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The Influencer Who Looked For Her Double On Instagram To Murder Her And Fake Her Death

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By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 4 min read

In 2022, Shahraban K was a 23-year-old young woman of Iraqi German origin who lived in Munich, Germany and who had gained popularity for being a beauty influencer.

In August of that same year, the girl told her parents that she would travel to Ingolstadt to see her ex-husband. The problem is that from then on they stopped hearing from her.

When Shahraban did not return to Munich his family became alarmed, especially because he did not answer calls or text messages.

Worried about their daughter, the parents traveled to Ingolstadt, where finally on August 16 they found her Mercedes coupé in the parking lot of a residential area near the Danube River and the apartment of Sheqir K, her boyfriend.

The first thing the parents did was look inside the vehicle from the outside and what they saw left them completely shocked, and inside was the lifeless body of a young woman with dark hair. Naturally, they immediately notified the police.

Days later, investigators confirmed that the girl had suffered a brutal attack and that her body had 50 stab wounds… Most of them were on her face, making her disfigured and unrecognizable.

To this they added that near the crime scene they found several knives but not the one used to kill the young woman.

Despite the state of her face, the distraught parents confirmed that the body found belonged to their daughter Shahraban.

The investigation:

The police immediately launched an investigation to find out who had ended the life of the apparently innocent young woman and why.

After receiving the results of the autopsy, they performed a DNA and fingerprint test on the victim since it is the usual procedure when a body is visually unrecognizable. To their surprise, the tests concluded that the woman found in the car was not Shahraban.

The victim was identified as 23-year-old Khadidja O. This young woman of Algerian origin also had a beauty blog and lived in a city in the state of Baden-Württemberg called Heilbronn.

With the same hair and the same complexion, no one could deny that the two women had a striking resemblance. But if Khadidja lived 160 km from Shahraban and apparently there was no connection between them… How was it possible that one had found murdered in the other’s car?

For the agents, all this made no sense, so Shahraban immediately became their number 1 suspect. The curious thing is that while they were trying to locate her, this woman’s twisted plan began to fall apart.

Investigators discovered that Shahraban had some disputes with members of his family over undisclosed matters. The woman felt so pressured that she devised an evil plan that was hard to believe: she was going to fake her own death, but to do so she needed to find someone who looked a lot like her.

Shahraban spent hours searching the Internet for bloggers and influencers who bore a striking resemblance to her. In fact, under numerous aliases she managed to contact several women through Instagram but in the end these attempts came to nothing.

Suddenly the girl came across the Khadidja profile and was amazed to see that she looked just like her. The first contact she had with the blogger was from a fake account in which she said that she was the rapper Lune E y and that she wanted me to star in her next music video.

Khadidja was suspicious of this proposal so she sent a private voice message to the singer’s official account to ask if the offer was real.

“I hope you can see my message and respond to me because I am very, insecure… it would be great if you could tell me if it is real or fake.”

Sorry to your surprise, Luna answered the following:

“It’s fake, sister. Don’t answer!

Still this did not discourage Shahraban and he tried again…

The next thing she did from another fake Instagram profile was convince her future victim to meet her in Ingolstadt and so she could give her free beauty products so she could promote on her account. As soon as the girl accepted, Shahraban and her boyfriend met to carry out the macabre plan that would allow them to start a new life away from family disputes.

The reconstruction:

According to investigators in mid-August 2022, the couple picked up Khadidja at her house in the black Mercedes coupe and during the trip they stopped in a forest. After persuading the girl to get out of the car, they carried out her plan by hitting her in the back of the head at least once.

Then they hit her 50 times with a knife, especially in the face to make her unrecognizable. However, they did not fall into one detail and that was that they would do a DNA test on her body in order to find her identity.

After ending the girl’s life, Shahraban and Sheqir left the girl’s body in the back seat of the Mercedes and parked it in a place where it could be easily seen.

Finally the couple was located because someone saw them having dinner at a pizzeria in Ingolstad.

Although the murder weapon never appeared, the evidence against them was so overwhelming that they were immediately arrested in January 2023 the court accused them of murder, a charge that they denied.

Veronika Grieser, from the state prosecutor’s office in Ingolstadt, stated that after a police investigation that lasted months, the case was now ready to be brought to trial.

“After the investigation it can be assumed that he wanted to hide due to internal family disputes and fake his own death”

The next step is for the suspects to be tried. It is not yet known when the trial will take place but what is clear is that if they are found guilty they could face a sentence of life imprisonment.

“We don’t get a case like this every day, especially one that ended with such a radical turn,” said police spokesman Andreas Aichele.

From the first moment, both the victims and the accused were named by their first name and an initial, as is customary in the German legal system.

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