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The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

Chappell Roan

By Coda Published 5 months ago 3 min read
Is she the next big thing?

For me personally, music is the single greatest art form in the history of human existence. It’s constantly evolving and ever changing. With the constant addition of new genres it can even be hard to keep up with everything that’s releasing in the present day. That said, I’m hoping I can put some of that music on any and all who is willing to read this. My first entry will feature a breakout artist in that of Chappell Roan. She’s just released her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. It tells a tale of her individual self exploration, her upbringing, and the path she took to being finally becoming content with who she is as a person.

Her first collection is a unique mixture of different musical styles. The content of her songs also doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics of discussion. Her lyrics demonstrate an understanding of what it’s like to deal with homophobic discrimination as well as the psychological harm that can result from such prejudice. The album opens with the title track, a powerful exclamation about embracing who you are without shame. She says as much by singing “I'm not afraid to be who I am / I'm a Midwest princess, standing tall." "After Midnight" is a highlight also, though somewhat what differing by comparison to the first song. It’s a more risqué track, revolving mainly around promiscuity. Rest assured however, it’s a fun song. She seduces with her vocals and the beat is infectious, all but assured to get anyone listening interested at least to some extent. This specific track in particular is actually a perfect example of Roan’s unconventional approach to her overall sound. The production includes the use of synths and electronics that places her version of pop in a category all its own. Roan’s style of music is not the only thing that stands out either. Her vocals across the entire album are nothing short of enthralling. It’s one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head once it’s in there, almost as though it was produced this way by design.

"Guilty Pleasure" and “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” are definitely deserving of mention, if anything to show her ability to sing about a vast plethora of different subject matter. They exemplify her ability to communicate her personal interests, however taboo they may seem to others, whilst also preaching about female empowerment along with the pride she takes in it regardless of the criticism that may accompany such attitudes.

She also tends to lean on the softer side with songs like "Coffee”. More of a tragic romantic tune, “Coffee” is simply about meeting up with an ex-lover for a cup of coffee, her lyrics demonstrating her understanding of why this is both a bad idea and at the same time a hard decision that she simply can’t make in the opposite direction. "The Rise" somewhat stays within this tone, yet with more a focus on Roan's road back to loving herself and of course and why doing so is crucial. Her assertion in singing "I'm rising, rising, rising / I'm not going back down / I'm stronger than I thought I was / I'm gonna make it” seems to close the arc of where she started in life, and ideally, where she has now ended up in adulthood.

Truth be told, normally this isn’t actually the sort of music I would sit down for. It dives into a lot of areas that I’m simply not familiar with. Yet, that’s what makes The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess a truly special piece of work. It's an album that will make you ponder, make you emotional, and a collection of songs that you can have fun with all at the same time even if you can’t understand exactly where she’s coming from. Even if it’s not something you’d typically go for, I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in listening to something they’re not used to.

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    Thank you for this. I will be looking for it...

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