactly who the father is. The first person she tells is her close friend ( based on the documentary), but she reframe from telling any of the guys.

However, one evening The military guy invited her over to talk about something. She didn’t know exactly what it was for, so she went. However, witnesses say they seen her leave the military guys residence rapidly, to the point she was pulled over that night by a police and given a ticket for reckless driving and speeding. Her mother stated she called her that night and seemed worried about something but didn’t tell her anything. She just ended the call dating “I love you mama”.

A few days later she was found in a wooded area face down with a gunshot to the head wound by a local hunter.

As the investigation started the main suspected was James her fiancé. He is the person everyone knows she is with and James also have a domestic violence record case involving Amanda.

So he was interrogated , he told them he didn’t know where Amanda was and he haven’t seen her in a few days, although they lived together he didn’t question her whereabouts or tried to figure out where she was for the few days she was missing, she stated that it wasn’t not normal for Amanda to be gone for a days, normal she would stay at her mothers house. So James then brought up the military guy that Amanda was acquainted with on the side.

Therefore he became a suspect, the integrated him, they asked him when was he the night Amanda was murder, at this time the military guy stayed on a military base, so he told them he was at his bunker. Which at first it seemed to check out until there are recorded shows that the military guy checked into base checkpoint at 5:30 am, he said he went off post to grab breakfast. When the police check the military guys car they found trace of blood in his trunk. When they ran tests on it, it came back that it was Amanda blood. Therefore, detective had a solid case against him and locked him up. When he finally confessed he said the reason was because she gave him AIDS, being that the military do not always annoying to stay in the military with a life threatening factor he was kicked out and order to return home.



Hi my name is Gabrielle, I am from Georgia! I received my bachelors in Psychology in 2017, I am one class away from receiving my master in project management.

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