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52 Lock Up- Ulvade Texas, the American on going nightmare

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By CadmaPublished about a year ago 26 min read

Welcome back to 52 Lock Up, I am your Appletini Cadma of Bitten Apple TV. 52 lock up is a series I started to talk about one of my biggest passions of true crime. A new episode on every Cadmaniac Monday for 52 Mondays, 52 crimes. Hope you guys enjoy, be sure to like, leave some feedback and subscribe; Viewer discretion is always advised. I will be discussing the death of children in this episode. Viewer discretion is advised.

Today’s episode we are starting off with Texas. Salvador Rolando Ramos was born on May 16, 2004 to his mother Adriana Martinez in North Dakota. She struggled taking care of her son especially with his father being absent in his life. Adriana would make the decision of moving from North Dakota to Texas after a few years of struggling. His mother began to struggle to take care of him so much that she entrusted him with her parents Rolando Reyes and Celia Martinez. Salvador spent the rest of childhood and teenage years with his maternal grandparents on Diaz Street in Ulvade, Texas. His mother was going through a lot is the only commentary that would explain why the mother was in another part of town according to a neighbor. Salvador was described as antisocial but also extremely quiet. He was a big fan of playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare according to a neighbor whose son went to the same school.

Left: Adriana Martinez | Right: Salvador Rolando Ramos

There was one neighbor who said Salvador was a victim of bullying in school and a junior high friend of Salvador named Stephen Garcia said he was bullied a lot in junior high “over social media, over gaming, over everything…he was the nicest kid, the most shyest kid. He just needed to break out of his shell.” It is said that the bullying was due to his lisp and stuttering issue. His cousin Mia said Ramos used to brush off the bullying in middle school but used to complain to his grandmother that he didn't want to go back.

However, there’s a student who attended the same high school and has been speaking to news outlets about that information being a lie. The student also goes on to say they knew that Salvador enjoyed harming animals. It was also stated that he was the one trying to bully others but often failed at it and this would build up his frustration. Another high school student Nadia Reyes told the Post that “He posted videos on his Instagram where the cops were there and he’d call his mom a b**** and say she wanted to kick him out,” this video was an Instagram story he posted 2 months ago. She also said “He’d be screaming and talking to his mom really aggressively.” It was also stated that Salvador would get into fights at school often. Salvador had a friend named Santos Valdez until Salvador’s behavior became too extreme where a friend Ramon came to the park with cuts all over his face and initially said it was a cat but eventually told his friend that Salvador did it for fun with a knife.

He held a variety of jobs like at Wendy’s or Burger King; while his grandfather worked in HVAC installing air conditioning units and other maintenance tasks. His grandfather Rolando saw that the teen showed signs of trouble and tried to teach him different skills by taking him to work with him because Salvador was not going to graduate High School. His grandfather Rolando has a previous record and was not allowed to be around guns; says that if he knew about the guns he would have reported his grandson. However, Rolando was trying to show his grandson the path he was going was not the best path. As aware the family was about how trouble Salvador was they did not know about his online activity.

One of his favorite online sites was the Yubo app an app that mixes live-streaming and social networking and has become known as a “Tinder for teens.” The Yubo app has been downloaded more than 18 million times in the U.S., including more than 200,000 times last month, according to estimates from the analytics firm Sensor Tower. On Yubo, people can gather in big real-time real life chatrooms/panels to talk, type messages and share videos. Think of it as a virtual real life hangout. Those who interacted with him stated he would strike up small conversations with them and followed them onto other platforms, including Instagram, where he could send direct messages whenever he wanted. Over time the teens would witness concerning behavior where he would post pictures of dead cats, joke about sexual assault; even during a live video in a Yubo chat room listeners recorded Salvador saying “Everyone in this world deserves to get raped.” Salvador would frequently make aggressive, misogynistic and sexual comments towards teenage girls on the app and even sent a death threat to another male teen. A 16 year old from Austin stated “I witnessed him harass girls and threaten them with sexual assault, like rape and kidnapping,” said the teen. “It was not like a single occurrence. It was frequent.”

