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Route 666

A Devil Of A Playlist

By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›Published 4 months ago β€’ 3 min read
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I don't know what popped this into my head. I was reading an old blog post about the 101ers and the band name coming from George Orwell's 1984 then I thought of Girlschool covering Gun's "Race With The Devil" and thought what road would they be on, then thought of the song "Route 66" and the road Route 66 which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles nearly two and a half thousand miles:

Then I thought is there a route 666? There is one, in fact there are many routes and highways 666 and in the UK is an A666.

Route 666 was renumbered Route 491, this is documented here:

I have driven on the A666 which you can read about here:

Canada has had two Highway 666s but the Ontario one was renumbered but the Alberta one is still here:

So bac to the reason for this playlist, bands that drive with the Devil on Route 666.

Girlschool - "Race With The Devil"

Jeff Beck caused controversy when he said he never knew girls could play that well. I actually don't think he was being derogatory, he had never heard a girl who could play electric guitar like that, though I am shocked that he had never heard "Fanny" (I am Facebook friends with Jean Millington and they feature in this piece I wrote on girls that rock)

This was the original which is good once it gets started, but not as metal as Girlschool.

Gene Vincent - "Race With The Devil"

Ten years before Gun Gene Vincent had a song with the same title, this was a different song rockabilly style.

Outlaws - "Devil's Road"

Probably my favourite Outlaws song is "There Goes Another Love Song" but this is a slice of heavyish AOR or Country rock, with some rather good guitar work.

Suzi Quatro - "Devil Gate Drive"

Almost bubblegum pop but the drums make this heavy, and Suzi Quatro drives this along playing bass with a take-no-prisoners voice, and she is still performing today. Another girl who can play rock.

Al Di Miola - "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway" from "Elegant Gypsy"

Al Di Miola is one of my favourite electric jazz guitarists and this piece starts and almost eats you alive, the playing is phenomenally fast. It, like much of his work, has to be listened to completely once the record is put on.

Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil"

Although it fits the playlist this piece of poodle rock is fairly pedestrian.

Jamiroquai - "Black Devil Car"

Jamiroquai is mostly bland rhythm and beat with the odd stunning song, but this isn't one of them. It does fit the playlist and is listenable but not my preferred sort of music. It holds no spark for me, but may do for fans.

B52s - "Devil In My Car"

The B52s were named after the hairstyle, not the bomber., and when they released "Rock Lobster" I bought it immediately. In some ways they couldn't top that but still produced some cracking songs, and this is one of them. I love the insistent guitar beat on this, and a worthy addition to this playlist.

Sheena Easton - "Devil In A Fast Car" from "Best Kept Secret"

Some eighties pop from Sheena Easton. This is ominously good and very listenable, though It is the first time that I have heard it.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Beat The Devils Tattoo"

An appropriate closer for this playlist, dark guitars to tell you we have been beating the devil's tattoo for the past hour or so if you have listened to all the songs.

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Comments (4)

  • β€œM”4 months ago


  • Devilishly good playlist. Only the B52s wouldn't play. And that Al Di Miola is insane!!!!!

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago

    There's a famous Route 66 from Chicago to California. Now, I know about the UK and Canada roads and songs with the devil in the title.

  • A. J. Schoenfeld4 months ago

    We used to take Route 666 on the way to Grandma's back in the day. Wish I thought to make a playlist appropriate for the highway before they changed the name.

Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›Written by Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›

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