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I am done, I am exhausted to be not me. This is what I am and this is how I choose to live and this is the email I wrote to end this all.

By Ahmad ZubairPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

Like everything else, your job post had a strange aura. You are looking for qualities that are systematically eradicated from our personality in the institutions we work, after hours and hours of useless working (just because we need a job). Morals and ethics are thrown out of the windows when you are asked to be quiet just because the management wants you to be.

Shamefully, I have committed the crime of letting myself go just to be employed. I am in a state where while writing this email, my mind is asking me to type something which my fingers are unable to comprehend and my tongue is saying something absolutely different. And now after being in this chaos for almost a decade, I am drained, speechless, peaceless, clueless and all the questions I had are still unanswered. I realized that my only reason for being can’t just be earning money.

There must be a bigger reason/ requirement/ purpose, there must be something other than just being an ATM for the family.

I am not sure if the selection for this opportunity is still available or not. But I would love to take this opportunity to work under your supervision and be morally alive once again (growing towards knowing the reason for my being). I have recently started to work as a creative content writer along with my ongoing job. In this creative content writing position, I am required to create content in an interactive style and do podcast/ interview Transcriptions.

With these skills, I can help you transcribe your talks (question/ answers) and convert them into a weekly News Letter. I can also write content based on your lectures which can be published all across the Internet.

Here is my portfolio link for your review. I am also looking forward to learning new things so if there is anything else than content writing then that would be equally interesting for me.

It will be an honor for me to learn from you and find answers. Even if you can’t hire me for these openings, I would still request to let me be a part of your team.

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Ahmad Zubair

I am a technical fraud analyst by profession and by passion I am still searching for it...

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