Salvador’s account would be reported for bullying but his account remained active, this seems to be a common complaint about a lot of online platforms including TikTok; which I remember when I was on musically there was a tighter grip on things like that. As a side note later on Yubo spokeswoman Amy Williams would not say whether the company received reports of abuse related to Ramos’s account and only said “As there is an ongoing and active investigation and because this information concerns a specific individual’s data, we are not legally able to share these details publicly at this time,” in an email. Salvador would also talk online about shooting up schools but apparently no one really believed him.

Between their online activity, recently the Ramos family lost several family members back to back including Salvador’s great uncle and great grandmother. Although he had a job, he did not have any friends and struggled a lot with socializing with his fellow employees; he is remembered as not having any friends or being able to keep them for very long. A week before Salvador would turn 18 years old he hinted on Yubo to at least 3 girls online “I’ll tell you before 11. It’s our little secret,” but when the girls asked for more information he never answered.

Salvador just turned 18 years old and had celebrated his birthday with his grandmother at Applebees. He purchased himself legally 2 AR-15 to celebrate on May 17th, 2022 legally; along with hundreds of ammo. Salvador got into another argument with his mother and was still upset about it. This is the same day that a teen asked Salvador on online “Are you going to shoot up a school or something?” & Salvador replied “No, stop asking dumb questions. You’ll see.” because Salvador posted “10 more days”.

May 27th 2022 Salvador went to post up “I’m going to shoot my grandmother” and “I’m going to shoot an elementary school” in messages on Facebook. He responded to a teenage girl who didn’t know him in real life to answer the question to “it’s our little secret” by sending her pictures of his 2 AR-15s and he never wrote back afterwards. He also wrote to a strangers on Instagram “Ima air out”. His grandmother Celia realized what her grandson had weapons in the house and was about to commit a mass shooting that morning. They got into an argument about what he was preparing to do. They fought and the grandmother tried to stop him and he shot his 66 year old grandmother in the head; she would end up surviving.

Salvador stole the family car and headed out towards Robb Elementary dressed in full body armor. His grandmother was severely injured but still called in to warn the police. Salvador intentionally crashed at 11:28 a.m through a barrier around the school and walked from his truck toward the school, firing his weapon at nearby witnesses. A 911 call is made about a man with a gun. He then approached the school and shot at the building multiple times and walked in through an apparently unlocked door at 11:40 a.m. that is normally locked.

The following are different statements from the police so I will be quoting newspapers because there have been quite the few recanted statements from the police. Officials, including Gov. Abbott, previously said a school resource officer outside the school "engaged" with the shooter before he entered an apparently unlocked door. That is incorrect, Escalon clarified. At 11:40 a.m., the gunman entered the school "unobstructed" and did not exchange fire with police before entering the building. Once local police agencies arrived at the school, Ramos (from inside) fired at them, Escalon said. These officers then retreated and awaited further assistance from units outside Uvalde. Escalon said it took an hour for an armed tactical team to go inside and confront the shooter. By that time Ramos had shot dozens of students, killing 19 fourth graders and two adults, and injuring 17 other individuals. (

Articles and news outlets reported there were children calling 911 from within the school and the officers were waiting at least 40 minutes outside before entering the school. There are reports that parents were stopped from entering the school. It was also said that the police did not know it was still an active shooter situation even though 911 calls were happening at the same time; and the shots could be heard from outside. There are reports of parents being tased and/or arrested to prevent them from entering the building. Parents who heard about the shooting in the small town who rushed to the school were screaming at the police to go in but they did not. I continue to quote another article “Moreover, a block of time between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. local time has yet to be fully accounted for. Onlookers allege that parents unsuccessfully urged law enforcement to enter the building during this time and confront the shooter." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has offered praise to law enforcement for their "quick response" that saved lives. But new details Thursday shed light on what police were doing as the gunman entered the school, and the fact that it took at least an hour for a tactical unit to make entry into the building.

Other news outlets stated officers called for more resources and personnel, evacuated students and teachers in other parts of the school, and at some point entered "negotiations" with the suspect, Escalon said. After about an hour, a US Border Patrol tactical team came to the classroom, forced entry and fatally shot the suspect, he said. They contained the shooter to one classroom.

