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If Only I Could Send My Knowledge and Experiences to my 18 Year Old Self

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By Ferrari KingPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Imagine being able to send your knowledge and experiences back to your 18 year old self. What would you do differently? Well, I will tell you what I would do differently.

One thing I would certainly do is invest my money in index funds, T-bills and much more. Investing is the number 1 thing I would change so I would be retired by now. Currently I am stuck in a dead end job that does not believe in pay raises and it is difficult to get out but I would certainly invest when I was 18. In 2007 when bitcoin comes out I would buy no more than a $1000 worth and than sell it all in 2016 for a huge profit, Although, I am not into cryptocurrency, I do know that you could have mad a good deal of money if you invested in it in 2007 and sold it around 2016 - 2017.

Another thing I would do is drink more water. I had a bad habit of not drinking enough water which helped cause my kidney stones later. So I would certainly drink more water.

I would not work so hard at the retail jobs I was working at. There is no point to hard work when you will not see a pay increase and your employer doesn't value you. There is no point to working hard. I use to see people go to the restroom, the back room our outside to hide nd they were still adored by management. I also would have spent less time talking to coworkers. I didn't know when I was younger that if a woman starts a conversation with you, asks if you have a girlfriend that I could be the one getting in trouble for sexual harassment. Now I know if you are short and unattractive it is best to ignore women since they just are just looking for men to destroy. Sorry for a bit of a rant but not long ago I saw a video were a woman was complaining about men aging better and of course as the guy critiquing her video said, she blamed men for women aging badly when it was all the chemicals women put on their faces and bodies as well as all the hate they have for men that is aging them. Just look at all the videos online from women and you will see the hate and then look for similar videos by men and you will find very few. I wish I knew this when I was 18.

I would choose my college major more wisely, in fact I would just join the military and let them pay for my education. I would become a science officer and I do not care which branch of the military, although I am partial to the Navy or Marines. By doing this I would still get the same STEM education but I would not be stuck in heh place I work at now where there are no pay increases or advancement opportunities. I would also be able to proudly tell people what I do, where I work and how much I make. I can only imagine what that pride feels like.

When I was 18 the year was 1991 so we had no internet; therefore, no social media. If I could send back my knowledge and experiences back to when I was 18 I would start on social media much earlier. Imagine how many followers I would have on my YouTube channel (Ferrari King), if I could have started in 2006 when YouTube began. I would do educational and gaming videos and then I could start selling merch when it becomes available. Life would actually be enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this article and there are much more I would change.

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Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games, BS in Molecular Biology. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my wonderful LinkTree you should check for all links:

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