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When I was young

When I was young

By david thompsonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

When I was young, I was very naughty and liked to play with cats and dogs.

I have a bunch of chickens at home and I like to play with them too.

My favorite is a little red rooster. With his golden red feathers, high comb, and yellow claws, he was mighty, but he did not know that he had grown up.

My neighbor also keeps a group of chickens, among which there are two big cocks, they are very fierce, named "No. 1", "No. 2". And there was a toad called Number Three, a very ugly old man with grey plumage, a dark red comb, and black PAWS. This old fellow, Number Three, was always angry with Number One and number Two.

But "No. 3" specially bullied my little red rooster, every time he saw the little red rooster, he would pounce twice, open the gray and black wings, stretched out his hairy neck, all the hair stood up, and rushed toward the little red rooster.

Little red rooster saw "three" that fierce look, also do not know "three" in the end how bad, scared back to run. The 'number three' was all the more swaggering, swinging after it...

I watched the little red rooster being bullied and was very angry. I said: "Little red rooster, little red rooster, you have grown up, don't be afraid of him!" Little red rooster did not understand my words, "number three" chased, still scared away. I thought, why is this old godzilla so good? Why are the other chickens so afraid of him? After much study, it was found that the reason why the Godzy-rooster was able to frighten people was that his long hair, which had been stretched out, was so terrible. All the weapons that could defeat others were in that long hair that had been stretched out of the neck.

One day I finally had an idea: I managed to catch number Three, got a pair of scissors, and quickly cut all the feathers off his neck. He looked like a monster, with his wrinkled, bare neck. I was so pleased that I said to him, "You won't frighten anyone any more!"

The next day, when the little red rooster was eating bran rice, the "number three" came running again. He spread his wings, stretched out his neck long, kicked out his PAWS, and rushed towards the little red rooster with the same swagger as before.

The little red rooster suddenly stood still and looked at the thin little grey rooster as if to say, "Why, who are you? Such a thin neck." Then with a push of his neck and his claws, all his red and gold feathers rose, and he rushed forward to fight number Three.

The little red Rooster gave number Three a hard blow.

"Number three" also stunned: "Hey, what happened to this boy today? Not afraid of me!" . Number three, still trying to impress himself, pounced. My little red rooster was not afraid at all. He ruffled his red and gold feathers and jumped up. Within half a minute, the old man's crown was bleeding from the pecking. The pain was too much for number three, and not afraid to lose face, he turned and ran.

At this time, the little red rooster flapped his wings and sang a victory song. The song goes like this: Gobble - gobble!

I said happily to the little red rooster, "You see, you are better than 'number three'. He scares people with his hair on his neck."

From then on, the little red rooster knew that he had become a strong rooster. He had confidence and courage, and was no longer afraid of the old rooster like Number Three.


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