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My New Found Love For Andrea Bocelli's Music.

The Hidden Worlds In Our Eyes.

By Cathy (Christine Acheini) Ben-Ameh Published 12 months ago 3 min read

Lately, I have been drawn to anything that makes me feel peaceful and in a state of bliss. It first started a few weeks ago when I realized that when I looked into a certain individual's eyes I felt utter peace. They probably don't know they have this effect on me and probably never will but that's okay. Thoughts of them and the occasional treat of our brief interactions are satisfying enough.

Prior to this, I had learned not to look into people's eyes when I interact with them because I see too much there. But the new confidence this interaction has brought me dares me to drink in the experience of really getting to know anyone I interact with within the premise of our given time together in all completion without missing out because of preconceptions. Looking into a person's eyes and really listening to them is all every human being needs to do to make a difference in how we receive, perceive, and understand one another in this world.

Now, I don't know how my newfound love for Andrea Bocelli's music and eyes tie in together with this thought process, except that enjoying looking into someone's eyes and how that made me feel led me to explore the peaceful trail that led me through Bing's news highlights to Matteo Bocelli's music and consequently his father's which appealed more to me because it better explained how this stranger's eyes made me feel. It helped me somewhat define and begin to unravel these feelings and, consequently rest in them like a really comfy sunbed on the beach of the most beautiful sunny island. It is the first time I have been able to describe the way that I feel about anyone or anything. It is the first time I have been able to find a taste in something that made me feel completely peaceful and totally good in every sense of the word.

Perhaps, I can boldly say that I have found my center in Andrea Bocelli's music.

I just read this interview Andrea Bocelli granted Eva Mackevic in Reader's Digest on November 11, 2020, where he talked about his album "Believe" centered on the power of faith among other things which you can read HERE.

Music is a universal language and it can express the inexpressible. As St Augustine said, those who sing are praying twice! And with great humility, I have offered my voice to pray together with others (and that’s why I agreed to sing in the cathedral in Milan on Easter Day, in the middle of lockdown). I sing to help those who need it in order to turn to the heaven that each of us has inside. And thanks partly to music—and, I would add, to prayer—our soul frees itself from the noisy presence of the ego and can show us the preciousness, the beauty, the fullness of life.

--Andrea Bocelli

Excerpt from Interview with Eve Mackevic on Reader's Digest, November 11, 2020

To find something that your soul fully embraces seems like something that should be easy to do and come naturally, yet today it proved to be a rare beauty of the soul because of how excited and born again it makes me feel.

If these are baby steps toward a new lifestyle of effortless bliss then I can't wait to find out what other simple pleasures of life I can tap into to enjoy a taste of what Heaven might really feel like,

The takeaway in today's experience for me is that pleasant surprises can be found in simple gestures like looking into someone's eyes when they talk with you to help us better listen to what others have to say and understand them on the highest possible level. The trail that leads from this act of giving returns to us very pleasantly in the most unlikely of ways.

Hopefully tomorrow I might finally be able to taste food or enjoy a drink that nearly equals this one.


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Cathy (Christine Acheini) Ben-Ameh


Cathy Ben-Ameh has published two books; "The Impact of Music Streaming on The Music Industry: Case study-Spotify" and "'13- A Chapbook of 13 Short Poems".

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  • Tong Ben-Ameh 12 months ago

    This was a lovely piece Cathy. The eyes reveal a lot and eye contact definitely fosters better interaction. I'm still learning the act though.

  • This is a very well written piece. It's true eyes can depict a lot of things in our lives. Great article.

  • Timothy King12 months ago

    This is beautifully written and to top it off the eyes are the windows to ones soul (good or evil). 💕🙏🏾

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