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I once heard someone say

"young love" is like no other

By for my mental healthPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
I once heard someone say
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Dear Heart Breaker,

I have not crossed my mind until recently and I think that is good. It means I am making progress and moving on with my life. Most of the time this is hard for me to do.

But sometimes I think about if I were to see you again in person, what i would say...

It has been long enough for the healing process to catch up with each other...

I wonder how much your life has changed...

Do you have kids now? Are you married? Are you recording an album?

First I would tell you that, "I don't hate you anymore..."

We were young and dumb and maybe during a different time and place things would have been different but I was not meant to meet you at any other time...

I try to think of all the good times and not the bad times

You taught me what love could be at a young age but also how much someone can hurt you

That first year, we met was some of the best times I have ever had with someone and I hope I showed you what love really means and feels like

I know you moved on fast and I tried to too but shit was hard

We kept finding our ways back to each other and then getting hurt all over again...

It was a sad pattern that had to stop so that is why I blocked you

I had to do it for myself, not because I wanted to

You showed me how much you can connect with someone over such a short period of time

and for that summer, I wanted to say thank you

It is a time I wish I could relive to just see the good times happening

I think in the beginning it was new to both of us. We both had not been in something similar in so long

The biggest thing I regret is when you said you loved me... I did not say it back... and I should of because I did love you during those times but I did not say it because I did not want to get hurt

But heres the thing, I got hurt in the end anyways so 'was it even worth it?'

Now I tell everyone I love them as soon as I feel it because life is long but you never know when things could all come to an end

Thanks for showing me so many great and new things but also what I don't want in a relationship

I was so scared to show you to other friends because I was unsure of what the outcome might be or if they would like you or if you would like them...

I should have just done it...

I still remember the night I texted you saying things I thought would hurt you but did not even phase you...

I made me think that the relationship did not mean as much to me as it did to you

This brought me to a realization that helped me grow even more as a person

thanks for showing me who you really were

my younger self did not know it at the time but it is something i understand now

the hurt that I felt driving past my friends house, is something I never wish to feel again

that was the toughest drive home, I had ever taken...

that felt like one of my closest friends break my heart even after you had already hurt me

It was the most pain I had ever felt

my sister drove me home that day and my friends had never spoken of it again

It is one of those times where you think that your friend could never do something to you like that and they end up doing it behind your back

From this day forward I leave you all behind and hope you the best...

I had been holding on to that piece of my life for too long and today is the day that I release you from my thoughts

You will be a memory that I will cherish but keep deep down inside until someone asks me when my first heart break was

I hope you are doing well and if our paths end up crossing again, I hope you have grown and healed into someone different than before.


Purple Heart


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