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They Looked Like A Normal Family Until Grandpa Did Something That Left Everyone In Shock

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By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Today’s case takes us to Huétor Tájar, a town of 10,000 inhabitants that is located 40 kilometers from Granada (Spain).

At the beginning of 2024, the marriage formed by Antonio and María José lived there with their children Guillermo, 10 years old and Pablo, 13.

José and Fina, the woman’s parents, lived in the same house, although on another floor. According to several media, Pepe, as they called the man, built the house so that everyone could be together.

Antonio is known to have worked as an administrator in a high school while his wife had been employed in the offices of the Andalusian Service for years. Pepe, for his part, owned the company Aridos del genil until the day of his retirement.

Their acquaintances say that the family was very fond of sports and that it was common to see them with their bicycle around the town.

Everything seemed normal in this family, in fact they say that they were very close, until suddenly one day the tragedy happened.

The accident:

The little ones of the family, apart from going to school, studied music at the conservatory of Loja several afternoons a week. Antonio was the one who used to take them by car, but on March 19, 2024 he had to go to the hospital in Granada to take care of his sick mother, so Pepe, the children’s grandfather, offered to take them.

The mother and grandmother also joined the trip but unfortunately halfway the man suffered a fading and the vehicle was embedded against the concrete wall of a tunnel.

In the accident, Pepe was unharmed, but the two women died on the spot. The children suffered several injuries, in fact one of them spent weeks with his legs plastered.

It is true that the 72-year-old grandfather did not suffer physical but psychological damage. His acquaintances say that he felt very guilty about the death of his wife and daughter and that he did not stop repeating them “I killed them”.

After the funeral, Pepe isolated himself and stopped interacting with people. The only thing he did was go every day by bike to the cemetery to visit the tomb of the two women.

For his part, Antonio was unable to return to his work at the institute because he was not only devastated by the death of his wife but also had to take care of his two convalescent children.

The family tragedy meant a cooling in Pepe and Antonio’s relationship so much that that bond of father-in-law and son-in-law was broken.

Antonio’s world fell on him until one day he thought of leaving the family house and the town with his children since everything reminded him of the family he had had and that he had lost with the death of his wife.

The man told his father-in-law the decision he had made, and many believe that this was the beginning of the end.

The facts:

It is important to mention that after the accident Pepe’s driver’s license was taken away, but not the gun permit he had a day along with his hunter’s license.

On Sunday, May 19, the children were having a snack at home at the time when Antonio took the opportunity to tell his father-in-law that he had made the firm decision to move and leave there with his children. The police hold the hypothesis that the grandfather did not fit the proposal well and took it as if his son-in-law was holding him responsible for his daughter’s death.

The idea of not having his grandchildren around made him angry and began to argue with his son-in-law in such a way that the two men almost got to their hands.

At about 10 at night Pepe grabbed one of his shotguns and shot Antonio who had to leave the house in the face of the fury of his grandfather who fired a shot into the air from the balcony.

While Antonio was away, the man was locked in the house with the two children.

Then the son-in-law called for emergencies but never thinking that his children’s lives were in danger, rather he feared for that of his father-in-law because he was convinced that his despair could lead him to leave kill himself.

The alert reached the Civil Guard that mobilized its elite unit in risky situations. The team moved by helicopter from Madrid with a mediator.

Antonio did not separate from the Civil Guard agents at any time. He even drew the layout of the single-family house and assured them that the children were not heard because everyone was in their room right at the back of the house.

His words were: “The move and the quarrel is with me. It won’t hurt the children”

The mediator didn’t take long to start a conversation, Pepe. It is known that for hours, the specialist used all the techniques at his disposal to try to get his grandchildren out of the house, but without success.

They even took other relatives and trusted people for the man to open the door and deliver the weapon, but it didn’t help either. At about 5 a.m they noticed a change of attitude in Pepe. Apparently the initial anger and the intransigent attitude varied to a much more empathetic and conciliatory position.

At this point the agents were convinced that the crisis would be resolved favorably, unable to imagine that at that time, at least one of the two children was already dead.

At 5.30 a.m. Pepe told them in a dejected tone that they had to stop bothering you because the children were sleeping and they were going to wake them up. To this he added that at 8 he was going to prepare them to go to school and that at that time he would surrender. From there he closed the blinds and there was silence.

The minutes passed from those last words with an exasperating slowness for everyone present, especially for Antonio. The silence in the house was so suspicious that the person in charge of the device gave the order to enter.

At that moment the roar of a gunshot sounded and unfortunately the agents who entered saw that there was nothing to do inside. On the one hand, Pepe had left this world voluntarily and the children lay lifeless in the back of the house. It was 11 hours of agony with the worst of results.

According to several media, one of the children was deprived of air hours earlier while the other was hit by a bullet in the back when trying to flee. The funny thing is that here no one identified the sound of the weapon as such and they only heard a muffled noise.

The autopsy has not yet confirmed it but it seems that before the events Pepe put several tranquilizers to the children in the snack since they found an empty box at the table of his house.

Inside they didn’t find any notes from grandpa so only he knows why he did what he did.

As soon as he found out that his children were dead, Antonio suffered an anxiety attack and yelled at the agents to kill him. Because of this, he was transferred to the hospital where he had to remain sedated.

He was finally able to go out to go to his children’s funeral and give them the last goodbye.

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