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by Merjaunie Lena 2 months ago in Humanity
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Reflection of myslef

My Writing
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I know most of my writing is sad or depressing or probably isn't the happiest most of the time. I know it's not perfect, I have mistakes, and sometimesI'll put a comma where it probably shouldnt go. I write about the same things, and or same emotions or feelings, but that's only because that's all I've ever know for most of my life. My writing is a reflection of myself, who I was, and who I am becoming. So yeah it may not be perfectly written, but It's my writing, and that how I am, I'm perfectly imperfect.

Most of the time I dont sit around thinking of what I'm going to write next, I usually just have a random thought, and in that moment I know I have to start writing because I have something to say. It's always out the top of my head it's never planned, and I think that's what i love the most about my writing. It comes so easy to me, and it's honestly like my therapy my own public journal for everyone to see. As I said earlier though my writing can reflect a lot of sad emotions, but that's what I have always been around if I'm being honest. Of course I've had some good happy memories, but they never lasted. So i think i can relate to more sadness and anger more than anything, and i write it all down because i know others can relate to it also. I want to start mixing it up bit more, and write happier things, but it's honesly so hard for me to think about anything to write when it comes to that subject. Is that horrible? Don't worry once I can come up with something i promise to write it all down, and publish it for you guys.

So if you ever come across my page, and read my posts and you start thinking damn this is so deep or so sad or depressing just know you're reading your way into my mind, and my past experiences. Thats another reason why i love to write because you can learn so much about a person by reading what they write, and what they have been through. Not only that you can sit there and just relate, and be like wow " i feel your pain ". Some day i hope to publish a book of my own that is on my list of things to do before i die at least one book. I know i get a lot of my thoughts out on here, but to do more than this would be like a dream come true. To have thousands of people see my story, and who i am as a person, and why i am the way i am, and to see the woman i am today would just fill my heart.

Besides that point getting back to the main topic, yes everything you read on this writing vlog is my personal diary basically. I don't go making stuff up i write my most deepest thoughts and emotions to get it all out there so its not eating me up inside. It's my own series of stories, and its my story to tell, and if im being completely honest im so happy i get to write so freely on here, and share my life without feeling ill be judged because my writing isnt perfect. That's exactly who i am I'm not perfect at all, and neither is my writing or anything in my life as a matter of fact, but i try to make the most of what i got and what's to come. So welcome to my imperfectly perfect writing vlog, and thank you for reading.


About the author

Merjaunie Lena

My public journal

You will feel like you know me personally by reading my journal or at least the emotions I've felt.

I write to express, and clear my head, it's my therapy.

It's not perfect, but nothing is

Thank you for reading!

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