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Some Wonderful Great And Small Things That Make Me Happy

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 13 days ago Updated 13 days ago 3 min read


I thought I had better write something about the good things that happened yesterday in case my Vocal friends and audience thought that I was descending into the “Slough of Despond”. Although I might complain and my vaguely autistic tendencies cause me to get upset at certain things there are still a lot more good things happening for me.

So What’s Good?

This is a tiny thing, but I was listening to a CD and the speakers on my player are a bit too close together, and I hadn’t really thought of it. I had placed them for convenience not for sound and they have been like that for years. I spent five minutes properly spacing the speakers and now I have a far more impressive stereo sound to listen to. I do get that on my phone and vinyl record player, now I have it on my CD player as well, and the rearrangement has also given me more desk space which is another plus. The record I was listening to that caused me to switch was “Tears In My Eyes” by Uriah Heep from “Look At Yourself” which has some impressive stereo speaker jumping from Manfred Mann’s Moog.

Vocal Stepping Up To The Plate

Then I got an email from Vocal saying I had a comment on one of my Top Stories. I looked at the comment and it was obvious spam demanding I read their work and support them. Now you know I do criticise Vocal when they slip up on things so I went to the story to report as spam and it was already gone. This shows Vocal doing something proactively to keep our stories and comments in a good space and they should be congratulated for it. I was really pleased with that. The screenshot and story is below, and the story has more than two hundred reads and is now my fifth most read story on Vocal.

The other thing is that I got another Vocal Ambassador’s Conversion worth $24.50 which will be payable in February. I have forgotten the last month that I didn’t get one, although getting paid is akin to pulling teeth but Vocal always pays up. That is more than double my Vocal+ subscription and when you add read payments and Top Story bonuses (usually one or two a month) that is a decent amount of coffee money. Below is my piece on the lucrative (well it is for me) Vocal Ambassador’s program.

Friends Not Lost

Next thing I saw a wonderful comment on one of my stories from a friend I thought I had become invisible to, I love comments from all my friends and audience, and I get upset when I think I have lost friends, so you can understand that this really gave my spirits a huge raise.

I know sometimes we take the people who are always there for us for granted, and we shouldn’t, but when you see someone you have missed it does warm your heart more than a little.

And There’s More

The great joy I get from seeing Vocal friends get Top Story awards and Challenge wins (I now know two friends who have won (that is come first) in Vocal Challenges, as well as many friends who have placed, although I have never troubled the Challenge lists, but seeing my friends there is more than enough for me.


I am in an excellent place. I can do so much. My creations are truly appreciated, and although sometimes I feel I am short on inspiration, I really am not. I have a busy week and weekend coming up. I have delivered a lot of important stuff, and this weekend I will get to see the Huntress (see below).

I've included "Happy" bu The Carpenters, one of my mum's favourites and one of mine too. Perferct for this post.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran12 days ago

    Sooooo happy that you're in an excellent place!

  • Gina C.12 days ago

    Love this post, Mike! So happy things there is a lot going well for you. 🥰🥰

  • It is always good to reflect on our positives and things we are grateful for. I never would have thought of turning what I'm currently grateful for into an article!

  • Judey Kalchik12 days ago

    This post makes me feel that we sat down to enjoy a cuppa and got caught up!

  • Rick Henry12 days ago

    I am glad that your future looks bright...!!! 😎

  • Keila Aartila13 days ago

    Good to hear, Mike! Als, that person has now spammed a number of mine - Vocal got to him first on one! Yay Vocal! That makes me happy, too. 😁

  • amy Culberg13 days ago

    I just discovered you--this line "This is a tiny thing, but I was listening to a CD and the speakers on my player are a bit too close together," is wonderful

  • Heather Hubler13 days ago

    I loved this! From the cover art to the music to the wonderful uplifting words :) So glad you are in a good place and thank you for sharing this. It put a smile on my face!

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