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Boxycharm and Ipsy coming together

A big huge mess

By Queen anonymous Published 10 months ago 3 min read
Boxycharm and Ipsy coming together
Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Boxycharm recently merged with Ipsy by running as a separate business under the mother Ipsy. This all started happening in 2022 when they dicided that it would be better if they ran the businesses as one instead. At first I thought this can be really great for everyone or really bad.

I was correct it was both really great and really bad. I’m sure it will help the company in general having a bigger team and more options. Although, I don’t think some people will be too happy about the change.

A huge perk of the brands merging is that you can now pick 3 of your boxycharm items. This is great because you get more of what you want and less or what you don’t. I have a few items every box that I wasn’t too happy about or had quality issues in the past, but for the most part I was very happy with the outcome. It helps with having less throw away items. You also get to see the other two items you didn’t pick out before they deliver your box.

One of the down sides of this huge change is that the prices have gone up for everything, and I do mean everything. I used to pay $25 total for each box and now they added fees and spiked the price of my box to $30 a month. It went from $25 to $30 in just one year, and they thought we wouldn’t notice. They did it all blindly because most people don’t check their subscription prices frequently.

The prices of their shop have also gone up, things that we use to pay $2 for are now $10. This is very frustrating because it was one of the perks that I always looked forward to every month. I would buy a lot from their shops, now I’m feeling a little cheated. I feel they are going to loose alot of revenue because of this. Although we are still getting a deal for the item, as a true charmer I know the drastic change will be very disappointing for many of us.

Not only did the prices go up for the box itself, it’s also really hard to navigate the website with so much going on. I’m not interested in sample sizes and I never have been so this is not beneficial for someone like me. I also noticed the boxes are sort of flimsy and break really easily.They stuff them with paper which is not good for the environment plus it’s not as protective of the products. When Boxycharm was independent, they had a foam to protect the items.

However there is really fun exciting brands coming out. Recently they added J low beauty and rare beauty which I tryed both myself and I was blown away. I got the J low beauty one hit single cleanser and it takes everything off. It is the first face wash that has ever worked that well at even taking the black mascara and eyeliner in my eyes completely off, and effortlessly. Then, there is rare beauty, I got this tinted lip balm, didn’t think much of it untill I tryed it on. The pigment is off the chain and the buttery hydrating feeling is so nice. The perfect product for any occasion. There is even more products that I have discovered through boxycharm, that are really great.

In conclusion although the prices have spiked and the merging bothers me, it’s really hard to let go when they have so many great products for less than retail prices. Maybe they will split again some day and it will go back to normal but that’s wishful thinking.

Thank you for reading, I will see you soon, subscribe for information.

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