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Dad became mute.

A story about love.

By BobPublished about a year ago 3 min read

“The alcohol bottle occupied Lucy's childhood, and the thing she hated the most was going home. There were only two people in the house: Lucy and her father. Her mother left shortly after giving birth to Lucy, unable to tolerate the poverty at home. As a result, her father drank heavily. Although he didn't hit her after drinking, the girl still hated alcohol.

Every day, alcohol turned her father into a useless person who only whispered complaints about the unfairness of society and cursed her unfaithful mother.

One day, her aunt scolded her father, and he became angry. From that day on, Lucy never saw her father again.

Only loose change slipped through the door crack every day.

Lucy knew it was her father, but she just couldn't see him.

She paid tuition and rent, knowing it was her absent father who paid.

Days like this continued until the third day of her high school, when no one slipped loose change through the door crack.

Lucy was a bit nostalgic for her father and wished to see him.

A week later, when Lucy returned home from school, her aunt took her to the cemetery.

She saw her father's photo on the tombstone and finally saw him.

Her father had been working at the construction site for money and died there. He had no funeral, no flowers, only a lonely tombstone and a delayed daughter.

Her father became mute in her childhood.

She knew everything her father did was for her, but her father never spoke, not even until his death.

Her father was mute, and so was she.”

1. Love is Afraid of Silence

Someone once said, "Love is afraid of silence. Too many people think that love is silent when it runs deep. In fact, love is a difficult emotion to describe and needs to be expressed and communicated in detail." There was an experiment that once asked a person to hold a certain feeling in their heart, then express it through facial expressions, gestures, expressions, eye movements, basically any means except speaking, and let others who didn't know the situation guess their inner feelings. Few people were able to guess the true inner emotion. Interpreting subtle expressions is not something that everyone can do well. In real life, I find that most people still rely on language as their main way to receive information. Therefore, if you love someone, you must say it because how would they know otherwise? Here, my "saying it out loud" is not just about surface-level words or sweet talk. My version of "saying it out loud" also includes expressing it through actions.

The other day, a fan consulted with me and wrote a lot of detailed information, which is probably the most comprehensive content I have seen in recent years. After reading his words, I realized that he loved a girl who also loved him, but neither of them expressed it because they felt too shy or too proud. In the end, they missed a chance at a relationship. The girl got married but did not live a good life, and the fan felt guilty that he did not have the mood to meet other women even entering his thirties. It was so regrettable. Therefore, love needs to be "said out loud."

2. Being Good at Expressing Love is Adding Points to Love

Last year, I discussed this topic with my son and he thought that speaking "mushy words of care" was a fake way to show concern. I explained to him that it's actually a way to improve mutual harmony and it's not fake as long as your inner feelings are truly caring and loving. Chinese people tend to be more introverted and most of our movies and shows are praises of "silent love." However, in many foreign TV shows and movies, they are very good at expressing affection, which may seem direct and insufficiently subtle to us Chinese. At first, I didn't agree with them, but now I think that if you love someone, you should speak up at the right time. If you genuinely love someone and are willing to change yourself, the situation, and your ways for them, that kind of inner driving force from love will fill you with fighting spirit.

When you have loved, you will discover that in this world, love is the fundamental reason we exist. If we can be good at expressing our love and increase our intimacy, add to one another's sense of security, and deepen our feelings, it will be such a joyful thing. So go ahead, be bold and say "I love you!" Don't worry about anything else.


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