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Music From The Other Room

Rediscovering My Music

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
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I have said that if you decide to move your vinyl, CDs, DVDs or VHS Tapes to the loft, you may as well give them to a charity shop because you are never going to go up there to retrieve something, and that can be said of a lot of things that you put in the loft.

My ex-boss Ola (who is absolutely lovely) said I should get up to date and just stream music with Spotify or something. That will never happen for reasons that I listed here:

I still have a hell of a lot of CDs though I sell things that I will probably never ever play again on my Discogs store here:

I sell CDs all over the world but it is just because I don't play them very much, no other reason and this sparked a Vocal Story, one of my few in the Trader community.

I also believe putting hard copy music in drawers or boxes is just preparing it to not be listened to again, although I do pull out boxes, take the lid off and that is the music I listen to for that day.

Some Boxes of CDs and Some On Racks
Music From The Other Room

Music From The Other Room

Anyway, I moved one of the CD towers from the fourth bedroom into my office room, and over the last few days, I have been rediscovering music that has sat unplayed for a long time. That room is looking a lot tidier now. A lot of the CDs that have come over are compilations and samplers but still great to listen to.

So this is a playlist of songs that I have been listening to.

The Stone Roses - "Fool's Gold" from a Renault Sampler called "Making Tracks"

This is the song playing as I write this, so the album can't be bought as it was a giveaway. It still has a lot of great nineties pop, and is a good way to start this disparate all over the place playlist.

Prince Buster - "Whine And Grine" from "And This Is A Ska Explosion: The Authentic Sound Of Jamaican Ska"

It was a song by Prince Buster in a Guinness Advert that inspired me to create the "Song Of The Salesman" website. The song was "Burke's Law" and you can listen to it here but I can't find the advert.

This album was one of many that I had forgotten about but has some great selections and this is the opener. Amazon tells me I bought it in 2008.

The Troggs - "I Can Only Give You Everything" from "Real Fidelity"

This has an absolutely monstrous riff that was borrowed and acknowledged for Beck's "Devil's Haircut" which you can check out here.

Bhangra Knights vs. Husan - "Husan" from "Asian Vibes"

I first heard this when it was used on this Peugeot advert where the 206 is redesigned by an elephant. I still think this is a totally brilliant, entertaining and funny advert.

Kronos Quartet - "Anthem of the Great Spirit: The Summons" from "Salome Dances For Peace/Kronos Quartet Plays Terry Riley"

This is a double CD that I picked up from somewhere in Scotland. It was previously part of the Dumfries and Galloway Libraries collection. It is very haunting and mysterious, but still, another forgotten gem unearthed from my collection.

Safri Boys - "Rahaye,Rahaye" from "Bhangra Fever"

This is just so full of joy and life, and it has just gone on the player. If you only listen to one of these songs you have to listen to this. I just love it.

Carl Orff - "Gassenhauer" from "The Trip: Curated by Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey"

I'll close it with this wonderful piece by Carl Orff which I believe was written for children to play. It was used as the theme for the film "Badlands" and Hans Zimmer lifted it for his "You're So Cool" theme for my favourite film, "True Romance".

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  • Ameer Bibi29 days ago

    I really admire your playlist specially bhangra knights from asian vibes I really like it excellent story

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Super story and loved the playlist!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Testabout a month ago

    I love how ecclectic your music taste it! I got rid of all my CDs in the car boot before I moved countries....regret that decision frequently!

  • Daphsamabout a month ago

    My sister kept her vinyls, she still plays them. I got rid of everything good article.

  • ROCK about a month ago

    I could kick myself and my mother for all the vinyls we got rid of. She had first cuts from working om Music Row. I don't even have a record player now. Fun read!

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