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She Dreamt Of Being Blind Until She Finally Did It—The Strange Story Of Jewell Shuping

For most people, losing their eyesight would be a nightmare, but for Jewell Shuping, it was a dream come true. But how did she do it, and why?

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 3 min read

This article is for educational purposes only—   please do not be offended as l am trying to raise awareness of this rare condition. Thank you.

From a very young age, Jewell always felt something was wrong with her even though she was born perfectly fine and had no disability. She lived in Chicago with her parents, and though she loved pretty unusual things for a child, like spending time alone in the dark, her mother never thought something was amiss until she got older.

According to her, she loved being in the dark and envied being blind; as a result, she spent most of her childhood years trying anything that could speed up the process, but when nothing succeeded until she reached her teenage years, she began walking with a walking cane, wearing thick dark glasses and pretending to be blind wherever she went. Nonetheless, she was still unhappy.

 However, once she reached her mid-20s, she looked for a psychologist who promised to help until her dream came true. He bought a specific drain cleaner, pour it into her eyes and though it was very painful, Jewell remained strong for the sake of her dream. A few months later, she was permanently blind, and though the hospital tried to help her against her will, it didn't work.

 Nonetheless, people feel that the medic should be charged for taking advantage of someone who was clearly suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) — a disease that causes non-disabled people to believe that something is wrong with them and that they were born to be disabled. However, since Jewell lied about how she got to the stage until she appeared on Dr. Phill's show in 2015, people think it's rather a little too late as she is also refusing to identify/name him. As a result, no one has been charged. 

As it stands, Jewell claims she is happy with the way she is now — blind — but it's clear she needs help — mentally. Her family also disowned her once they figured out what she had done, but l think they should have acted differently and offered her some help -mentally  — Correct me if l am wrong.

Please let's pay attention to our loved ones, and if someone needs help, let's point them in the right decision instead of casting them away. Some of the things that happen to our loved ones can be prevented if we all stick together instead of saying one man for himself and God for us all— isn't what family is all about? Remember, divided we fall but united we stand.

I hope her family gives her a chance and love her unconditionally. What's done is done unless she changes her mind or seeks help, but l don't think throwing her away is the best solution.

What do you think about this case? Did you know about this condition before this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and how can doctors be held accountable if someone has made a personal choice.?

Do you think the legal system should restrict some personal choices because of such things? I think that's the best way because ever since humans were given full freedom, things have been going south. People are dying of BBLs every day and facials. Something is got to give and l think that should be the state taking control once more; I don't mean enslaving us but making sure people do not make such mistakes.

Take care for now, and remember to follow me for more stories. I write mainly about true crime and rare stories. Thank you.


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