US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said about 80 to 100 agents responded to the shooting. "They didn't hesitate. They came up with a plan. They entered that classroom and they took care of the situation as quickly as they possibly could,"

Angel Garza, a first responder and father of 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza, arrived at the school Tuesday and gave medical aid to a girl covered head-to-toe in blood. The girl said she'd seen her best friend killed -- and the best friend's name was Amerie. "How are you going to look at this girl and shoot her?" Garza told CNN on Wednesday. "My baby, how do you shoot my baby?" Amerie had just gotten a cell phone two weeks ago for her 10th birthday, he said. He learned from two other students that Amerie had tried to call 911 during the shooting. "She just died trying to save her classmates," Garza said. "She just wanted to save everyone."

One father said he asked a law enforcement officer for gear. “I told one of the officers myself, if they didn't want to go in there, let me borrow his gun and a vest and I'll go in there myself to handle it, and they told me no," the father told CNN's Jason Carroll. His son survived.

After the shooting the National Rifle Association held its annual meeting in Houston on the same week of the shooting, that Friday. A lot of people started dropping out of the annual meeting like several country music stars was in doubt after most of the artists backed out. Don McLean, Larry Gatlin and Larry Stewart withdrew on Thursday, followed by Lee Greenwood and T. Graham Brown, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Gov. Abbott,

Except for some big names like Former President Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina. It will also feature two top N.R.A. officials: Jason Ouimet, the executive director of the N.R.A.’s Institute for Legislative Action, and Wayne LaPierre, the N.R.A. vice president.

Salvador would be shot dead by the US Border Patrol. 19 children were killed and 2 teachers.

Gun control restrictions requested across the country and gun rights zealots said they are heartbroken about the shooting BUT and I quote Glenn Thrush for NY Times “rejected any suggestion that gun control measures were needed to stop mass shootings. They blamed the atrocities on factors that had nothing to do with firearms — the breakdown of the American family, untreated mental illness, bullying on social media, violent video games and the inexplicable existence of “evil.”

Above all, they sought to divert pressure to support popular overhauls like expanded background checks by seizing on the issue of school safety, amid reports that the gunman in Uvalde gained easy access to Robb Elementary School through an unguarded door.” As another idea they have also suggested that teachers should be given guns. I presume that teachers should be handling a gun when they are not trusted to pick the curriculum for students or with books being banned in different states like Virginia or Texas; but I guess I can see why the teacher would have a gun. It sounds like a safe plan to have an Annie Oakley teaching session for teachers in between lessons and the extra work they do for the pay they get.

I will be listing the names and I don’t want to mispronounce their names accidentally so I will list them and play this video AP News put together for victims and the photos from Dario Lopez Mills.

Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio, 10

Alithia Ramirez, 10

Amerie Jo Garza, 10

Annabell Rodriguez, 10

Eliahana Cruz Torres, 10

Eliahna Garcia, 10

Jacklyn Cazares, 9

Jailah Nicole Silguero, 10

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, 10

Jose Manuel Flores Jr., 10

Layla Salazar, 11

Maite Rodriguez, 10

Makenna Lee Elrod, 10

Maranda Mathis, 11

Nevaeh Alyssa Bravo, 10

Rojelio Torres, 10

Tess Mata, 10

Uziyah Garcia, 10

Xavier Lopez, 10

Eva Mireles, 44 (survived by husband and adult daughter)

Irma Garcia, 48 (her husband would join her 2 days later of a heart attack/heartache, both are survived by their 4 kids)

There were warning signs but it seems like a lot of his focus was gearing his hatred towards women. It is a common theme amongst men mass shooters and their easy access to guns. America has massacres tattooed in it’s history but the guns that were available in the past were not the guns the four fathers had in mind. This list doesn’t include everything like KKK massacres, criminals taking out rivals, criminals avoiding arrest or robbery’s gone wrong; but I am trying to sum it up as best as I can because there is a lot. Let’s start in 1965


4/25/65 Orcutt California, The 1965 Highway 101 sniper attack, a 16 year old stole father’s military rifle; 4 dead 10 injures


8/1/1966 Austin, Texas The University of Texas Tower Shooting; 17 dead, 31 injured

