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Disappeared people who thought they had been murdered but who were found alive years later

Mystery Solved

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1. Danielle Cramer

In 2006, 15-year-old Danielle Cramer disappeared in Connecticut without a trace. In her case, there was a person of interest from the beginning, it was Adam Gault, an acquaintance of his 41-year-old parents who was married and with whom he had been talking for weeks.

Finally their suspicions were true and a year after the disappearance the agents found Danielle hidden in a secret room in the stairwell of Adam’s house. The teenager was in good condition but crying and scared to death.

It seems that the girl fled their house because of the problems she had with her parents. The man exercised such psychological, emotional and abuse control over her that she was never able to escape from there.

Adam, his wife, and a third woman faced multiple charges, including abuse and kidnapping.

In court, the man said in front of the girl and her mother that he was deeply sorry. After a guilt agreement he was sentenced to spend 20 years in prison for Danielle’s case and another five for that of another girl to whom he did something similar in 1998.

The other two women were sentenced to 3 years each.

2. Timothy Carney

In 2004, 25-year-old Timothy Carney lived in Butler New Jersey with his partner who last saw him on September 28, 2004.

That same day when the boy had to go to church to sing with his Gospel group, he told his boss that he would be late for work but never showed up.

Worried, his parents reported his disappearance to the police.

On October 7, authorities found his abandoned Timothy’s car on the side of the road from Elizabeth to Newark. His disappearance was a mystery because all his belongings were still in his apartment.

Finally, on September 23, 2011, Timothy was found in a religious organization called Gospel Outeach.

Friends and family said that Carney was more committed to the church over the years. Since he donated a large part of his salary to the church, Carney sometimes borrowed from his co-workers for lunch or to pay the toll on the way home when he had little money.

His parents were informed but to their surprise their son did not want to be found yet they were glad that he was alive.

3. Jacquelyn And Melvin

In 1965, 18-year-old Jacquelyn Rains-Kracman disappeared without a trace from her home in Columbus, Nebraska, and a month later 31-year-old Melvin Uphoff disappeared too.

At first the authorities thought that both had been killed and in the absence of clues the two alleged crimes remained unsolved.

However, in 2009 the police discovered something shocking and that is that Melvin and Jacquelin were still alive in another city that they did not want to reveal.

Apparently before their disappearance the two were married to other people and had several children.

The two were lovers, instead of divorcing, they decided to flee to start a new life elsewhere. It took the authorities 44 years to find out the truth.

No other information about the couple has been revealed, since they said they wanted privacy.

4. Judith Bello

In 1993, Judith Bello was a 28-year-old girl who was married and had two children.

According to several media, one day she left her house to pick up her son from the nursery, but she never reached her destination and no one else saw her alive again. A few days later, the police found their abandoned car in Stanwood, Washington.

With the passage of time, the agents who investigated the case came to the conclusion that the woman had been murdered but still there was no clue to work and the case cooled down.

In 2011, to everyone’s surprise, Judith left her hiding place to say that she was alive and that she lived in Southern California with her new husband and the 3 children she had had with him. According to her, she had to leave her previous family behind because her husband was a very abusive man and she was afraid of him.

One day she saw her photo among that of several missing people, which is why she decided to contact her sister’s husband to tell her that she was alive.

After the shock, the woman’s family declared that they were very excited to have found her.

For his part, Kevin Prentiss, from the Sheriff’s Department of Snohomish County, said that Judith cannot be accused of any crime since she has not done anything wrong and added that they were very happy that she was alive.

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