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How did Saweetie get a Grammy nomination?

by Shinx 11 months ago in pop culture
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Is Saweetie a music artist?

Saweetie is an American rapper and influencer, but many people have been questioning the first part: “rapper.”

Now honestly, I didn’t hear about Saweetie until her song “Best Friend” with Doja Cat, which is so damn catchy and Doja Cat carried that song. Maybe I am biased since Doja Cat is one of my favorite artists, but seriously I forgot that Doja Cat is only a featured artist and it’s technically Saweeties’ song. After that though, I found out she’s the singer of the song “My Type”, which is funny because I know that song but I never knew it was Saweetie’s song. Also, I find out she’s been around since 2017 and it made me confused because how the hell did I not know this girl until this year? But then I listened to her other songs…

Her songs aren’t bad, she has a few bops, but overall her songs are samples and are not that great. Songs like “Icy Chain” and “Fast Motion” felt a bit lazy to me. Honestly, most of the songs I like of her’s are usually collaborations. I mean “Best Friend” is currently her most streamed song, while all her solo stuff isn’t doing well.

So I was like ok, you know maybe her music just isn’t for me. She must have an audience that enjoys her music. I mean someone out there is streaming her music for her to become a Grammy nominee for New Artist. But then I saw some of her performances and girl…what the actual hell.

I watched her SNL performance and it was a trainwreck. The choreo was a mess, Saweetie was out of breath and I could not understand the lyrics at all, and her outfit wasn’t that great either. But you know I thought maybe she was just having a bad day, but in every performance I have seen she is having a bad day.

Saweetie is always out of breath, forgetting her lyrics, and has a messy choreo. I mean if you can’t dance then don’t, just sing the song. She cannot perform, and everyone has clowned her for it. On twitter, in the youtube comments, all I see is people complaining about her performances.

So Saweetie songs are ok, her performances are not good, yet she is nominated for New Artist of the year at the grammys. And all I can ask is why? Her biggest songs are collaborations, her solo stuff is not doing anything, her performances are lukewarm, yet she is nominated for not just one but two grammys. And there is only two things that can answer why and how she got nominated: Pretty privilege and marketing.

Saweetie is a very beautiful woman, she could be one of the biggest models in the world if she wanted to because she’s that gorgeous, and because of her looks she got to where she is today. If Saweetie was a darkskin girl and doing these lazy performances, she would be ripped apart, but since she is light skin she gets a hundred more passes. Since she is pretty to the eye, we don’t mind watching her out of breath on stage.

Along with her pretty privilege, she is great at marketing. Saweetie has been everywhere this year, collaborating with McDonalds, crocs, ranch dressing, she is everywhere. Since she is everywhere, we can’t help but talk about her and make her bigger and bigger. Because of this, the Grammy's think she is worthy of a nomination for New Artist of the year.

Seriously, the Grammy’s do not care about music. They don’t. What they care about when it comes to nominations is popularity, and Saweetie is very popular. She has almost 13 million followers on instagram, getting sponsorships left and right, and everyone is talking about her. Who cares about the quality of her music and performances, when she’s obviously a big star, whether she is worthy of that title or not.

Grammy’s care first about your status and how big your name is before the music and content you produced, and so Saweetie getting a nomination makes perfect sense.

Now is she going to win one? I hope not but I feel like she has a good chance. I’m rooting for Olivia Rodrigo and feel she has a good chance too, but knowing the Grammy’s they might pull some stupid shit.

Ok now I know it seems like I hate Saweetie, but I don't. I just hate the music industry and how the bar for rappers is down in hell. I hope Saweetie does improve, but she is already getting big nominations for giving the bare minimum so why would she put in more effort?

Anyone can be a rapper nowadays, and Saweetie is the proof of that. Even if you have very little talent, give half-ass performances, and don’t seem passionate at all, anyone can make it. Especially if they are pretty and got a good marketing team.

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