11/12/1966 Mesa, Arizona The Rose- Mar College of Beauty Shooting Mesa Arizona 5 dead, 2 injured


5/4/1970 Kent, Ohio The Kent State Shooting, 4 dead 9 injured

8/7/1970 San Rafael, California, The Marin County Civic Center Attacks 4 dead 2 injured


9/6/1972 Virgin Islands, The Fountain Valley Massacre 8 dead 8 injured


12/31/1971 to 1/7/1973 New Orleans, The Howard Johnson’s shooting 10 dead 13 injured


1/18/1973 Washington D.C The Hanafi Muslim Massacre, 7 dead 2 injured


1/29/1979 San Diego California 16 year old girl (rare) Cleveland Elementary school shooting, 2 dead, 9 injured


6/22/1980 Daingerfield Texas, Church shooting 5 dead, 11 injured


5/7/1981 Salem, Oregon The Oregon Museum Tavern Shooting, 5 dead 18 injured


8/20/1982 Miami, Florida the Welding Shop Shooting 8 dead, 3 injured

9/25/1982 Pennsylvania, the murders by George Banks AR-15, 13 dead 1 injured


2/24/1984 Los Angeles, California 49th street Elementary School 3 dead, 12 injured

7/18/1984 San Diego California San Ysidro McDonald’s Shooting 22 dead, 19 injured

12/22/1984 The 1984 NYC Subway shooting 4 injured


10/18/1985 Detroit Michigan, Murray Wright High School Shooting 0 dead 6 injured

10/30/1985 Springfield Pennsylvania, the Springfield Mall Shooting 3 dead, 7 injured


8/20/1986 Edmond, Oklahoma The Edmond post office shooting, 15 dead 6 injured


12/7/1987 Cayucos California, Pacific Southwest Airlines Shooting, shot all 5 crew members and crashed the plane, 43 dead


2/16/1988 Sunnyvale, California the ESL shooting 7 dead 4 injured

5/20/1988 Winnetka, Illinois Attacks by Laurie Dann, school shooting 2 dead 6 injured

7/17/1988 Winston Salem, North Carolina Old Salisbury Shooting, 4 dead 6 injured

9/26/1988 Greenwood, South Carolina The Oakland Elementary school shooting, 2 dead 9 injured


1/17/1989 Stockton California The Cleveland Elementary School Shooting, Semi Automatic rifle 6 dead, 32 injured

9/14/1989 Louisville Kentucky, Standard Gravure Shooting, ex employee coming to work; 9 dead 12 injured


2/10/1990 Las cruces, New Mexico Unsolved Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, 4 dead 3 injured

6/17/1990 Jacksonville Florida, GMAC Office shooting 9 dead, 4 injured


10/16/1991 Kileen, Texas The Luby’s Restaurant shooting 24 dead, 27 injured

11/1/1991 Iowa City, Iowa The University of Iowa shooting 6 dead, 1 injured


12/14/1992 Great Barrington Massachusetts, Bard College shooting 2 dead, 4 injured


7/1/1993 San Francisco, California The 101 California Street Shooting, 9 dead 6 injured

12/7/1993 NYC, Long Island Railroad shooting 6 dead, 19 injured

12/14/1993 Aurora Colorado, Chuck E Cheese shooting, 4 dead 1 injured


11/7/1994 Wickliffe, Ohio Wickliffe Middle school shooting, 1 dead 3 injured


2/2/1996 Moses Lake, Washington The Frontier middle school shooting 3 dead, 1 injured


2/19/1997 Bethel, Alaska The Bethel Regional High School Shooting 2 dead, 2 injured

10/1/1997 Pearl, Mississippi The Pearl High School Shooting 3 dead 7 injured

12/1/1997 West Paducah, Kentucky the Heath High School shooting, 3 dead 5 injured


3/24/1998 Craighead, County Arkansas The Westside Middle school Shooting 5 dead, 10 injured

4/24/1998 Edinboro, Pennsylvania The Parker Middle School Dance Shooting, 1 dead 4 injured

5/21/1998 Springfield, Oregon The Thurston High School Shooting, 4 dead 25 injured

7/5/1998 Tacoma, Washington The Trang Dai Cafe Shooting 5 dead, 5 injured


4/20/1999 Columbine, Colorado The Columbine shooting, 15 dead, 24 injured

5/20/1999 Conyers, Georgia The Heritage High School Shooting, saved by the assistant principal 0 dead, 6 injured.

