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The Songs You Forgot Came From Movies

The forgotten music to these movies

By Samantha ParrishPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Songs in films can be one of two things.

1. There are some movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy or Almost Famous that can make a song popular again.

2. There are songs that are created solely for a movie and become apart of the identity of that film.

This is a list of songs that you might not have known came from these movies.

1. Honest by The Neighbourhood (From The Amazing Spider Man 2)

Whether you loved The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or are afraid to admit you liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The music really did not get enough credit. Not many even know that this song exists in the Spider-Man movie due to the mixed reception. But it works without being known it was apart of the Spider-Man soundtrack.

2. Aura by Lady Gaga ( From Machete Kills)

Let’s face it, machete kills is not a film for the books. It is a film that faded immediately or no one even knows about it. But there’s one part of the film that not many people know about is Lady Gaga‘s contribution as an actress and singer. Even though she’s done this for numerous films like a star is born, machete kills was her first. In 2013 when her album ARTPOP came out, Aura was inserted into the album, but sadly no one knows that it came from a film, largely due to the fact that it was poorly received. Aura is no doubt a staple of the sultry and gritty songs Gaga did. In the phase of her career, she was in with wild colors and femme fatale themes, the song, and her character fit well for a movie like Machete Kills.

3. Lost in the Shadows by Lou Gramm (From The Lost Boys)

Of all the horror movies that have ever come out, The Lost Boys was the wild card that changed the game for vampire movies. Not only was it a successful film, but it also had a successful soundtrack. Lost in the Shadows definitely lived up to its name and got lost in the 80s.

When this song came on during the motorcycle scene. I kept thinking I know I've heard this singer somewhere. To my surprise, it's the frontman from Foreigner. It's never mentioned anywhere on the soundtrack that Lou Gramm is the singer. It could have boosted the film's sales, but then I thought about it. Many singers want to do something outside of their band and this was Lou Gramm's chance to create a song without his band. The song he did for The Lost Boys is remarkably different and wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the solo contribution from Lou Gramm.

4. She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze (From Dirty Dancing)

Dirty Dancing was already credited for having a time capsule for a soundtrack. The songs of the 60s contribute to the era the movie takes place in while breathing new life for the songs of the 60s to be re-introduced to the retro decade. There were a handful of songs from the 80s being used for the films without taking away the reminiscent identity of the story of Baby's time in 1963. One of the songs came from the co-stars of the film.

It’s only been discussed by very few costars that are impressed with the fact that Patrick Swayze was a man of many talents. To quote Rob Lowe,

“He was everything but an astrophysicist.”

Patrick Swayze was working on several songs and he offered one of the songs he was working on to be part of the film. Naturally, the production of dirty dancing had taken the offer considering the funds for the film was running out to pay for the soundtrack of copyrighted songs. So this is one of the few songs that was made for the movie. As much as everyone loves I’ve had the Time of my life, She’s like the wind is not good enough credit for being the love anthem for Baby and Johnny.

5. No Princess by Ashley Tisdale (From Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure)

OK, I have to admit. This is not really a movie I liked, I didn’t even see it. I wasn’t a fan of High School Musical, so the intrigue to see a spin-off film of one of the characters wasn’t stretching to my attention.

The film was made in the hopes that it would spark interest back to the HSM franchise, but unfortunately, everyone had already graduated from the series.

The movie was not a critical darling, but this song does live in obscurity and a lot of people were shocked to find out that it comes from a High School Musical spin-off. To the core it’s not a bad song, when Ashley Tisdale does a song that’s not a cover, she does give it her all to do a powerful song. For someone like Ashley Tisdale who generally does sappy pop songs, it was nice to see her do something a little stronger in the pop genre. It's a great song for the girls that were told they would be saved by a Prince Charming when they get older. But unfortunately, when we grow up and find Prince Charming, they don't turn out to be like how we thought it was in the fairytale. It's a song that took a hard life lesson about taking up the reins to save ourselves instead of waiting for someone to save us.

Have you ever heard of these songs before? What was the song you were surprised came from a movie?

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  • The Whimsical World of Bertenaabout a month ago

    New contributor here and checking out others articles. Great job! Lost Boys is still my favorite sound track and I will have my cassette from when I was in high school when it came out

  • Michele Hardyabout a month ago

    Lost in the Shadows is one of my favorite jams of all time! Great to see it recognized here.

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