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Summer Tunes

by Dixon Kiddo about a month ago in playlist
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I burned you a CD

Summer Tunes
Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Summer! The moment we all have been waiting for. Unless you live in Florida then perhaps we can just crank the A/C and veg out to some sounds that could take us to a relaxing place we are meant to be this time of year. The days can get doggy and your T-shirts soggy. But I got you, let’s play!

Running up that Hill- Kate Bush

Yes I know- I hate myself a little for being this trendy with Stranger Things- but part 2 is only a few days away and I’m stoked. Also good for Kate for being on the Radar after all this time. I’m sorry I almost missed it and thank you to Stranger Things for enlightening me of such a talent.

Stick Figure- Way of life

This band is a summer vibe like and orange creamsicle. You really can listen on repeat for all the dog days and drift away to the oceanic elements woven throughout their sound.

Callmestevieray- Just be you

A relatable hip hop jam to zone out to. You look perfect and you don’t try, life goes by like you don’t mind.

John Mayer- Neon

A true blue classic poolside jam session. Soothe away the anxiety of the times with this gem.

Baltimore- Tarzan Boy

I must confess I did not hear this originally on Stranger things, but it landed on my playlist again with a head full of memories of dancing the night away in the Hampton’s drift inn, no longer with us. But the memories live on.

Iration- Broken promises ( feat Slightly Stoopid)

Anyone in relationship limbo? Be at ease and let it go for the time being.

Mos Def- UMI Says

A throwback from when mos was present for one of the best summers For me. I hope you can find comfort and peace like I have from this one.

311- Island Sun

311 is my favorite band of all time and saved my soul from uncertainty and darkness. They’re all about staying positive and loving your life. We can all use that kind of motivation at any given moment and they always bring the summer to you, ready or not. Be at ease with the OGs from Omaha.

AnnenMayKantereit and Giant -Toms Diner

It’s a new version of an old tale by Suzanne Vega, DNA, but I love the take on this. The simplicity allows me to escape my thoughts and makes me so happy these people are super stoked to see each other.

Childish Gambino- Feels Like Summer

It’s all in the title, just go with it. Dance around the room, ourdoors or just lay in the grass and let summer take a hold. This one can take your senses to different dimensions if you let it.

The Movement- Redwoodz ( Feat. Iya Terra )

This is a great one for growth and grounding. All the things we learn in the summer. How do grow and remember who we are. I hope you love this as much as I do.

Iya Terra- Ease and Grace

Need a reason to dig into a space of gratitude? Iya terra gets how to make sure you’re aware of how to guide yourself back to a place of being gracious for all we get to confront and grow from in this time on earth. A perfectly organic summer song.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- We believe

Is it really summer with our these guys? It’s always a Red Hot summer. You can’t deny they can make anyone get into a the season with any of the thow backs.

Pepper- freeze

Cause I can’t forget how amazing this song was live. Just a little pick me up to end this list.

I’m only getting started, and hope you enjoy what I have to share.


About the author

Dixon Kiddo

I’m here Rekindling my love for writing. Living in Florida trying to avoid the heat by telling a few stories. Enjoy!

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