7/2/1999 to 7/4/1999 from Chicago to Indiana, The Benjamin Nathaniel Smith shooting spree 3 dead, 10 injured

8/10/1999 L.A. California The Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting, 1 dead 5 injured

9/15/1999 Fort Worth, Texas The Wedgwood Baptist Church Shooting during a concert, 8 dead 7 injured

11/2/1999 Honolulu, Hawaii The 1999 Honolulu shootings, 7 dead


12/26/2000 Wakefield Massachusetts The Wakefield Shooting, 7 dead


1/10/2001 Nevada County, California The 2001 Nevada County Shooting, 3 dead 2 injured

3/5/2001 Santee, California The Santana High School Shooting, 2 dead, 13 injured


1/16/2002 Grundy Virginia The Appalachian School of Law Shooting, 3 dead 3 injured

7/4/2002 L.A. California, The 2002 Los Angeles International Airport Shooting 3 dead, 5 injured

2/16/2002 to 10/23/2002 From Maryland to Arizona The D.C. Snipers; 17 dead, 10 injured


4/14/2003 New Orleans The John McDonough High School Shooting; 1 dead 3 injured

7/14/2003 Madison County, Montana The 2003 Ennis Shooting, guy shooting outside of bar and ended up in a high speed chase with the cops 1 dead, 10 injured


11/21/2004 Meteor, Wisconsin The Hunting Trip of 2004, 6 dead, 2 injured

12/8/2004 Columbus, Ohio The Columbus nightclub shooting, 5 dead, 3 injured


3/12/2005 Brookfield, Wisconsin The living church of God shooting, 8 dead, 4 injured

3/21/2005 Red lake, Minnesota The Red lake shooting, 10 dead, 5 injured

11/20/2005 Tacoma, Washington The Tacoma Mall Shooting 0 dead 6 injured


1/30/2006 Goleta, California The Goleta Postal facility shooting, a woman was the shooter; 8 dead

3/25/2006 Seattle, Washington The Capitol Hill shooting 7 dead, 2 injured

7/28/2006 Seattle Washington The Seattle Jewish Federation Shooting 1 dead, 6 injured

10/2/2006 Pennsylvania At an Amish school, The West Nickels Mines School shooting 6 dead, 5 injured


2/12/2007 Salt Lake City, Utah The Trolley Square Shooting; 6 dead 4 injured

4/16/2007 Blacksburg, Virginia The Virginia Tech Shooting, 33 dead 17 injured

12/5/2007 Omaha, Nebraska The Westroads Mall shooting 9 dead, 6 injured

12/9/2007 Colorado, the 2007 Colorado YWAM and New Life Church Shooting; 5 dead, 5 injured


2/7/2008 Kirkwood, Missouri The Kirkwood City Council Shooting, 7 dead 1 injured

2/14/2008 DeKalb, Illinois The Northern Illinois University Shooting, 6 dead, 21 injured

9/2/2008 Skagit County, Washington The 2008 Skagit County Shootings; 6 dead 2 injured


3/10/2009 Geneva and Samson Alabama The Geneva County Shootings; 11 dead 6 injured

3/29/2009 Carthage, North Carolina The Carthage Nursing Home Shooting; 8 dead 3 injured

4/3/2009 Binghamton, NY The Binghamton Shooting; 14 dead 4 injured

8/4/2009 Collier Township Pennsylvania at a woman’s aerobic class, The 2009 Collier Township shooting 4 dead, 9 injured

11/5/2009 Fort Hood, Texas The 2009 Fort Hood Shootings 14 dead, 33 injured

11/20/2009 Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands The 2009 Saipan Shootings; 5 dead 9 injured


1/7/2010 St. Louis, Missouri The ABB Plant Shooting, 4 dead 5 injured

2/12/2010 Huntsville, Alabama The University of Alabama in Huntsville Shooting 3 dead, 3 injured

