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Lie to Me. Issue # 3


By Thudd WalkerPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
“Everything you see will soon alter and cease to exist".

My blood was pumping, my hands were shaking, my mind was racing through all of the impossible scenarios that could happen to get me out of my current situation; I was exposed and for a pathological liar that is the worst possible thing that can happen. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared, I couldn’t lie anymore, nobody would believe me even if I was telling the truth. We had argued until the morning, when suddenly we heard a knock at our door.

I had gone, exhausted from the events of last night, to check who it may be. I see an Office worker from the apartment we had been renting. I figure they are going around for maintenance or something. Until they handed us an eviction notice, we had fallen behind two months and apparently that is enough to be evicted where we were. Poesy flipped! She began hysterically crying, throwing herself on the floor, the walls, and locking herself in the bathroom. I am locked, I cannot believe that this is happening to me… ME!? I had fooled myself to believe that I was justified in my lies, that I could just continue on never taking account for the wrongs I had committed.

Poesy had been on the phone for the past couple of hours and I was going through the items I could fit into a car and the items that I had to get rid of. The life we had started building together was already ending, not that it was much of a life to begin with. Posey was screaming, she had begun packing her suitcases yelling at me, scolding me, throwing the pictures we had taken together back at me, the promises I had made. It was terrible. Then she was gone, she had asked friends if she could stay with them for a while, they said yes only if I wasn’t there with her. I didn’t know what else could go wrong, I had felt like I was at my wits end. I called anyone I could that hadn’t heard about me being a liar, hell I tried calling people who did know I was a liar, asking for help.

Let me tell you that was an impossible task.

It was maddening! The barrage of no’s after being told yes so freely is too much to bear, I was humbled by it. That night I was sleeping in the car, as the next day we had to be out of the unit by morning. I was trying my best to fall asleep. Posey calls me; She tells me she wants to sleep with me in the car and she shouldn’t just abandon the relationship that easily. So, I drive to the apartment complex she is at, her friends. She says just to park and wait, she’ll be down in a second. It was about an hour of waiting before she calls me again, her friends had called the police claiming I was illegally using a spot and wants to me off the property. I panicked, I drove off, I didn’t know where I was going, and Posey was calling me frantically wanting me to stay in the area she doesn’t want me to leave. I stupidly believe her.

I had parked in a nearby neighborhood, I don’t know what time it is at this point, but I just want to goto bed and deal with the rest in the morning. I park, get in the back, and wait do my best to rest. I don’t know exactly how long I was laying down when the most painful, stomach churning, booty clenching feeling hit me like a massive ton of bricks. I had to poop, and I was in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. With speed that I never knew I had, and have never been able to conjure again, move from the back seat to the driver’s seat, turn on the car, and speed off into the night! I was desperately looking for whatever was open, and it was a losing battle. With no other options I pull over at a nearby closed gas station, park, run to the back of the dumpster and do my best to repress what I was doing. I cleaned up with some nearby pack of baby wipes I had in my backpack, got back into the car, and drove off. Finding my sleeping space for the night, stop, climb in the back, and fall dead asleep.

I knew I couldn’t trust Posey and my mother had shown me grace, told me to come home and she would help me. So that morning the first this I had did was shower at the local fitness club, grab coffee and drive 8 hours across the state to get home, I had barely any money left when I got there. I remember the time exactly for some reason, I always remember it.

2:17pm, I walked into my mom’s house, looked at my bed, and fell asleep.

I was woken up abruptly by my mother, she’s frantic! Yelling at me that my car is being repossessed! I get up as quickly as I can, my mom tells me I had been sleeping over a day now.

Walking outside the I caught the tow truck as it was leaving, nothing I could have said or done would have made them give back that car.

As my mother and I watch the beginning of my downfall drive away she asks me how I am feeling, all I could think of was being grateful I don’t have to poop behind a dumpster again.

To be continued...

Thudd Walker.

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Thudd Walker

Facts about Thudd Walker:

1. Fought in 9 Kumites

2. Shaves without water.

3. Wears boots made of legos.

4. Cries in front of his buddies.

5. Writes short stories.

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  • Thudd Walker (Author)2 months ago

    Thank y'all, this is probably the funniest part of this whole story. In hindsight if I had driven back the way I came and not forward I would have driven past a 24 hour shopping center and could have gone in. Isn't life hilarious 😂

  • Ha Le Sa2 months ago

    Amazing work!

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