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5 Underrated Songs That Make You Feel The Cold

you'll feel more than just a chill

By Samantha ParrishPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The cold is an easy thing to talk about but in song form, it can be one of the most powerful topics to put in a poetic way. There are songs that feel cliched because they use the idea of the cold with just the ambiance, but these songs push the idea about the cold further with emotional weight to it. If you're looking for a song that emphasizes the cold weather, this is a mishmash of songs that has one of everything that you're looking for.

1. Ice Queen by Within Temptation

Let's start the list with a song about a warning to stay away from an elemental queen that can control the weather to make everything a freezing hell. The beginning beats of the electric guitar and opera chorus get us ready to run from the cold. Ice Queen gives a thrilling song about how worse the cold could be if it was controlled by someone evil. Think of this song as the anthem for Elsa if she was made into the villain she was planned to be instead of the tragic heroine.

2. Frostbitten by Ivy Levan

The beginning beats of Frostbitten already give a holiday ambiance, but with all the other Christmas songs, this one doesn't feel as sugarcoated as some other love-themed Christmas songs. There are Christmas songs that have lyrics expressing the happiness or yearning to be with someone during the holidays. This is a song that has all the elements of yearning, and gratitude without feeling it's being overdone. The wonderful talent about Ivy Levan is the way she makes a simple song so powerful. This could be written off as any other Christmas love song, but you truly feel the love in it from her emotion. This song is practically an encyclopedia to reference other Christmas songs while having that add to the story of the song. It doesn't add anything to the usual Christmas song elements, but it uses those elements in a sweet way to stick out from the other songs.

3. All The King's Horses by Karmina

If there is ever a song that makes you feel the cold immediately upon the first few seconds of the song, it's All The King's Horses. There are songs that can talk about the cold in the atmosphere, but in this song, you feel the emotional weight of it from the whispers. This song perfectly and poetically utilized the cold in the setting of defeat and being destroyed. Despite the fact that this is a song that is clearly a play on the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'.

4. So Far by Olafur Arnalds ft. Arnor Dan

This song comes from the soundtrack to the three-season BBC crime drama Broadchurch. The songs from composer Olafur Arnalds are haunting and atmospheric. It feels like a song that makes you feel lost and can easily fit into a theme about being lost and far in the cold. It doesn't have to mention anything remotely to the cold and you can still feel the weight of this song. The sporadic inclusion of other instruments and echoing vocals drives this theme of trying to run from the past and running to a better life. The instruments drive this song to the feeling of desolation but the desire to keep going.

5. Frozen Pines by Lord Huron

Frozen Pines doesn't get enough credit as a song that helps you sit through a tough slice of life. The song does speak upon the hardships we face as one chapter comes to an end. Our path of life does often feel like we're venturing through a cold forest without knowing where that path will lead us.

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