8/3/2010 Manchester, Connecticut The Hartford Beer Distributors Shooting 9 dead, 2 injured


1/8/2011 Tucson, Arizona The Safeway shooting in Casas Adobes, Arizona 2011 6 dead, 15 injured all to assassinate U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords

7/11/2011 Grand Rapids, Michigan The Grand Rapids Mass Murder, 8 dead 2 injured

8/7/2011 Copley Township, Ohio The 2011 Copley Township Shooting 8 dead, 1 injured

9/6/2011 Carson City, Nevada The Carson city IHOP shooting 5 dead 7 injured

10/12/2011 Seal Beach, California The Seal Beach Shooting 8 dead, 1 injured

12/16/2011 Irwindale California The Southern California Edison Shooting; 3 dead 2 injured


2/27/2012 Chardon, Ohio The Chardon High School shooting 3 dead, 3 injured

4/2/2012 Oakland California The Oikos University shooting, 7 dead 3 injured

5/30/2012 Seattle Washington The Seattle Cafe Shooting; 6 dead 1 injured

7/20/2021 Aurora Colorado, the Aurora Movie theatre shooting 12 dead, 70 injured

8/5/2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting 7 dead, 4 injured

8/13/2012 College Station, Texas The 2012 College Station Shooting; 3 dead 4 injured

8/24/2012 NYC The Empire State Building Shooting 2 dead, 9 injured

9/27/2012 Minneapolis, Minnesota The Accent Signage Systems Shooting 7 dead, 2 injured

10/21/2012 Brookfield, Wisconsin The Azana Spa Shooting, 4 dead 4 injured

12/11/2012 Clackamas, Oregon The Clackamas Town Center Shooting 3 dead 1 injured

12/14/2012 Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary; 28 dead 2 injured


2/3/2013 All over California, The Christopher Dorner Shootings; 5 dead 7 injured

3/13/2013 Mohawk and Herkimer, New York The Herkimer shooting 5 dead 2 injured

6/7/2013 Santa Monica, California the 2013 Santa Monica Shooting 6 dead 5 injured

7/26/2013 Hialeah, Florida The Hialeah shooting 7 dead

8/5/2013 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania The Ross Township Municipal Building Shooting 3 dead 4 injured

9/16/2013 Washington D.C. The Washington Navy Yard Shooting, 13 dead 8 injured

11/1/2013 L.A. The 2013 Los Angeles International Airport Shooting 1 dead, 4 injured


10/24/2014 Marysville, Washington The Marysville Pilchuck High School Shooting; 5 dead 1 injured

12/14/2014 Portland Oregon The Rosemary Anderson High School Shooting 0 dead, 4 injured

12/15/2014 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania The 2014 Montgomery County Shooting 6 dead 1 injured


2/26/2015 Tyrone, Missouri The 2015 Tyrone shooting; going door to door, 8 dead 1 injured

6/17/2015 Charleston, South Carolina The Charleston Church Shooting, 9 dead 1 injured

7/23/2015 Lafayette, Louisiana The 2015 Lafayette Shooting at a movie theater 3 dead, 9 injured

10/1/2015 Roseburg, Oregon The Umpqua Community College Shooting 10 dead 8 injured

10/9/2015 FlagStaff, Arizona The Northern Arizona University Shooting 1 dead, 3 injured

11/23/2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota The Black Lives Matter Protest Shooting 0 dead, 5 injured

11/27/2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado The Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting 3 dead 9 injured

12/2/2015 San Bernardino, California The 2015 San Bernardino Attack 16 dead 22 injured


2/16/2016 Kalamazoo Michigan The Kalamazoo 2016 Shootings, 6 dead 2 injured

2/25/206 Hesston and Newton Kansas The Hesston Shooting, 4 dead 14 injured

3/9/2016 Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania The Wilkinsburg 2016 shooting; 6 dead 3 injured

6/12/2016 Orlando Florida, The Orlando nightclub shooting 50 dead 58 injured

7/7/2016 Dallas, Texas The 2016 Dallas Police Officer Shootings, 6 dead 11 injured

7/30/2016 Mukilteo, Washington The University of Washington Shooting 3 dead 1 injured

