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lucy's top 10: wrapped '23

the most wonderful time of the year

By lucyjbPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

watch out my inner fob stan really shows lmao

also i've talked about most of these songs already so the original is linked


1. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes by Fall Out Boy



2. The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years) by Fall Out Boy


3. Fake Out by Fall Out Boy


4. You Don’t Go To Parties by 5 Seconds of Summer

(in a sea of fob this song was the unexpected underdog lol)

There's something about the vibe that feels very pastel and sort of cloudy??? like the sun coming out on a rainy day or something. they way they set up the introduction with the simple rhythm going into the chorus then into a distinct beat that continues through the whole song feels really grounding but also gives it a baseline, sort of like how climbing plants grow around a pole or whatever, kinda of reminiscent of halsey’s manic/badlands era in a blurry sort of ethereal way.

“i still think about the times we were heavy” i love the way they use ‘heavy’ here because it really feels like it captures the rest of the song and just the general vibe, the feeling of.. like not wanting to get out of bed or something

“i'm starting to come undone” i love a madness lyric and specifically i love lines about unraveling so ‘coming undone’ really sets a specific tone and i love it

“took my foot off of the brake, its not an accident” iykyk

splitting up the last chorus between the simple rhythm from the beginning and going into “oh I wonder who i'm looing for” is an absolute 10/10

“all my friends are up on mars, we've been traveling” i find this line so funny cause in my head its the whole band just chillin on mars lmao (solar system tour anyone???)


5. Hold Me Like a Grudge by Fall Out Boy


6. What Am I Missing? by The Band CAMINO

so this was the first single they released for the album that came out in August so that’s part of why its so high (same w love from otherside by fob) but its been in most of my playlist rotation since it came out, so obviously its good, but rather than being a slow burn sort of song, this is one that's just easy to listen to anytime it plays.

“lately its been 24”/“7 of this tug of war” i love how they use this timing and split the phrase 24/7 into two different lyrics

“i tell myself that its for the better so why does it keep getting worse?”similar in general idea to fob lyric in from I Am My Own Muse(smfs) “it gets a little harder when it never gets better” (which i've literally said before lmao)

7. Call Me What You Like by Lovejoy


8. Keeping You Around by Nothing But Theives


9. Love From The Other Side by Fall Out Boy


10. babyblue by Xana

i love how immediately this song begins w/ both lyrics and music, and as a whole it kind of reminds me of taylor’s ‘tis the damn season’ (evermore) because they're both talking about reuniting with someone from their past/hometown

Xana does this thing where she takes the briefest pauses between verses and therefore short breaths, but she can hold the verse for so long (makes it hard to sing along but in a queen shit kinda way) and it makes the verse go really fast and i love it so much

also the evolution of the “got my youth” lyric from “back of your jeans” to “back of your closet” to ”palm of your hand” etc

“needed a place that you could get lost in” i love this in the sense that lost could be interpreted in different ways, ‘lost’ as in don't know where your going in a physical sense, but also lost as in being lost emotionally

“You hold other hands, i'm biting my tongue, you're makin new plans while i'm coming undone” /“i've been watching reruns, repeating all the lines” /“driving down the highway and missing all the signs” i love how this portrays the feeling of being left behind, feeling like you're moving back while everyone around you is moving forward

“if i never say a word does it make it less true?” GREAT QUESTION

full top songs playlist

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    I don't use Spotify but I always enjoy seeing everyone's Spotify wrapped. Lol, looks like you're a hugeeeee stan of Fall Out Boy!

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