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Hate Crimes in America

by Leah Ella 7 months ago in racial profiling

Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate


Last year it was BLM, this year it is AAPI, who's next?

Hate... Crimes... Racism... Patriarchy... Religion... Can you attach a face or ethnicity to each of these subcategories? Why is it that America seems to have a desperate need to hate? The racial divide has us only seeing color but racism is hardly the beginning of hate. If you believe in the Bible stories for instance, the first crime was committed by a jealous sibling illustrated by Cain and Abel. The prized possession, the inheritance, was worth killing his brother over. Greed... Status... Power... Is jealousy the root cause of hate crimes? It seems as though every system that this western world is built on, is being examined under a black light so to speak- Patriarchy, the Royal Family, White Supremacy... Before I jump into this argument, I would like to state that I am an ally for Asian Americans and stand in full solidarity with the entire community. We are in this blameless fight together.

I didn't know of the recent hate crime in Atlanta until very late last night. Some people were mad at police officers seeming sympathetic towards the shooter- the American poster boy- the young, troubled, white man dealing with his hormones in an over sexualized world. Are you serious? This narrative is appalling. Remember when video games were to blame for mass shootings? I don't care if porn or sex addiction is under attack, or, even religion, since sex and religion is what the shooter used as ammunition... The problem is a lot deeper than these excuses. What we read and what is published in the press is hardly ever the truth and we all know that these days... It is more apparent than ever, that the victimized, in this case, the Asian community is the only narrative, the only voice that matters.

In the coming weeks, more will be uncovered in this case but the marginalized communities in America today are under attack and increasingly so. Why do Americans need an enemy? Have you ever pondered that question? These words keep coming to mind, “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Look ok, I'm a first generation American by birth raised by West Indian parents... I have no idea what it means to be a white nationalist in America, the "land of the free," responsible for the oppression of every single minority group, every other race who inhabit the same American soil. I don't know how it feels to be born with American pride if it means being prized for the color of your skin or your part of town. Yeah, sure, some states are more "Liberal" aka, less racist, less white supremacist, less white nationalist... Now, what do you do when you become the minority? When everything you've been raised to think of yourself is gradually meeting it's end of days? When the America where you were born and bred no longer looks like or even represents you? Are you really willing to go to a Civil war, and fight in a racial war, because of Xenophobia? Is there something that I'm missing? Why is America so divided and what can we do to rise above and forge ahead as the new leaders in the pursuit of "justice and equality for all?"

This is America, where the privileged have all the rights to even attempt an insurrection and take down the American government. How is that showing National pride for your country? Funny enough, both sides- Right and Left alike, are calling for a Revolution. The Right want things to be restored in their favor, their part of history. The Left want to rewrite history if they are able to, by creating a better world. Essentially righting the wrongs of a racist history. Why now? Why are we dealing with history right now in 2021? Did immigrants know how racist America was before choosing citizenship? Were they really better off than their home country? This seems to be the argument of my white nationalist (former) roommate who thinks that black people, specifically, Africans should be grateful to live in America. I still can't believe he didn't realize he was being racist when he made that comment. What are these young, white, American males taught?

Where does Change Start?

I'm going out on a limb here to say that it starts with each and every persons cerebral cortex, yes, yours and my brain. I'm not a Neuroscientist but we need more of them in today's world. We need more neuroplasticity, more psychologists, more healers... Quite frankly, we need to think differently. I believe in brain power and the ability to change belief systems so deeply rooted in each and every one of us. We can train our brains, get help, get someone help and help each other. And now once again, it is time for us to heal. Put an end to all hate crimes. Who is the criminal here? What face do you see? Murderer in the name of what? Who is the enemy? Why are they the enemy? What does your enemy look like?

racial profiling

Leah Ella

Caribbean-American(she/her)+Actor+Life Coach student. I value quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity but the perplexicity of life shows that the proof is in the numbers. Provoking thought and creating change, one story at a time.

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Leah Ella
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