8/20/2016 Citronelle, Alabama The Citronelle Homicides 6 dead, including an unborn child

9/23/2016 Burlington, Washington The Cascade Mall Shooting 5 dead

9/28/2016 Townsville, South Carolina The Townville Elementary School Shooting 2 dead 3 injured


1/6/2017 Broward County Florida The Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, 5 dead 6 injured

3/26/2017 Cincinnati, Ohio The Cincinnati nightclub shooting 2 dead, 16 injured

4/10/2017 San Bernardino, California The North Park Elementary School Shooting 3 dead 1 injured

4/13/2017 Fresno, California The 2017 Fresno Shootings 4 dead

5/27/2017 Lincoln County, Mississippi The 2017 Mississippi Shootings 8 dead 1 injured

6/5/2017 Orlando, Florida The Orlando factory Shooting; 6 dead

6/8/2017 Eaton Township, Pennsylvania The Eaton Township Weis Markets Shooting 4 dead

6/14/2017 San Francisco, California The San Francisco UPS Shooting 4 dead 5 injured

6/30/2017 NYC, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Shootings 2 dead 6 injured

7/1/2017 Little Rock, Arkansas The Little Rock nightclub shooting 0 dead 28 injured

8/28/2017 Clovis New Mexico, The Clovis Library Shooting 2 dead 4 injured

9/10/2017 Plano, Texas The 2017 Plano Shooting 9 dead 1 injured

9/24/2017 Antioch, Tennessee The Burnette Chapel Shooting

10/1/2017 Las Vegas, Nevada The Las Vegas Concert Shooting, 61 dead 411 injured

11/5/2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas The Sutherland Springs Church Shooting 27 dead 22 injured

12/7/2017 Aztec, New Mexico The Aztec High school Shooting 3 dead


1/28/2018 Benton, Kentucky The Marshall County High School Shooting 2 dead 16 injured

1/28/2018 Melcroft, Pennsylvania The Melcroft Gas station shooting 5 dead 1 injured

2/14/2018 Parkland Florida The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting 17 dead 17 injured

3/9/2018 Youtville, California The Youtville Shooting the the Veterans home of California 5 dead including a pregnant woman

4/3/2018 San Bruno, California The Youtube headquarters shooting 1 dead 4 injured

4/22/2018 Nashville Tennessee, The Nashville Waffle House Shooting 4 dead 2 injured

5/14/2018 Santa Fe, Texas The Santa Fe High School Shooting 10 dead 14 injured

5/30 to 6/4/2018 Scottsdale, Arizona The Scottsdale Shootings 7 dead

6/17/2018 Trenton, NJ The Art All Night Festival Shooting 1 dead 22 injured

6/28/2018 Annapolis, Maryland The Capital Gazette Shooting 5 dead 2 injured

8/26/2018 Jacksonville, Florida The Jacksonville Landing Shooting at an NFL competition, he was eliminated so he left 3 dead and 11 injured

9/6/2018 Cincinnati, Ohio The Fifth Third Center shooting 4 dead 2 injured

9/20/2018 Aberdeen, Maryland The Aberdeen Rite Aid Shooting 4 dead 3 injured

10/27/2018 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Pittsburg Synagogue Shooting 11 dead 7 injured

11/2/2018 Tallahassee, Florida The Yoga Studio 2018 Tallahassee Shooting 3 dead 5 injured

11/7/2018 Thousand Oaks, California The Thousand Oaks Shooting at a student line dancing event 13 dead 16 injured

11/11/2018 Robbins, Illinois Man ejected from a bar came back and we have the Jemel Roberson Shooting 1 dead 4 injured

11/29/2018 Chicago, Illinois The Mercy hospital shooting 4 dead


1/23/2019 Sebring, Florida The Sebring Bank Shooting 5 dead

2/15/2019 Aurora, Illinois The Aurora Illinois shooting At Henry Pratt Company plant 6 dead 6 injured

4/27/2019 Poway California The Poway Synagogue Shooting 1 dead 3 injured

4/30/2019 Charlotte, North Carolina The University of North Carolina at Charlotte shooting 2 dead 4 injured

