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"An Unsolved Mystery: who murdered Robert? "

"Cold Case That left grieving Families and Investigators Searching for Answers"

By nazha sahlPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Robert watt an attorney from Virginia had been working long shifts in Washington as general counsel at Radio free Asia and by the time he ended work for the day he wasn't sure whether he should drive all the way home since he didn't want to wake his wife who was already in bed by this time he made the decision to rather stay over at a friend John Price's house and he arrived there at about 10 30 PM but it would be a decision that cost him his life and the Mystery around his passing still remains unsolved today.that same evening at 11 49 PM Price's roommate Victor zaborski dialed 9-1-1 to report that someone had broken into the house and ended Robert's life with a sharpened blade. Paramedics arrived on the site to find a strange crime scene. Robert had three chest wounds, but there was no biological evidence on his body. Furthermore, the three guys who lived in the residence, Price, Zaborski, and Dylan Ward, seemed to be acting strangely and they relayed this information to the police who arrived a short while later when questioned by investigators the three men stated they had heard someone walking down a staircase in the three-story house and knowing that Robert was asleep they decided to investigate police could find no sign of forced entry into the house but price zaborski and Ward explained that the Intruder had likely jumped over the House's fence before entering through the back door which was open at the time it also seemed as though Robert had been targeted specifically since the killer had to walk past Ward's room to get to his though they made no effort to gain entry to his room they added that by the time they got to Robert's room the Intruder had already fled and they had no idea who the perpetrator could be investigators noted that Robert's body had seemingly been washed and dressed in fresh clothes before they arrived and that the three men also looked freshly shower adding further suspicion to the three housemates who continued to maintain their innocence none of Robert's belongings were missing and the room that he was sleeping in was found to be tidy with no signs of a struggle a sharpened blade was found on a nightstand in Robert's room but it was quickly ruled out as the murder weapon since it was too big to correlate to Robert's wounds but when they searched through Ward's room they noticed that a sharpened blade was missing from his cutlery set but that blade was never found and it was impossible to prove that it was used during the attack a neighbor who was interviewed by police stated that they heard a man scream about 20 minutes before the 9-1-1 call was made leading investigators to believe that the three men had thoroughly cleaned the crime scene before notifying the authorities if they were responsible for Robert's demise they did a good job at hiding any possible evidence since nothing more could be found to tie them to the crime and there were no further leads to follow up on with no other suspects in the case investigators decided to charge price zaborski and Ward with obstruction of justice conspiracy to obstruct Justice and tampering with physical evidence since they were certain that one of the men hid the actual weapon before replacing it with the one found in Robert's room at the conclusion of the trial the judge stated that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the three men were responsible for the crime but added that she was certain that at least one of them knew what happened but decided to keep quiet for reasons unknown all three men were found not guilty and set free but a settlement was reached between price zaborski Ward and Robert's wife Catherine after she filed a suit in which she claimed that they were responsible for his untimely passing the matter was eventually settled out of court with the trio paying an undisclosed amount to Catherine we may never know the full truth behind Robert's case and it may just become one of those Mysteries that remains unsolved forever.


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