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5 criminal cases that have not been solved until now


By Moharif YuliantoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
5 criminal cases that have not been solved until now
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The pursuit of justice can be a relentless endeavor, but sometimes, even the most dedicated investigators reach an impasse. These unsolved cases linger like shadows, a constant reminder of the mysteries yet to be unraveled. Here, we delve into five chilling cold cases that continue to baffle authorities and haunt the memories of those affected.

1. The Disappearance of The Beaumont Children (1966): A Beach Day Gone Wrong

On Australia's Adelaide Beach in 1966, a seemingly ordinary day at the beach for the Beaumont siblings – Jane (9), Arnna (7), and Grant (4) – turned into a nightmare. The children vanished without a trace, leaving behind only their towels and unfinished lunches. Despite extensive searches, witness accounts, and numerous investigations, no sign of the children has ever been found. Theories range from abduction by a lone perpetrator to a more organized criminal operation, but no concrete evidence has ever emerged. The Beaumont children's case remains one of Australia's most infamous unsolved mysteries, a constant source of heartbreak for their family and a stark reminder of the vulnerability of children.

2. The Zodiac Killer (1960s-70s): A Ciphered Terror

The Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Responsible for at least five confirmed murders, the Zodiac taunted authorities with cryptic messages and ciphers sent to newspapers. The chilling taunts, coupled with the brutality of the murders, instilled fear in the community. Despite the Zodiac's boastful claims of additional victims and multiple suspects investigated, the case remains unsolved. The unsolved Zodiac killings continue to capture the public imagination, inspiring countless documentaries, books, and even online communities dedicated to cracking the Zodiac's codes.

3. The Jack the Ripper Murders (1888): Terror in Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper is perhaps the most infamous unsolved serial killer in history. In London's Whitechapel district during the late 19th century, five women, all working women living in poverty, were brutally murdered. The Jack the Ripper moniker originated from letters sent to media outlets claiming responsibility for the killings. The Ripper's gruesome methods and targeting of vulnerable victims sent shockwaves through Victorian society. Despite a massive investigation and numerous suspects, including the infamous Jack the Ripper tarot card, no definitive answer has been found. The Jack the Ripper case remains a testament to the enduring power of fear and the enduring mystery surrounding the killer's identity.

4. The D.B. Cooper Hijacking (1971): A Vanishing Act at 30,000 Feet

On a seemingly routine flight from Portland to Seattle in 1971, a man using the alias D.B. Cooper hijacked the plane. He demanded $200,000 in ransom and four parachutes. After securing his demands, Cooper released the passengers in Seattle and instructed the crew to fly to Mexico City. Mid-flight, somewhere over Oregon, Cooper parachuted out of the plane with the ransom money, never to be seen again. Despite an extensive FBI investigation, no trace of Cooper or the ransom money has ever been found. The D.B. Cooper hijacking became a legend, inspiring copycat crimes and endless speculation about Cooper's fate.

5. The Black Dahlia Murder (1947): A Gruesome Discovery in Los Angeles

In 1947, the discovery of a young woman's body, brutally severed and bisected, shocked Los Angeles. The victim, Elizabeth Short, quickly became known as the Black Dahlia due to her distinctive black clothing. The murder, with its shocking brutality and lack of a clear motive, captivated the public and spawned a media frenzy. Despite a massive investigation and numerous suspects, including celebrities and individuals with seemingly outlandish claims, the Black Dahlia murder remains unsolved. The case continues to be a source of fascination for true-crime enthusiasts and a symbol of the dark underbelly of Hollywood.

These are just a few of the many unsolved cases that continue to haunt investigators and the public alike. Each unsolved case represents not only a crime but a life lost, a family left in agony, and a nagging question: will justice ever be served? As technology advances and new leads emerge, these cold cases might someday be cracked, providing closure and bringing long-awaited peace to those affected. However, the chilling reality is that some mysteries may never be fully unraveled, remaining as enduring testaments to the complexities of human behavior and the enduring pursuit of justice.


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