5/7/2019 Highlands Ranch, Colorado The STEM school Highlands Ranch Shooting 1 dead 8 injured

5/31/2019 Virginia Beach, Virginia The Virginia Beach Shootings 13 dead 5 injured

7/28/2019 Gilroy, California The Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting 4 dead 15 injured

8/3/2019 El Paso, Texas The El Paso Walmart Shooting 23 dead 23 injured

8/4/2019 Dayton, Ohio The 2019 Dayton Shooting; 10 dead 27 injured

8/31/2019 Midland to Odessa Texas, The 2019 West Texas Interstate 20 Shooting 8 dead 25 injured

10/14/2019 San Juan, Puerto Rico The 2019 Rio Piedras Shooting 6 dead

10/31/2019 Orinda, California The Orinda Block Party Shooting; 5 dead 4 injured

11/14/2019 Santa Clarita, California The Saugus High School Shooting 3 dead 3 injured

11/17/2019 Fresno, California The 2019 Fresno Football Watch Party Shooting 4 dead 6 injured


1/17/2020 Grantsville, Utah The Haynie Family Shooting by a teen in the home; 4 dead 1 injured

2/26/2020 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Milwaukee Brewery Molson Coors Beverage Shooting 6 dead

3/15/2020 Springfield, Missouri The Kum & Go Convenience Store Shooting 5 dead 2 injured

8/9/2020 Washington D.C. The 2020 Washington D.C. Block Party Shooting 1 dead 21 injured

9/19/2020 Rochester NY The Rochester Party Shooting; 2 dead 14 injured

11/3/2020 Henderson, Nevada The Henderson Apartment Complex Shooting; 4 dead 1 injured

11/20/2020 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin The Mayfair Mall Shooting 8 injured

12/26/2020 Rockford, Illinois The Don Carter Bowling Lanes Shooting 3 dead 3 injured


2/2/2021 Muskogee, Oklahoma The 2021 Muskogee Shooting of 5 children and adults; 6 dead 1 injured

2/9/2021 Buffalo, Minnesota The Buffalo Minnesota Clinic Attack 1 dead 4 injured

3/16/2021 Atlanta, Georgia The Atlanta Spa Shootings racially motivated 8 dead 1 injured

3/22/2021 Boulder, Colorado The Boulder Colorado King Soopers Supermarket Shooting 10 dead 2 injured

3/31/2021 Orange, California The 2021 Orange California Office Shooting 4 dead 2 injured

4/7/2021 Rock hill, South Carolina The NFL Philip Adams Shooting 7 dead including 2 children

4/15/2021 Indianapolis, Indiana The Indianapolis FedEx Shooting; 9 dead 7 injured

5/9/2021 Colorado Springs, Colorado The Colorado Springs Birthday Party Shooting; 7 dead

5/26/2021 San Jose, California The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Shooting 10 dead

5/30/2021 Hialeah, Florida The 2021 Hialeah Concert Shooting 3 dead 20 injured

9/23/2021 Collierville, Tennessee The Collierville Kroger Shooting 2 dead 14 injured

11/30/2021 Oxford, Michigan The Oxford High School Shooting; 4 dead 7 injured


2/19/2022 Portland, Oregon The Normandale Park Protest Shooting; 1 dead 5 injured

4/3/2022 Sacramento, California The 2022 Downtown Sacramento Shooting 6 dead 12 injured

4/12/2022 NYC, The Q train Subway Attack; 29 injured

4/16/2022 Columbia, South Carolina The Columbiana Centre Shooting 14 injured

4/17/2022 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Pittsburgh Air BnB Shooting 2 dead 13 injured

5/14/2022 Buffalo, NY The Racially motivated Buffalo Tops Supermarket Shooting 10 dead 3 injured

5/15/2022 Laguna Woods, California The Laguna Woods Church Shooting 1 dead 5 injured

5/19/2022 Chicago, Illinois The Magnificent Mile by McDonalds Shooting; 2 dead 8 injured

5/24/2022 Uvalde, Texas The Robb Elementary School Shooting; 22 dead 18 injured

Today is June 6 2022

Take a cpr class, get a trauma shooter kit; we need more health care workers anyway

stay safe




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